WEEK 22 
17/03/15 Tue Neutral Venue ADC STADIUM 
ADC CUP SF 1st Leg M1 
BI (0) 1 Vs RW (1) 2 
BI - Vikky 45.30 
RW - JJ 33.15 135 57.40 
RW - Amar 220 for Mantan 280 DL, Meeraj 240 for Allen 310 DL, Emergency Loan Mayur AVGKL, Bushman UNA Vikas UNA 
MO's - BE - Prashant Sunlight Dev BT - Pam LM Ashubh CM Rafa SR RH - Himanil Bose and Siddhartha Benninger AA - Amarnath LM and Arun LM 
RW Preview By JJ 
RW meets BI again this time in the ADC Cup Semi’s. A very important game to sustain in this format. RW having the wounds fresh enough - which includes the last two losses from BI plus the league loss from AA, will be very focused every game now. The teams performance have dipped past few games and have upset the fans & the management big time. We have decided to lick the wounds now! Start off fresh and pull on the basics. We may switch formation to 4:5:1 or continue our traditional 4:4:2. In the long team meeting at the club, the each player has been addressed and some serious confab has made things clear. We will come back strongly in our future ventures and prove the facts again. BI as always are strategically strong and we will look to get over them this time. We wish BI good luck match day! 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI vs RW always a big game. BI with its game plans has been able to take on bigger and more tactical teams head on and proved that they can give them a tough fight. This is the first opportunity for BI to enter the semi-final in the TZLC for the ADC CUP so the club and the players have a strong desire to make the most of it and put their name on this prestigious cup this season. A victory in this game will also give a psychological advantage over the opponent in the race for the league title. BI will stick to its best worked formula this season of 4:5:1 formation. BI is playing with the full squad this game. BI will look at playing more defensive and take advantage of the home game situation and not concede a goal. The Plan will be to have a strong defensive line-up, a mixed bag in the midfield and strong player in the striker position. Fan support will always be an added motivation for the team. 
BI Review By Ajoo 
BI played a 4:5:1 formation with Atul in goals as its regular keeper Amol Hatkar was unavailable as he was travelling. Abhishek (RD), Atigre (RCD), Vikrant(LCD), Mukul (LD); Dhruv(LW); Nikhil(LCMF), Kapil(CMF), Anand(CMF), Uday(RW); Gaurav (ST). BI was able to hold RW for the first twenty mins or so till a rare mistake from Kapil, he back passed the ball and caught the BI central defense off guard and Pravin of RW was quick to respond and dribble his way to score and take the lead. BI in today's game were playing out of position especially the mid-filed line, this resulted in many big gaps getting created which resulted in RW easily passing the ball around. BI defended well and kept the score at 1-0 till half-time. The beginning of second half BI started with making a substitute Uday was replaced by Ajoo. The highlight was the kick-off, ball was tapped by Anand and Vikrant toed the ball from the half line straight into the nets catching Mayuresh (playing on loan as AVGL for RW) unaware and the rest of the RW players were left watching without moving an inch. BI equalized. Both teams had good chances but were unable to convert. Karan for RW managed to beat the BI defense and score one almost zero angle goal and RW again took the lead. BI were awarded a penalty at the end of the game as RW had 15 late challenges to their account. Anand took it for BI but unfortunate could not convert it. Final score was 2-1 in favour of RW BI needs to work on communication, positional play and ball control this will be the focus during the team meetings and practice session. The team apologies to its fans and promises that they will bounce back in the second leg and give it the best shot and move to the finals of the ADC Cup. 
RW Review By 135 
Royal warriors started defensively with 4-5-1 Mayuresh (GK), Neeraj (LB), Satish(RCD), Jatin(LCD), Lalit(RB), Amartya (RW), Karan(RCM), Toufiq(CM), Amol (LCM), Manoj (LW) Pravin (ST). An intense game which almost ended in a draw but Mayuresh was there to save the day for RW. The first goal was gifted to RW when a ball passed behind by Kapil was intercepted by Pravin who put it past the on rushing keeper smartly. The First half ended with the score 1-0 to RW. BI rejuvenated with the arrival of their Manager Ajoo at halftime started the second half with a Goal by Vikrant who toed the ball in the left top corner from the halfway line, past the blinded Keeper at Kick off. With the score level BI were pressing RW and playing a high line. RW’s second came through the right flank when Amartya played the ball down the line to Karan who beat the keeper on the near pole who was expecting a cross in the box. The Match ended 2-1 to RW when BI failed to convert a penalty awarded to them as RW had reached the limit of 15 late challenges. 
MR By the ADC 
A match that could be forgotten as one of those well fought matches but nothing to write home about. All 3 goals were mistakes...JJ pounced on Kapka's pass back and Atool failed to dive and save at JJ's feet. Vikky's pot shot was expected, that too a loopy toe that Mayur AVGKL should have at lieast tipped over the bar. He had time to anticipate where the ball was heading even if the sun was in his eyes. A bit harsh I know but thats what I feel. Atool again anticipating too early 135's cross and moving off teh front pole. Although 135 showed exceptional maturity to place the ball in to the side netting on the far side, he was totally free after coming in from the flank and Atool had moved early. A player like 135 SHOULD INDEED take these chances. Crap penalty by Andy Pandy. 
RW - Not much too talk about. Jonty is playing much better now and I'm glad he took to heart what I had said before. For the first few matches of the season he thought he had played well but i hadn't thought so. Now he seems to be back at his best. I keep harping on and on that Satsut should play higher up and I was proved right as always as his one foray this morning troubled BI very much. SO just imagine if he's always there. It's ok to play in Cd if there are no other players ava but when there are, then why persist? RW tend to advise each other a lot and coming to the end of the Season, with players knowing each other well, that should NOT be the case. RW played with 3 loans and didn't look like RW so I won't say more. 
BI - I think Ajoo came up with a very intricate but clear plan but it fell apart as the BI players did not stick to it. M-kul may be justified in his doubts to play Kapka in Dmf after Kapka himself set up RW's first. BI keep switching Mkul around and he can't adjust. I thought Mkul played quite well at Lb. His control, reading and speed is quality so defending was no issue. I would like it if BI plays him more centrally. Vikky and Nick are two players that have goud touches and can dribble. But Nick rarely gets a touch and Vik plays at the back. Let me let everyone in on a secret, NOBODY can defend a 100% against dribblers. Why waste them at the back? Some good players are wasted BI in their random clearances. Most of the play time is in the air and rarely at the feet of the BI players. The same goes for BI with the constant chatter to each other about how to play. Should notbe happening now, there should at least be in synch a bit at least. 
x.......................................MATCH CANCELLED AWARDED TO BI 4 - 0......................................................x.................................................................x.................................x 
18/03/15 Wed 
Mo's - BT : Dhananjay, Sharad RW : Lalit, Satish RH : Rajib, Amar AA : Aditya K, Sparky 
BE - 1: Mihir (340, AA) as per AVGKL 2: Gaurav Ponappa (240, RH) for Guru (250, BE) 3. Sagar Pise(190, RH) for Arun (230, BE) 
BI - Sherry 220 for Atool 230, EMERGENCY LOAN Marcelo 290 for Tiger 290 Hruday UNA 
BE Preview By Robby 
This is going to be a bit challenging match for BE. We have not played any match since a while and BI looks to be in a good form. We also might need to play with only 10 players as many of our players are not available. This is going to be a difficult situation for us. We will play a 4:4:1 formation and will play a bit defensive. We would also try to build our game through the flanks as far as possible. We would keep a compact mid-field and would not give any free space to BI players. BE would not rush for the attack and will wait for the right opportunity. We are hopeful for a good fight. 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI will be looking at winning this game as it wants to stay in the race for the 1st Division League Title. The players are confident and have learned that BI must stick to basic positions that they are strong in and not experiment like it did in the last game vs AA. The bigger ground will make some difference and also the fact that BI are playing two games back to back. BI will play a 4:4:2 formation for this game and try and improve on the passing game as space available on the bigger game is more. BE have not been performing well this season but cannot be under-estimated on their home ground. BI will play as per plan of defending in its half and attacking only on the counter. BI request its fans to come in big numbers and support the team and help them get an inch closer to the 1st division LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP. 
21/03/15 Sat 
League 2nd Div ADC STADIUM 
ADCY 0 (0) 0 Vs RH (0) 2 
RH - Dj Pen 59.40, Red 89.12 
ADCY - KFANDRA youth - Pat, Adu, Tan, Zak, Ringa, Pratik, Bif, Brush Poonj From TBZ - Anish, George, Sol 
RH - Lalit 190 for Hima 230, Beeraj UNA 
MO's - BE - Robby Bruce (Jaidev AVA to play also) DNTU Sunlight LATE RW - Lalit 2. Toufiq MAIN REF3. Karan BI + AVA to play - Dhruv, Gaurav, Mukul, Nikhil & Ajoo AA - Sean, Santosh and Mihir (All available to play as well as MO) 1. Pam - ava as MO and player as well 2. Shubhankar - ava as MO and player as well 3. Rafa - ava as MO and player as well 4. Niraj Shah - ava as MO and player as well 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare 
With ADCY actually moving up to 3rd the lads are really excited. Throughout the season they have been forced to play as a side that is LEARNING the game and not to go for a victory. But with 3 matches to go, things are changing. I think they are learning fast and deserve the chance to play tactically to win. Plus I remembered the ADC ruling that the ADCY CAN'T get promoted as they do NOT fall under the category of being a CLUB. So RH can expect a more pumped up bunch on Sat! There are a total of 9 players from the youth squad that are capable of competing with the Adults. Sol and George I will try ONLY if there's no chance of winning. So I request the TZ secretary to inform the good lads soon. 2 Adults will be loaned, 1 GK and 1 outfield player. I am planning to play 2 Youth Cd's to give them more experience and against the likes of Amu and TC, the likely men up front, their job would be more than difficult. Come to think of it, NEARLY any RH player up front would be a task in itself for the young lads to look after. As I've said I want to change my approach, for the sake of the lads at least. So me may have anything ranging from a straight back 4 or 5. 6 in midf and none up front or 3 up front. I will be using Pam, Sean and Mihir as GK's. All the other players AVA please bring your kit as I will play one of you at intervals or constantly. Remember to bring your club kits (No excuses). ADCY will wear Bibs over club kits.  
All adults that need more game time please note that Warm up will start at 6.05 am for the ADCY. If you are present at the Warm Up you will be preferred over the others. Any kid coming late will NOT start in the 1st 11. RH had taken the BMP against the ADCY so we'll be taking ours too. I will delegate responsibility to one of the youth players.  
RH Preview By Red 
Due to lack of discipline, RH have eared heavy fines and points deductions. We have only ourselves to blame. We are extremely apologetic to the ADC and our fans for such behavior. We will try to focus on the game and get 2 more points on the board. We will stick to our formation of previous games (4-4-2) but give opportunities to a few players in attacking positions in an effort to improve our attack which misfired in the previous game. We have failed to keep possession of the ball when the opposition has hassled us and have committed too many mistakes under such circumstances. We expect the ADCY to hassle us when we are in possession and will try to keep possession of the ball. There are a few tricky decisions that we will have to take for this match. For eg., whom to play in goals and whom to play at CB. These decisions will be taken on the night before the game. Last time we narrowly escaped against the ADCY and managed only a draw. We were unaware of what his us in that game and were caught napping against the very disciplined, extremely energetic and well guided ADCY side. We wish the ADCY luck and look forward to the game. 
RH Review By Red 
Firstly, it was very pleasing to see the passion, fearlessness and commitment of the kids. The incidences involving one of their CB, who was marking Rajesh while sticking very close to him, softly pushing using his body and then apologizing and their LB pulling off the nutmeg on Lalit 3/4 times are worth mentioning and we had a giggle over it at half time! We had discussed before the game and during half-time that we will not play hard against the lads as their well-being was more important than the result. The REF also rightly tried to protect the lads. The youth though did not hold back and played with all their might jumping into tackles and giving couple of our players minor bruises. A big thumbs up to their attitude and desire to win! RH management had handed a 10min suspension to DJ for reporting late for BI vs AA. It was reduced to 5 mins after consulting with coach. Apart from the first 5 mins, we played a 4-4-2: Anna-GK, Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Benny-LB, Lalit-RM, Sagar-RCM, Rajib-LCM, Amartya-LM, Amu-CF, Rajesh-ST. As expected the youth did hassle us a lot and did not allow us any time on the ball. Our performance was not entirely convincing and we had a couple of nervy moments when the ADCY hit the post once and forced Anna to make atleast 3 very good saves. Anna again proved that he is an excellent shot-stopper but he needs to dominate the 6 yard box and come out from the line. Amu after injuring his ankle moved to the left wing and Amar took his place behind TC. We were again guilty of not taking our chances. We hit the post 4 times! Thankfully it did not cost us much this time. It was an absolute pleasure to play against the youth and we look forward to playing against them in the coming seasons! 
A Note from the ADC (I just read Red's review after writing mine and thought I should explain a few things)- A nutmeg is when a player plays the ball to the side, then runs round him and controls the ball. What Tan did was a Shibhobho that called for a ball BETWEEN the legs. Now these two dribbles are placed in the same bracket by many conoisseurs of the game ONLY because they are clueless. This dribble, the Shibhobho, was ALWAYS a highlight of African (Swazi) football. After doing the Shibhobho on someone you are supposed to giggle at the person as you move on....suffice to say that Tan showed Lalit respect and a lot of restraint by not falling down and laughing after playing the Shibhobho, as we do in the KFANDRA sessions!) 
MR + ADCY Review By the ADC 
Firstly Kudos to Red the RH Manager to SUSPEND DJ for 10 mins (Arriving late to play on Loan for a match). This is what it means to be a club that maintains discipline and ethics. The ADC informed Red that 5 mins would be more than enough if he so wishes so the suspension was cut to 5 mins. 
Two players screwed things up royally for the ADCY Coach by acting like prats. They made Khare make TWO trips, first to drop of 2 players at the Sindh gate and then to go back and opick up 2 players!!! The reason for to trips was that the Coach's Esteem VX can't take a heavy load. The two useless mannerless lads didn't turn up on time and after confirming that they were arriving at the desired spot, they decided to come to the ground direct. These two players have now been informed that Neel Sir will NOT be picking and dropping them henceforth. This pathetic behaviour forced me to make changes in the starting 11. We started with a 4-3-3 formation and looked to spray balls to the flanks when necessary. Unfortunately I thought Tan was a bit unsteady in a position he was clearly uncomfortable with in Rcm. Zak and Ringa looked ok. Anish TBZ at Lb looked quite good in both positions he played at (Rm in the 2nd H) although Lb needs a little work. At Rb Brush was not playing as he does in practice and was very nervous, he'll need a little more time to gain some confidence. Later on it was Bif who pulled Amu's patience and I'm disappointed in him. Bif is a bit dodgy and gets caught up beyond his comfort zone and thus crosses the line between respect and foolhardiness. As told loudly by the Coach during the match to the two Cd's to SHOW the RH strikers that you are close to them and if you touch them, say SORRY SIR, But I have to as Neel Sir's told us to! That's respect but staying on the right side of the law. Plus why are RH playing then? If the lads allowed them to much freedom it would be a cakewalk. I'm terribly displeased with the LATE CHALLENGES from the youth. Simply unforgivable as we practice a lot on avoiding Late Challenges. But they are young so it could be understandable. I could see some of the RH players also coming in late but no worries. Pam of BT started at Lcd and was disappointing. Playing under me is different as I expect my instructions to be followed 90% of the time. Pam clearly lost the plot. Poonj Lcd who came on after the Coach had thought he'd sat out enough minutes to repent, played sp[endidly well with the other Rcd. I thought they played very well for their ages especially against TC and Amu. There's no doubt if these two would have pulled out all stops and gone in 110% then we'd have broken bodies lying about all over the place! Big Ben almost crushed Pat once! Jhakaas on the Lw needs time to understand his position and off the ball duties but played well. As did Pat at Rw and it was Meer and Goony that shared the St. role up front in the 1st H. Goony drifted a bit and his touch is weak but did come up with a chance but his effort was weak and justified my thoughts that he should have released the ball earlier to the Pat. 
I thought Sparky was simply BRILLIANT in goals. He may not have made full length dives (He didn't have to) but his presence and command of his area was decidedly better than Meer whenhe kept in the 2nd half. I can't blame Meer much as I thought we gave them a bit more space. 
In the 2nd H when the side switched to 4-4-2 nearly ALL the players that were used to this formation WOKE UP! Tan especially. He Shibhobhoed Lalit 3 times with such nonchalance that the crowd was thrilled. Pat's play along with Tan's ease of movement thrilled the 3 spectators! So the side ended up with 1 Adult GK and 2 Adult strikers. Sol and George need to get on board and I am disappointed with Ahjoo and Audi that they are NOT selling the TZLC to the TBZ kids. The ADC is seriously looking into this matter. As the ADC does NOT want to give chances to players that have no clue about what's happening in the TZLC. Ashubh and Mkul were put up front as long lost bro's and they did look as if they didn't know each other. That was just something I wanted to do, make them squirm a bit. Ashubh REFUSED to dribble and I had to take him off. No doubt he had a good game with few mistakes but the crowd had paid good money to see him dribble. Oh yes had put Mkul at Rb in the 1st H but that barely lasted 10 mins as I had to pull him off for talking back to me! In my strategy the Rb and Lb cover the poles and when I told him to cover the pole he pushes someone else on the post and tells me I'm marking another bloke! The nerve of him! Next dead ball, bye bye Mkul! George and Sol got time at Rb and Rm. I thought the 3 ADCY lads took splendid DFK's and ANNA was forced to make diving saves to make sure they went out on many an occasion. Poles were struck...goals could have been avoided and chances were squandered....Oh yes, I thought Ringa's BMP was Shite...he got the responsibility after the original choice Zak, did something very stupid to irritate Neel Sir the previous day. 
RH - I thought they still need work as the youth players out ran them and were slightly better on skill. Apart from a couple of RH players.