10/03/15 Tue 
AA 1 (1) 4 Vs RW (1) 2 
AA- BMP Samya 8.5 secs Arty Pen 26.10 Audi 71 Mayur 89.30 
RW - Toufa 43.10 Satsut Pen 80.21 
MO's - BI - Ajoo Spec, M-kul, Abhi, VIki BT - Meeraj Jehan BE - Robby RH - SiddharthBDNTU Akshai also wearing Club shirt other than TZLC LATE TC Jai (ADCY) 
RW - Hima 250 for Mantan 280, Pam 310 for Allen 310, Bushman UNA 
AA - Amu 350 for Sean 350, Amar 220 for Jango (Not Django as he is the player!) 220, Tiger AVGKL 
AA Preview by Django 
This is a big week for Aundh Astros with two important back to back games. AA will have the home BMP advantage against RW and we will try and defend and play as compact as possible. We are missing some key players for this game. We will start with a 4:3:3 formation, however if things are not working out we will change to 4:4:2. A win in this game will really seal the deal for us as far as 2nd division league title. It will also be a great confidence booster for the team before going to the Blue freeze later in the week. We wish RW good luck for this game. 
RW Preview By JJ 
After the back to back win in the two consecutive important matches, RW’s next venture in the big one. We play the monster squad AA. Time to make up for the lost @ Home earlier this season for RW. This is the match that counts most for the fans who am sure will outnumber the stadium capacity match day. The match is looked to be most favorite not only from the spectators but players per se as well. RW will play it traditional 4:4:2 formation. Will jolt out a plan for each player in AA and be committed to stick to the rules outlined. AA is a technically very good and hard to beat. RW will look at covering each mistakes made in the past all games. The fans are awaiting this game from a long time and RW promises to put a great show and yield a positive result. This win will help us go a inch closer to the title that RW is eyeing for desperately. We wish AA good luck and look forward for a great game match day. 
AA Review By Audi 
AA went old school with the traditional 4-4-2 formation with Amma (RCD) Maya (LCD) Amar (RB) and Mihir (LB). Midfield was occupied by Pai (RM) Audi (RCM) Sam (LCM) and Shivang (LM).We left Amu and Arun up top to interchange positions and play where they like. Tiger playing on loan as GK for the entire last week was in good touch and looked more comfortable on the ball. After Samya took the BMP by literally taking on Satish, AA knew they had to wait for RW to get out of their half and try and play on the counter while looking for gaps. For the first 15 mintues Seans absence was notiecable as both Samya and Audi kept running helter skelter trying to intercept the service provided by 135 and Vikas to the strikers. But Amma and Maya had fantastic communications and along with a Mihir who is not hesitant to go for the odd tackle and a very calm and composed Amartya, AA soaked in all the pressure. Arun was very influential in the first half as he was getting his head to every cross that was shot in the box. His never say die attitude paid off when he was tripped by an RW player in the box just when he was ready to unleash his shot which earned AA its first penalty which was calmly put away by Chotu who had an absolutely brilliant game. Taking on 3 players at a time Shivang made sure Lalit and Monga stayed in their half. Just when AA were cruising, toufiq brought them back to planet earth by a sweet volley. The keeper had the shot in his reach but was helpless by the sheer pace. Amar and Maya kept AA in the game throughout by wiping off the long balls.Samya kept pushing 135 back with his constant runs. The game became quite physical and a point with tackles coming in frequent succession. AA knew they couldnt sit on top of a one goal lead which made them put Audi upfront with the big man Amu. This paid dividends right away when Audi latched on to a loose pass to finish it in the bottom corner to make it 3-1 for AA. But a tight call by the ref for a handball in the area meant RW still had a chance which was duly capitalized by Satsut. Instead of a nail biting finish AA won it comfortably when Maya hit a bullet header from a Shivang corner to finish the game and to open up the first division like a can of soda.The game was free flowing and in the end the team that took its chances won. We thank the ref and his staff for their services and for the changes made in the seating area. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW was again defeated by AA in the league format of the TZLC7. We started with 4:4:2 formation Manoj(GK), Hima(LB), Satish(LCD), Jatin (RCD), Monga(RB), Pam(LW), Vikas(LCM), Karan (RCM), Lalit(RW) , Pravin Toufiq strikers. RW had a very bad day today. Nothing worked! The touches were poor, the unforced errors, FK’s and off all couldn’t handle the pressure game AT ALL. The squad looked under pressure right from the start of the game. This resulted in low confidence thereby poor play. AA on the other hand was pumped up and pressurized every one. They played to plan and executed. RW although had a plan wasn’t executed well. JJ was wondering around the whole 90 min doing nothing. All he got was one chance that too he missed. He was not in game at all and looked dull. We tried Lalit in a new position who did well, however we missed the pouring of crosses that Monga did in the last 10 min he was switched. Vikas had an off day too and made defensive errors which costed. Toufiq gave us that one goal to cheer for. Hima & Pam gave their 100%. Overall it was a poor show in the most important game of the league. We need to pull up our socks for the next home game on Saturday. It’s a must win game for us to stay in the league fight for the champs. I am sure we will come back hard next game and pay back for what we have lost today. Cheer up RW – we will come back!! Played AA you guys were wonderful today! 
MR By the ADC 
Not a match for purists per se fantastic footer every moment with delicate touches and fancy footwork. But for those that love a little argy bargy mixed up with some end to end football, this was quite a match to watch. RW were lost this morning, probably due to the inability to play under pressure. While AA revel in the atmosphere! Without Sean, RW had no one to target. At least Sean could've been the weak link as he had Managed RW to success last season and his heart would've been to weak to play against his old mates. Plus they loaned Amu who was a terrific replacement for Sean and AA could tinker with the squad. Amar of RH did his duty. For RW it was Hima an dpam on loan and they could've massacred the left flank but it was only one of them that clicked. RW started off low as Samya converted the BMP and never quite got into the match. AA always looked to score and always had the lead. A fair result in the end. John should have saved the AA penalty, but John guessed and moved early. 
AA - Had a game plan in mind that looks to have worked for them...na I'm fibbing! It didn't work for them it was what they did later that turned the tables fully in their favour. Pushing Audi up front without the Rock and Samya looking over his shoulder enabled Audi to play with more freedom. His confidence soared and you can see that by his goal, it was his own headed clearance that he later won back after RW gained possession. So a 1st H for him where he played 2nd fiddle and most of the 2nd H where he was on top. There's no denying the impact Rock and Samya have. Both give their all to the cause but it just so happens that they have Audi (Sean when he returns) waiting in the wings to also get in on the act. Marcelo and Arty have cemented their positions and it would be hard to dislodge them. So AA must work something out quickly for just one bad day could spell doom. For a great tem, even on a bad day it's difficult to lose. But AA aren't great yet, not by a long shot. Mayuresh and Amma as I predicted are working well together. Mainly due to Mayurs confidence rising and therefore being able to play the square pass. AA could play the long ball on occasion today as they had Amu up there but didn't know when to stop. They should remember that playing quick passes on the ground is their forte and not pumping balls forward.  
RW - Pam was only a shadow of hisself from the previous 2 matches. He was not passing well and his coordination with his team mates was also off. 
Hima is still on top form. Keep it up Hima. RW decided to play it safe and start with Satsut and Jonty in CD. They only switched Satsut up when it was too late. Neither Toufa or JJ were doing anything upfront, they weren't even a tiny threat to AA unless of course you count his goal. That one again from a difficult angle in at the front pole you need to ask questions of the defence and Gk. I had requested RW to desist from using surnames in the previous match and instead of stopping they started calling another guy by his!!! Lalit at Rb played just as how he plays at Lb...rubbish. Or was he at Rm? Coz many a time I saw even Amonk at Rm and Rb? Amonk needs a partner he can work with if he plays at Rm. Amonks a good bloke and played well. Vikus should remember this match as a guide to how you should NOT play. He was on par with Lalit in the poo factor. Jonty is playing better and better every match and I'm happy for him. I'm unhappy that Satsut lets Amma and Samya get the better of him mentally. I'm unhappy that Satsut was there troubling AA from the start as AA would then have had to change their plans. Just received Satsuts apology for his behaviour on the field. Thanks for the message Satsut. I was going to give an IFK but your reaction made me think no way. 135 was trying to do what his coach told him to, to try and release it early but unfortunately this match wasn't the match it would've worked. His Cm partner was misfiring as were most of his mates. 
12/03/15 Thu 
BI 0 (0) 2 Vs AA (3) 3 
BI - Nick 45.49 Andy 48.12 
AA - Sean 2 27.58 43.52 Arty 31.24 
MO's - RH - Himanil CM CRAP LATE & Siddhartha LATE (Benny) Kramer SR CRAP LATE 2. RW - Pravin LM & Karan Jatin LM LATE 3. BE - Amit & RaviDNTU 4. BT - Pam LM Meeraj Sherry LM 
BI - Amu 350 AVPL, DJ 240 for Dhruv Agarwal 240 DL, John 250 for Amol Hatkar 330 GKL. Goony UNA, Atool Tentative 
AA - Satsut AVGKL 
BI Preview by Ajoo 
A very important home match for BI to be in race for the LEAGUE TITLE. BI got the better of AA in the away fixture and will hope for the same result in this game. BI will play to a 4:5:1 strategy with a strong defense & Mid-filed line up. BI will be taking some strong loans for this game as a few regular players are unavailable. BI will play to a very well planned strategy. The BMP it will give us the advantage we need and we will defend and attack only on the counter. The race to the title towards the last leg of the season is hotting up especially in the 1st Div and BI are looking confident and have set their goal to claim the LEAGUE TITLE this season. All the team members are charged and will be playing to the best of their potential. BI fans will surely be proud of their clubs performance in this game. 
AA Preview By Django 
AA travel to the Blue Freezer for the 2nd leg of the most popular derby encounter of the season. BI got the better of AA at home in December and we will try and give it back to them at the Blue Freezer. BI has been playing good compact football and sticking to their strategy which has delivered consistent results for them. It will be a challenge to break through their midfield and defence. AA will be playing an attacking game, concentrating more on the flanks. All the players are charged up for this game as it is definitely the most important game of the season for both teams. The fans can expect a cracker of a match! Good luck to BI. 
BI Review by Ajoo 
BI vs AA a classic derby and always an existing game. Today's game also lived up to its expectations. BI could not capitalize on the BMP and take home ground advantage. BI started with 10 men as Ajoo was late (permission taken) and also a player on loan was late. This resulted in BI playing players in positions which they were not very comfortable. The mid- filed was playing deep and There where many gaps which AA took advantage and managed to score 3 goals in the first half itself. The first half was a total disaster for BI and the fans were very upset with their team and booing them. This worked well for the team as they got motivated and made a lot of positional changes and played the same formation of 4:5:1 but players were put in comfort zones known to them. This was proved by the fact that BI managed to score 2 quick goals and caught AA sleeping. Through the entire 45 mins BI had AA under pressure and got three - four close chances but players were unable to score. At the end of the game fans were disappointed that BI could not win the game but at the same time were cheering for the effort to come back being 3 goals and narrowing the margin to just 1 goal. The 1st Division League Championship is still open and BI will focus on the remaining matches and try their best to claim the title. 
AA Review By Audi 
The AA juggernaut rolls on with another hard earned victory over their arch rivals Blue Ice. It was hardly a revenge for the defeat AA suffered in the first half of the season, yet AA will be proud to have come on top of a very difficult week with 6 points. AA played with Satsut in the goals with Kunal (RB) Amma (RCD) Maya (LCD) Mihir (LB). Pai occupied RM and Shivang took care of the LM while Samya and Audi kept interchanging in the center from RCM to LCM while Sean and Arun stayed upfront to interchange between themselves. 4-4-2 was the cry from the crowd and 4-4-2 is what we gave them. We were surprised to see BI on the backfoot at home (that was probably because they missed out on the BMP) but in the first half they stayed in their own area, they were not challenging our defenders and they let us pass the ball around freely. We were all set to stop the duo of Mcool and Andy pandy from controlling the game, but BI started andy pandy in the defense and AA capitalised on that. AA were on the pedal right from the start with Samya terrorizing the BI players and Rock darting through the defense. Sean the big man, kept BI players at bay with his presence upfront winning headers. Audi found sean in space to give him a through ball which was calmly slotted home by Sean to open the scoring for AA. Sean was again on target when Audi trying to muscle his way through the BI players gave the ball away, though Sean being in the right place at the right time buried the ball in the bottom corner. And right when BI were trying to organise themselves from an array of AA attacks Shivang hit a marvelous shot in the right top corner which left everyone frozen in their shoes including the goal keeper. While all the action was happening at the far end, Maya and Amma were dealing with the BI long balls quite comfortably. Amma was at his best and Maya was at his beast. Maya especially is this no non sense player who will play his heart out. At half time AA were 0-3 and were expecting a BI reply but within 5min 2 lapse of concentration on part of the keeper and poor communication by the defense gave BI 2 goals to set the match up for a fitting finale. However once AA marked out Andy Pandy from the game BI's midfield was not going to click as Mcool was pushed back to RB and created a huge gap in the middle which was crowded by Audi Samya and Arun. The last 20min was end to end stuff. The game opened up and both teams had lots of chances. Audi missed a sitter and Sean put a header over the cross bar. While at the other end Abhisekh and Amu (on loan) tried hard to bring BI back. But AA held on and made sure that first division was not over while taking a giant step towards being promoted from the second division. A special kudos to Arun for playing like the rock he is and putting in an incredible effort. Shivang is on god mode on the left and Pai is still recovering from the injury he suffered but did a good job of taking on defenders and holding the ball up. AA seem to have found their best formation and the fans love it. Good luck to BI for their next matches and a big warm thank you to the ref and his staff for their services. 
MR By the ADC 
A match that both clubs could mark down as an event that signalled much improvement in tactical play. For BI it was the 2nd H and for AA, only excepting a lack of composure at HT and around 15 mins into the 2nd H they were happy in chopping and changing their formation to suit their purpose. Some players will obviously get the short end of the stick in this methodology but you do have to look at the big picture. This was a typical derby match that crossed 7 seasons now. So pretty football was not the be all and end all today. But there was a pace to the match, an intensity that not many matches have had. AA took a 3 nil lead through a delectable goal by Sean and another he pounced on while Arty won the ball and thwumped it in the top corner. BI came out of the dugout guns blazing and pulled 2 back. One was a good placed attempt in the top corner that Cameraman TOTALLY missed. RH MUST get an award for being the most lazy, useless and pathetic bunch of players in the history of the TZLC! This dicounts the historically BRILLIANT ACU squad a few years ago...Even the Stats Reporter, aptly nicknamed Kramer, SCREWED up the Stats thoroughly. When the ADC has PRINTED page with how to note down the Stats then why the errors? Good grief. But I sure would like to see the likes of the man who calls himself Kunaldo do the Stats! or the CM work! But this morning ALL the RH MO's came late and instead of the Managers pleading with the ADC to be lenient shouldn't they be having a meeting or summat? No doubt BE are extremely happy at the state RH are in for most probably BE would come 2nd WITHOUT having even WON a match! Let me tell everyone that if this INDEED does happen then the ADC would keep a PLAYOFF to decide who would come 2nd in the 2nd Div. Now this is PREPOSTEROUS! 8 months to decide who comes where in the League and we end up needing to have a playoff to decide the ranks!! What a joke! Back to the BIAA encounter, some AA players were blaming Satsut for coming out at Andy Pandy but I protest strongly. Out of all the keepers on display this season, Satsut ranks with the highest. He was infortunate Andy the Pandy was persistent and won the one on one challenge. It ended that way, 2 - 3 that could've been 3 - 3 had Kapka scored the BMP of which the less said teh better. There were lots of incidences and close calls that I can't show as the SR did a poor job. The only thing I can say is that I got less work to do because of him! 
AA - I didn't think Sean touched the ball in the 1st 15 mins and then all was good. Audi INSISTED on going as per the strategy they had discussed and AVOIDED passing to Rock who had made himslef free on a few occasions. Instead of playing him through Audi played a long diagonal ball that was supposedly a tactic...hmnnnn..Amma left with 10 mins to go but AA stuck to their task well which is surprising as I hold Amma in great stead as he seems to be the only genuine thinker in the AA squad, or should I say listener? Nuff said...they all played relatively well as you'd expect in a helter skelter derby. 
BI - John did his best and one can't balme him. Saved quite a few to. The 1st half formation was NONSENSE. Just underlined what I'd said earlier about the improvements in tactical thinking. It was as if they had hired a Coach at HT after they came out of the dugout as their positions had changed entirely. Ahjoo was missing for 5 and then DJ was missing for 25 mins of the 1st half. Here's another reason why RH should just be hung upside down from a Malkhamb pole. Another reason why RH have been penalized. I told someone at HT that BI must be punishing Andy for some reason that's why he's not where the action is. Funy people BI! Nick I have to mention because he shows signs of pure genius sometimes. delicate touches and skill. 
The rest will be covered by the Managers Reviews. 
2 incidents shown here that the Ref has always called on Arty to control. 
The 1st incident led to Seans 1st (I think) and the 2nd he scored himself...)These things happen! 
14/03/15 Sat 
1st Div 
RW 1 (2) 4 Vs BT (2) 2 
RW - BMP - Satsut 6.84, 29, 69.03 Jonty 42.33 
BT - Jehan 9.54 Bhanda 18.22 
MO's - BE - Gururaj & Devendra DNTU Prashant CR/SR No timings noted for highlights BI - MukulDNTU AjooDNTU Andy Tiger CR/SR No timings noted Hruday RH - Amu Sagar AA - Sean Aditya 
RW - DJ 240 for Mantan 280, Marcelo 290 for Allen 310 
BT - Amma AVGKL 
RE Preview By JJ 
RW plays BT fourth time now. Although the last 3 results have been in our favor we would not be taking things lightly. Each and every league game is important to us as BI for now are right behind us and we do not want to leave any half chances. We will start with traditional 4:4:2 formation and start out a strategy in place. We will change the course of the plan likewise which we do for every other game. BT no doubt will go after us giving 100% of the fight in our last meet this season. Yes, this would most probably be our final game this season against BT as they we are done with the away game which went our way. BT is a strong squad who had put a great fight against us in all the past 3 games. RW is aware of the things and shall be ready with the strategy for each player in oppositions squad. The fans as always would be expecting a great game from RW. At home, the advantage will be utilized to the fullest and the fans shall have a super game to watch out for. We wish BT good luck for the game! 
BT Review By Pam 
After exiting all other tournaments, BT looks to advance in the 1st division as they face formidable opponents in RW. We have lost to RW on all previous occasions but this is not on our minds as we cannot change what has already happened. The players are focused on playing according to the plan, taking one game at a time. BT will be fielding a full squad this time with as AVGKL. Playing a 4-4-2 with a focus on the flanks has worked very well for us in the past and we will apply the same strategy this time as well. RW have a penchant for making spontaneous bursts through out the game which is something BT will try and look to neutralize. RW are a good team and we will give them the respect they deserve as we get into this game. Our fans would be travelling to support us on this day which is always a confidence booster, hope that they enjoy a good game of football! 
RW Review By JJ 
RW continues to be on top of the table by clinching yet another win over BT at the Collessum! We got the better of BT in each game we played against them. Today morning folks were focused and had a strategy with thought of winning whtsoever.. Knowing today's win was so crucial and that a loss could have closed down shutter in the race for 1st Div champ title.. We started with 4:5:1.. Never before v had played that formation. GK- Manoj ,LB - lalit, LCD - Jatin, rcd - DJ, RB - Pai, lw - Vikas, LCM - Toufiq, cm - Satish, rcm - Karan, RW- Mong, striker - Pravin. Thus dropping Toufiq a little bit n Satish ahead of him.. Satish was in an attacking mode fulltime mostly trying to play upfront and support behind whn necessary. He had a beautiful game today and scored even a Hattrick!! Made no mistake in the BMP giving RW the initial lead. BT immediately came back with 2 back to back goals taking the lead in first 25 min of the game. They were combining well and had great moves all over. JJ crosses to Satish in the D who grabbed his second making score equal - sigh of relief to RW. From then the team kept their cool holding the pressure of better than the previous Game. The 3rd one came of jatin left footer who played superbly along with DJ holding the wall and not allowing BT chance to score. Pai was were helpful and didn't allow a single cross from his end. The 4th one came of a IFK and Satish headed to seal the coffin for us. For the first time this season the late challenges earned us a penalty sadly v could get that our way.. Overall we played well together!! We still have to work on a few things and to our abilities I feel.. RW is capable of much better play and I still feel haven't got the best of our game yet..!! We wish BT good luck for their future matches. 
BT Review By Pam 
BT could not make the most of their final chance to get the better of RW this season. We started off with a formation of 4-5-1 with Amar as GK, Rafa (RB) : Pam (RCB): Bhanda (LCB) : Dan (LB) - Shaurav (RM) : Shubhankar (RCM) : Meeraj (CM) : Jehan (LCM) : Sherry (LM) - Niraj (ST). RW capitalised on the home advantage with the help of a neatly taken BMP by Satsut. However, BT pulled back 2 quick goals as Jehan successfully lobbed the RW keeper while Bhanda scored via his trademark freekick bullet. However this is where BT failed to maintain composure and allowed RW to crawl back into the contest. Pravin found a free Satsut in the box who made no mistake, while Jonty took advantage of the melee following a corner and slotted one past the BT keeper. I think BT could have still been in the game had they kept pressing and continued with the existing formation. The second half for BT was very poor compared to the first as there were very few attempts on goal. Also, we need to work on our late challenges a lot as today we ended up conceding 15 lates which resulted in a penalty being awarded to RW at the end of the game. Luckily it was an inconsequential penalty but such mistakes could cost BT very dearly in future. There is a lot of introspection required to be made by the defenders as all the goals were fairly avoidable. There is lots of time for our next game and we will use this time to work on our techniques during training sessions, and get comfortable in our positions. Lots of work to be done! Lastly, credit to RW they played a composed and calm game which probably made a difference in the end. 
MR By the ADC 
It was panic stations for BT when they allowed RW back into the game after leading 1 - 2. The clearly inexperienced BT were no match for giants RW. 
RW went up easily through a well taken BMP from Satsut that Amma AVGKL couldn't do anything about. Two AA Linesmen were making things difficult for RW but RW still managed to win comfortably. Amu Linesman on the Steps side should be commended for clearly seeing that Satsut was ONSIDE when he scored. Sean LM on the temple side was a 100% SURE Satsut was YARDS OFFSIDE!!! The Camera clearly shows that Satsut was at LEAST 2 yards ONSIDE when the ball was played in. This brings about something that I have ALWAYS COACHED and clubs INSIST on NOT following. I keep saying DON'T catch offside on a FK. Another controvery was created against RW by Mihir AA LM and Audi MO who VOCIFEROUSLY stated that Pam did NOT handle the ball in the D. Audi went on to say that Pam's hand was stuck to his body when the discussion continued later but he said he saw NOTHING when the ref asked him if he saw anything at the time of the incident. FIRSTLY, it's up to the REF to make the final decision and when he asks a question, it should be answered CLEARLY and without an INFERENCE already drawn up. So please see the following moving image: 
So thats why Mr. Khare is the REFEREE!!! At this point it was quite clear to the ADC and the Ref that there was a HIDDEN AGENDA against RW (especially Satsut). Members of the group set up to destroy RW seem to be the AA squad (or certain members of it). Anyway, after that the Ref realized that out of the 4 LM's 2 were the sadistic AA players Meer and Sparky and the other 2 were Amu and Red of RH. RH of laziness fame! Luckily for me Amu (of KFANDRA lineage) and Red (KITFO) were thoroughly trustworthy! On the serious side, BT's Ashubh, whom I rate as one of the TZLC's TOP players is playing way below par and was unable to use his immense talent in BT's favour. RW scored 4 of which one was a BMP and 1 Pen they missed due to a over 15 LC count.  
RW - This is why I keep harping on and on that Satsut should play in CM. Today he played in a CFish or AM role. With Toufa and135 in Cm. But he was ALWAYS difficult to control. Me though Jonty and DJ DL were good, Lalit played a much improved game most of the time but for the other bits he was rubbish, not ok, just rubbish..he needs to at least play OK...not total crap or good and rubbish. At least play well for 90 mins then look to playing better. 
Vikus was much better than his distaster earlier but is not comfy on the flank. Amma AVGKL was more interested in Samya, Mayur (NOTE: AA players) and Vik (Note: He's BI but belongs to the notorious KAMINA GANG!) who were pissing about in the spectators enclosure. Being a Cd his distribution was abysmal and it was only AMMA who was playing for RW and going against the ruling of the AA call to screw up RW. Maybe this was on purpose? Just to make it look less obvious? Toufa and 135 sat in Cm and they are a good combo, one SUPER loud and one SUPER quiet!!! Amonk should getter a better average in his crossing, right now its 3 good crosses every 10! Dj DL is developing his awareness and is trying to be fast on the ball and pass to the side of him. Marcelo is playing well consistently! 
BT - Much too panicky under pressure. Ashubh needs to grow up and mature fast and take command in this side just like Pam has. But Pam sometimes goes off on a trip as if high on cocaine on occasions. Ashubh should lead from the front as such a talented player CANNOT afford to sit back. He NEEDS to let his GAME do the talking. BT keep chopping and changing and none of the players are comfy in their places. They need to be patient. I thought Rafa had a great debut apart from a couple of shockers in the game and Shaurav is always consisten but was a bit out of the scene at times. 
IMP - After editing the Vid there were some crazy comments from Charlie Prussia I heard. I hope this answers you constant remarks - A strategy planned by BT before the match was NOT TO PASS the ball to the RB and Lb. I don't know WHY they had that tactic but they did. I hope that has calmed you down Mr. Prashant "I have forgotten him" Alhat!