01/03/15 The ADC has decided NOT to award the match to BI as the unseasonal rains would have PP'd the match anyway! The ADC will look for another date to play this match and if a date is UNA THEN the match will be awarded to BI. 
POSTPONED to 18/04/15 
03/03/15 Tue MATCH HAS BEEN POSTPONED (Not enough Youth and only ONE Adult confirmation for the ADCY) 
Regular TZ practice to be held. 
MO's - 1. From BT - Pam & Gaurav S (player for ADCY+MO) 2. From AA - Mayuresh & Sean 3. From RH - Rajesh & Hima 4. From RW - Lalit & Karan 5. From BE - Arun 
ADCY - Adults - Rafa 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
BI are high on confidence after winning some big matches back to back. A win in this game will bring the club on level points with RW. BI players will play with the same commitment & passion they have played with in the previous games which they have won. BI will play to a 4:4:2 formation or may also try the 4:3:3 formation. BI will not be playing too much of the passing game and will be looking at playing more attacking football by putting the long balls in and hoping the forward line converts well. BI playing at home will try and use the home ground advantage in its favour and also look for the home crowd support which will be a major motivational factor for the good performance of their team. BI will definitely look at making the most of this match and leveling the points tally with RW to sit on top of the 1st division league table; for now. Also BI will look at reducing the goal difference tally. ADCY will again be a mixed bag of player talent, BI will have to be alert and play the game accordingly but sticking to the basic plan of defending hard and attacking only on the counter. 
05/03/15 Thu 
RW (1) 3 Vs BT (1) 
RW - Amonk 3.25, 135 66, Toufa 77.10 
BT - Sean 45 
RW - Arty 250 for Mantan 280, Bruce 210 for Allen 310, Bushman UNA 
BT - Sean 350 for Ashubh 360, Tiger AVGKL 
MO's - BI - 1. GauravDNTU 2. Ajoo spectator Vikki LATE ATOOL KAPKA RH - Rajesh and Himanil DNTU BE - (no info was sent but Dev came) AA- NO info was handed over Amma (Only 1 MO) RH - Sid Ben LATE ACTION WILL BE TAKEN 
RW Preview By JJ 
The match that stands very important one for RW and who else to play again – no other than BT : Same team who lost to RW in LC finals last game! Having won the LC 1st division final, the RW squad are confident and pumped up for this venture of ADC Cup too and on the other hand BT am sure will be equally pumped up to give it back this game. The lads are aware of this and well prepared. RW will have its plan in place. Will play its traditional 4:4:2 formation. BT is a super squad and difficult to beat. Lights of Shubhankar have already proved it against AA. We will play to plan & work on our shortcomings like not losing possessions, not ALWAYS attack on every move etc.. The players do realize the importance of this game and will perform well as they did last game. The confidence is high, the talent is there , delivering it right to perfection would be the key match day. RW will assure fans a good game and look forward to have a great match. We wish BT all the best match day! 
BT Preview by Pam 
After a disappointing league cup performance, BT face RW again in this qualifier to fight it out for a place in the ADC cup. This is BT's second chance to grab a spot in the ADC cup and this time we will not let this opportunity pass by us. BT are playing an almost full squad but will be missing Shubhankar this time. we have loaned strong replacements to compensate for Shub's absence. The formation would be our regular 4-4-2 with a focus on playing in open spaces and flanks, and on breaking RW's advances down the center. RW are a strong team and they have played well in their last game against BT. This would be BT's third encounter with RW in this season and on all previous occasions RW have got the better of us. This is a good opportunity to settle all scores, even the fans would be anticipating the same from BT. We are looking forward to this game as much as they are. 
BT Review By Pam 
Formation 4:4:2: Tiger (GK) - Sherry (RB): Bhanda (RCD) : Sean (LCD) : Dan (LB) - Meeraj (RW) : Niraj (RCM) : Jehan (LCM) : Pam (LW) - Omi (ST) : Shaurav (ST) Today Black Thunder lost against Royal Warriors by one goal to three, their third loss against RW in as many games this season. RW got an early lead in the first half after which BT started to press forward and apply pressure from all angles. At the cusp of halftime, Sean took advantage of the melee inside the box and got his foot at the end of the ball to guide it into the RW goal. 1-1 at half time. The second half for BT was not as energetic as the first half, and consequently there were fewer chances. RW probably benefited from the lack of pressure and scored a couple of goals in quick succession to take the game away from BT and secure a place in the ADC cup semifinals. Compared to earlier games, BT showed resilience and displayed a spirited performance. In the first half, there were probably half a dozen chances for them which could have been converted. On a small ground it is important that a team takes advantage of whatever chance that comes their way. We also need to work on our calling at the moment as we haven't yet reached a stage where the players are so comfortable with each other that they can mind-read the other persons next move and act accordingly. Sean's contribution at the back was immensely helpful and he also scored the lone goal for BT. Shaurav and Omi were constantly attacking the Arial balls which is a good sign. BT needs to shift the game more often to the flanks and utilize them to pressurize the oppositions defense. Pam probably ran himself out unnecessarily due to which he had a cramp related seizure towards the end. Thanks to Ref's assistance, he was able to get back up on his feet and walk again. Thank you so much Ref. RW had a great game. Monga, Amod and Karan were their fantastic usual, Toufik too tried his trademark bazooka's a few times and if I remember well also got a goal from one of them. The amount of chances that RW had were probably equal to what BT got but their conversion rate was better, which made all the difference in the end. BT will now focus entirely on the league, their next game is in two days time. The players are in introspection and have already started their preparations for their next game. This time they will ensure that their hard work does not go unrewarded. As always, the fans backing today was splendid. Although today's results was not positive, we promise that amends will be made in the next game and it will reflect in the results. 
RW Review by JJ 
RW once again beat BT this time in ADC cup QF match! Congrats to the team… We started with 4:4:2 formation Manoj(GK), Zhope(LB), Satish(LCD), Jatin (RCD), Amod(RB), Shivang(LW), Vikas(LCM), Karan (RCM), Monga(RW) , Pravin Toufiq strikers. Though happy with the result, it was a not good show today from RW. Loose touches, defensively loose a bit and not converting chances were the areas on bad side. Frankly we were lucky to be on the winning side. We felt BT played very well today throughout first 60 min until the score was equal. Once we got the lead in second half, that’s where we capitalized a bit, but not to perfection. There were mistakes in the field and everyone inclusive. The LC count was nearly giving away penalty to the opposition at the end of match. We will look at these things and ensure we will not repeat them. BT on the other hands had 3-4 chances that they almost converted. Thanks to Manoj who was super today that any RW player. Made good saves, confident & was calling from behind. Monga opened the scoring for RW in 1st 10 min of the game with good cross from Shivang. BT just before the half time equaled the score to make half time 1-1. Karan gave us the lead with a very well placed shot on target, Tiger got hands on it but could save it. Toufiq scored the 3rd. Final score RW(3)-BT(1). Thanks to Amod and Shivang who had a great game for RW today and gave 100% effort in the win. Hard Luck BT and we wish you guys best luck for the future matches. 
MR By the ADC 
Two goals by both sides at either end of the 1st H brought the match square again at HT. RW made count their chances while BT squandered theirs. I personally felt another match is lost due to keeping errors. How much ever you defend, you do need the Keeper to stop the easy ones. Tiger AVGKL BT did well as he is NOT a recognized keeper by saving a few one on ones but in the end it's the ones that get past him that count. 
RW - The body language of the players starting from before the match to the end is what I feel gets them the result. No doubt Satsut has a big say in this but credit should go to the entire squad. I sincerely hope RW give Lalit (Could the players please stop calling him by his surname as according to me only COMMENTATORS call players by surnames and team mates call each other by their names or nicknames) a chance in another position, as for me, LB is just not his forte. There was lots of calling between the LCD Jatin and Satsut RCD and that was good. They connected quite well and that looks like a really strong pairing. But what is missed is Satsuts attacking potential when he's sitting deep. When he does go for his runs he leaves a big gap in Cd. I do feel Satsut is more suited to CF role or a CM role or the best yet would be a FREE ROLE. Bruce DL COULD be an exciting player but his lack of touch and poor judgement in tackling gets him down. Amonk is a very fine player but for his erratic crossing. If he can get his crossing average more respectable then he won't have a bad game. He tends to 'make a face' everytime he get the short end of the stick against a defender but he should just get on with it as the Ref won't call for EVERY LITTLE foul. His goal was not great and he should look at how he scored and try and understand why I said it wasn't a great goal. His attempt was a side footer and went over the keepers head. He let the ball go across his body and only and it probably worked as the ball was coming in to him without pace. But maybe I'm nitpicking here, he did score didn't he? And thats what counts. Why isn't Snowtop playing up front? He is NOT a CM. Arty DL genuinely goes for the ball and thats why the Ref doesn'tc all for a foul EVERY time. But even for one of RW's goals you can see Arty nearly manhandle Snowtop, Arty was lucky there. Up front with JJ and Toufa you have a very dodgy pairing! Both want the ball ALL the time as do all strikers but this rarely works when you have two behaving the same way. They have both improved bucket loads and now need to work on the finer points. 
BT - Pam was on fire this morning! Maybe he should always fall ill? 
Image taken by VikkI Ghotge!!! 
Thankfully Dan took on board what the Coach had told him and played one of his better games at Lb. Sean DL's presence is itself 50% of the match won but he's still off form for me and makes too many small errors that a man of his ability shouldn't do. Both him and Bhanda the two Cd's did try and pass the ball about but they also whacked the ball up too, along with AVGKL Tiger. BT played well when the played their passing game and too often than not allowed RW to gain more possession by gifting them the ball most of the time. Meeraj at RM was wrong as he seems off colour and later on putting him at RB was a better call. Sherry needs more time at Rm to settle down, he showed some glimpses of his ability but it was way too late that he was shifted. When he was at Rb he was mostly defending as Meeraj wasn't falling back. Plus he was caught infield than on the flank. Jehan was out muscled by 135 in Cm but still got some nifty moves with Omi. Snowtop should say Bye bye to CM. He's like one snow flake in the Sahara desert, just like the hair on his head, LOST! Omi is actually a very good player and he should cut down on his aggression and concentrate on his game. Shaurav is a big bloke and gets stuck in. He's improving every match he plays. 
07/03/15 Sat 
BT 1 (1) 3 Vs RH (0) 1 
BT - Audi DL BMP 6 secs, Snowtop 2 26.25 68.10 
RH - DJ Pen 82.20 
MO's - 1) BE Amod DNTU 2) BI Ajoo LM Groov left early GauravDNTU 3) AA Sameer Chavan Sean LATE CM 4) RW Pravin LM Monga SR 
BT - 1. AVGKL Amol Atigre of BI- 290 TZR 2. DL Toufik Sheikh of RW (220 TZR) for Sharad Y (220 TZR) 3. DL Aditya Kotbagi of AA (360 TZR) for Shubhankar Inamdar (360 TZR) 
RH - Satsut AVGKL, Mangesh UNA 
BT Preview By Pam 
As we enter the final quarter of the season, BT face a formidable side in RH in this league encounter.Our previous encounter with the Reds was a well fought game but BT ended up on the losing side. Of course, this time around the BT players will look to redeem themselves for the previous result. Few of the BT players are recovering from a viral flu, otherwise there are no major fitness concerns. BT are missing a few players this time around. We have loaned strong replacements in place of the players missing out to ensure that their absence does not affect our prospects in the league. We will play out a 4-4-2, with all players playing in their regular positions. The players have been instructed to focus on keeping the ball moving and use the width of the field to their benefit. RH are always a great team to play against, and their form has improved considerably in recent times. Hima has been exceptional on the flanks and we would have to devise a separate plan for him. RH had springed a surprise in their last game by playing Anna upfront, and it would be only be wise to anticipate another surprise this time around. The fans should expect a great league encounter come Saturday! 
RH Preview By Red 
This is the second occasion that we come up against BT this season. Although we did eventually win that game, it was a very close game. This game may be no different. BT have proven that on their day they are capable of annihilating any opposition but are also susceptible to crumble under pressure. We are currently facing a problem of plenty in the striking department with Tushar Anna Pai adding to the list of Amu and Rajesh, after a sublime performance in the league cup final against AA. He also remains our no. 1 GK. We have versatile players capable and willing to play in different positions as per the team needs. This gives us a lot of flexibility. One of the aforementioned 3 will be handed a deep-lying playmaker role. Big Ben is back in the squad and will provide much more stability to our team. We will continue to stick to the strategy devised by coach with a few positional changes. We are confident going into this fixture and are looking to add to the tally of bonus points by beating another first division team in a away match after BI. We will mostly try to keep things uncomplicated, play a simple passing game and maintain possession while sticking to our usual 4-4-2 formation. We are hoping this will be a good match to play as well as watch. We wish BT good luck! 
BT Review Bt Pam 
BT played a composed game this morning to secure 3 points against RH. The intended formation was 4-2-3-1 : Tiger (GK) - Meeraj (RB) : Pam (RCB) : Bhanda (LCB) : Dan (LB) - Audi (RDM) : Toufik (LDM) - Niraj (RW) : Omi (CM) : Jehan (LW) - Shaurav (ST). Omi did not turn up for today's game, and will be penalised by the team management for the same. Consequently BT played the game with 10 men throughout. As the game progressed, Shaurav swapped places with Niraj which worked for us as Niraj ended up on the scoring sheet with two goals to his name. BT capitalized on the home advantage after Audi converted a calmly taken BMP. Niraj was having a field day up front as the lone striker and grabbed at this opportunity. The boys held it together very well in the first half as at times BT played with 8 men on the pitch. The communication was improved because of which players were syncing well and moving the ball around to keep the pressure on the opposition at all times. I must say the RH played a very good game but were a tad bit unlucky with the conversion, otherwise it would have been a close finish.Tiger's penalty save was a crucial point in the game which gave the BT players confidence to keep up the pressure on RH. Amartya was a constant threat down the wings today, credit to him for keeping our defenders on their toes at all times. Defending is still our weak link, the other defenders need to understand this and support the players under pressure to even it out. A good game overall that resulted in a win for BT. Hard luck to RH as they played a very good game, best wishes for their future encounters. I hope the fans enjoyed themselves and had a great time as well! 
RH Review By Red 
Firstly we would like to apologize to the ADC for failing to stick to the new guidelines of reporting before 6:15AM and also thank the ADC for letting us play this time with only a warning. RH played a 4-4-2: Satsut-gk Akshai/Belzi-RB, DJ-RCB, Benny-LCB, Hima-LB Amartya-RM, Rajesh-RCM, Rajib-LCM, Sagar-LM Anna-ST Amu-ST A team which fails to score of 2 one-on-ones with the keeper, 1 penalty and converts the other deserves to lose. RH were guilty of wasting too many chances. Even if we let alone the missed chances, we are not happy with the way we played, that too against a team with 10 players. We were slow to move the ball around, lifting it in the air too often, losing it while trying to force passes through rather than play the easy pass. We would have loved to play the complete 90 mins, the way we played in the last 5 odd minutes. But it proved too little too late. We cannot expect to win every game after going two goals down like we did against BE and AA. We have thrown away a good opportunity to close the gap on AA and failed to take advantage of being a man up. We failed to register many shots on target. BT deserved this win, showed tremendous fight and we very tough opponents on the day. Many of our players did not even realize that they played a man down. This says a lot about their performance! Well played BT! 
MR By the ADC 
Commendable performance from both sides even though RH had a player extra. BT's average age being far younger to RH's that the players could cope very well and were organized and positive through out...plus they took their chances!!! There were lots of questions asked about the Linesman JJ when he didn't raise his flag for BT's 3rd goal, but as the action replay shows, the call was 50 - 50 and JJ should not be blamed for waving play on. 
Only 2 linesmen and the players warned that from Tuesday's match the NEW R and R regarding reporting time will be STRICT. 
RH SHOULD have scored when the got two sitters but wasted them. Audi was a brilliant replacement to the similar Ashubh. Both are fit and do a lot of running plus they have oodles of talent. As usual the Astro's wasting another quality player. In the end RH could feel they could have come away with at least a draw but today it was the 1st Div clubs day. 
BT - Tiger more than made up for his disastrous performance on AVGKL to BT the other day by playing a solid game game this morning. He was very proactive and calling constantly. Plus he actually dived full length to catch a loose ball. Dan at Lb was much much better and if you could ignore his minor errors, that indeed could havebeen major if RH would have capitalized then Dan had a great game. Pam seems to be in fine fettle and I hope his new found form doesn't elude him in the end of the season matches. His display at Rcd I think was superb and apart from both the Cd's (Bhanda) using their hands to manhandle their opponents (Amu getting most of the hello's) they worked well together. Thankfully BT moved Snowtop to the RM which is still not his favoured position. I still much prefer him at ST. So him and Shaurav up front would be a striking partnership anyone would be wary of. Shaurav is still improving but should temper his aggression while challenging with an opponent for the ball. Audi was a star today. He no doubt made way too many errors for my liking but his input of tireless running and energy was what BT needed most. Toufiq on loan is a big bully! Freed from the attentions of his teamates Satsut and JJ, he was back to his usual self, dribbling and shooting with gay abandon. Jehan I think had a quiet game but did his duty as the rest of them did.  
RH - Anna was not the man he was when he was astounding up front. He likes a little time on the ball and BT did not let him have that. I wonder why RH persist on playing their star performer Hima at Lb? And Amar at Rm? Amar has shown that he can use his left..Red hasn't, in fact Red has a NON-Existant left foot! So you either play Red at RM and then keep switching Beeraj and Akshai or play Hima at Rb and leave Amar to strike a combination with Beeraj/Akshai. Even though with the formation they played they still should have either drawn or won. They had a lot of possesion but WASTED the ball by holding the ball for too long or mispassing. TC is number 1 in that dept. Waiting patiently as if looking for clues in a murder mystery. The ball must be moved around quickly and passed made. ESPECIALLY if the opponents tactic is to hassle. You did have one man up didn't you? Satsut AVGKL I thought targeted the two frontmen too often and that too his cross hair was drunk. Sometimes I can see Amu in the days when he was 50Kg! A great touch and turn. Even now with nearly double the weight he turns defenders as if they were sleeping. He did miss a sitter though and that's not what he's playing up front to do. I thought the Red sea was super at the start of the match and gradually his game deteriorated. The practice he's putting in at KITFO has helped him tremendously indeed. But his fitness is lacking along with his aggression. 
BT/RH - I thought both sides made quite a few changes to adjust for eg RH shifting to a Back 3 and Snowtop did play up front later on. One more thing, WARNING the RW is used when you are play a STRIKER on the wing, hence RIGHT WING. A player in Mf playing on the flank is a Rm.