League 2nd Div  
ADCY Vs BE Tuesday 28/10/14 
Match will be old style of 1 MAIN REF and 2 LM/AR's 
ADCY - Tan, Adu, Pat, Zak, Aalok (Ringa) (ALL Youth), Sundeep ADC, Jaidev ADC, Dan (BT), Pam (BT), Sagar GK (RH), Nikhil B (BI). 
(Loaned players that do NOT have the decency to CONFIRM and THANK the ADC for selecting them in the squad may be 
dropped without notification or/and Club will be fined) 
BE - Jatin (RW) : AVGKL, Sharad (BT) : (SVL for Amod) Himanil (RH) : (SVL for Rakesh) SVL - SAME VALUE LOAN 
MO's: BT - Neeraj Shah Swapnil Desale BI - Kapil RH - Ben SR AA - Santosh P MAIN REF RW - Karan 
ADCY PREVIEW By Mr. Khare - 
I hope that BE treats this as a serious friendly match. There is no doubt that the KFANDRA youth team players will be physically weaker but I can assure everyone that in terms of talent and fitness they will compete with the best of the lot. So saying I request BE (and in future any club that plays against a club dominated by youth team players) to focus on their own tactics. To improve upon their own game whether it's defending or attacking. 
There's no doubt as to which club is the favourite but if, by any chance the ADCY get the upper hand then BE can freely take action by treating the game as any other match. Note that there are 6 adults playing in the squad too. I will be asking these lads to focus on their own performance as well as their communication. Obviously Sundeep and Jaidev will be given a little bit of freedom as they will be 'advertising' their capabilities to the others, in the hope that maybe they'll get picked up by another club or they'll be taken on loan. Please note that all Youth players are FREE and Adult ADC players are HALF price. The youth has a fine mix of players. Out of the 5, two are extremely talented left footers, Tan with super crossing skills and Zak with impressive dribbling skills. Both are super fit. Pat, will become the YOUNGEST ever player to play in the TZLC, is strong in every department but his enthusiasm will have everyone wanting to play, Adu who's destined to be a future scrum half, has a quality long distance pass on him and is also a hard worker (just as his mouth...reminds me of Prashant!). Last but not least is Aalok, fondly known as Ringa as he keeps falling all the time (Ringa ringa roses) is very gifted too. Tremendous abilty in close control. Let's hope the pressure doesn't get to them especially with me ranting and raving from the sidelines. I do hope they'll make BE work hard. Plus the advantage of me knowing the in's and out's of every BE player, even the loanees! Of the players I've chosen to play on loan out of the AVA players lists sent to me, Dan I think deserves to play as he was left out of BT's 1st match for at least 30 mins. Plus the more game time he gets he'll only improve. Also in this morning practice session he impressed me with his crossing and shooting! Pam because I think he deserves an extra match for his good management. Both Dan and Pam I feel will also get along very well with the younger lads. Sagar and Nick both asked to play! Maybe they've dug themselves in to deep by asking to play! Ajoo I feel will scare all the players into submission if he refs and Do and Santosh will make thing's more exciting as Linesmen! um.. Asst. Refs) Santosh has taken over the job as Main Ref and Karan has taken his spot on the line. 
BE PREVIEW By Prashant 
Blazing Eagles are very excited to play our first match of TZLC7. Every player is pumped up and ready to give their 100%. although, we dont have all players available to play, I am sure loanees will help us fill those places. I feel, every match is very important and BE will take ADCY very seriously. Our strategy for this match would be man to man marking. Looking forward for positive result out of this match. 
RH (0) 1 Vs RW (1) 3 Thursday 30/10/14 
RH - Rajesh Pen 32.16  
RW - Pravin Pen 13.25, Jatin 47.17, Satish DFK 85.04 
Ref ran - 5.36 Km's 
RH - Atul S BI GKL for Tushar, Swapnil D BT for Gaurav P DL, Jaidev K ADC for Akshay DL  
RW - Mayuresh AVGKL 
MO's - BE - Arun BI - Vikrant LM ok Ajay LM poor Amol A SR S BT - Meeraj LM poor Pam SR Excellent AA - Saurabh Amarnath LM poor 
RH Preview By Sagar 
RH would firstly like to apologize for postponing our first match scheduled in the TZLC7. 
RH kick-off their new season with a very tough fixture against a very competitive RW side. We have strengthened our squad in the off-season with new experienced defensive additions while retaining the core of our team. Benny is also like a new addition for us as he missed most of last season with an ankle injury after joining RH. 
RW will miss their ex-manager and leader on pitch and we are hoping that they will need some time before finding their feet. But we cannot bank on that fact and we will need to start off well and maintain a good level of performance throughout the 90 mins. 
We will look to take advantage of the fact that we are playing at home. Our aim will be to get all 3 points in the bag and start off the new season strongly. Maintaining good possession and patience will be key to our game. We all are very excited about the new season and are eager to do better than the past seasons!  
Hoping for a cracker of a match. 
RW Preview By Pravin (Too many instances of BANNED term TEAM in certain way's - FINE) 
RW’s first match of the season. The team is really excited for this game. Each and every one looks pumped up and looks forward to continue the winning streak last season. RW will definitely miss Sean this season, however team RW takes this challenge and looks forward to capitalize. The team has overcome that loss and has happily welcomed the two new great additions. With the team filled with tactical and confident players, I am sure we will play this game in the same high spirits as we have done before. RH on other side are a good squad and RW will not take any of them light. I am sure the absence of Shivam will help us to an extent and RW will look forward to take that advantage. I wish good luck to RH team for the game and we look forward for a great football on match day. 
Stats Sheet RH Vs RW 
(Please go to TZLCIMAGES page to see Enlarged View if this image is not magnified on mouse over) 
Another match which underlines the vast improvement in the clubs tactically and the pace of the game. As the New and Improved Stats sheet shows (there are some areas it can be improved and the ADC will work on them) that RW were by far the better of the two. With more crosses and corners by miles RW bombarded the RH goal. See the amount of orange (RH) and Purple (RW) in RH's half in the 1st half. RW were just parked in the Hurricanes half. The 2nd half is much the same. RH probably looked on form for 10 mins of the 2nd half, otherwise they were just rubbish. NOT all of them were rubbish though, there were a few that had a good game. This cess pit that resembled the aftermath of a Hurricane more than the Hurricane itself created the impression that the Warriors were far better than they were. No doubt RW were good this morning but it was RH that made them look better. For RW were also not without faults of their own. Pravin continued where the previous Manager left off by playing Bhushan at Lb. Here's one player who seems to have improved under his new Manager. In the previous season the management persisted when Bhushan, with a non existant left foot, was played at Lb. Something that it was ridiculed about by the Coach. This time round RH can be thanked for being limp. Although clearly RH had more attacks down the right, it was Manan that eased the pressure for Bhushan. I would still like to see if Bhushan has really improved when he's put under pressure. RH looked as if a bunch of geriatrics had gathered for a convention. They were nursing old injuries and puffing about EXCEPT for some I'll mention now. Rajib was running about doing a proper cm's role, back defending and attacking too. But he MUST kick himself for NOT taking a first time volley in the 2nd half and instead taking a touch that led to him being tackled. This man thinks too much sometimes, always waits for a PERFECT moment. Let me reveal that RARELY will a perfect moment come. Ben and RW's Allen had just about decided to play the match between themselves. All what was left was to give them a shield and weapon each and then watch them tear each other apart. Jatin was another that revelled in the lethargic RH. But wait a moment, I have digressed! I'm supposed to be talking about RH..Hmnnn who else? Apart from Rajib and Ben? hope Sagar and Pravin set out their teams as they are supposed to in their Match Reviews. GK;Rb, RCD,LCD, LB; etc. Anyway, 
Pravin opened the scoring with a penalty that the AVGKL Atul SHOULD have saved. Himanil had handled the ball inside the front pole earlier. Jatin found RW's 2nd after RH could not clear the ball and a melee was formed. This time Atul was not at fault as the ball trickled by him as there were way too many bodies in front of him. Rajesh gave a faint glimmer of hope to RH with his well taken Penalty. JJ was the man at fault when he handled the ball in the D. Sagar, on the same penalty had hit it straight at the keeper but AVGKL Mayuresh was adjudged to have taken a couple of steps off his line before the pen was taken. So Rajesh took the repeat pen. Satish wafted in a DFK to make it 3 and even though RH got a couple of DFK's on RW's 18 yard box in the dying seconds, RW had already started celebrating.As per the new R and R, the clubs were asked about cancelling their BMP's or going ahead with them and both clubs decided to take their BMP's. Amu looked like the lumbering giant from Jack and the bean stalk while Satish who kept for that looked like Keanu Reeves from the Matrix! Lalit had made a hash of things when he took a shot pre match and it flew over the fence into the school yard, made him late for a bit and Amu's clearing header scaled the canal net and he had to disappear for a bit too. 
RH By Sagar 
RH did not have the ideal start to the game and the season. Satish did very well to keep out Amu in the BMP after both sides indicated that they would want to have a BMP for their home game. RH played a 4-1-4-1 formation where Rajib was playing a the CDM and Amartya as the lone man up-front. The game plan was to play compact and force RW wide to put in crosses which we were confident of cutting off. Few of our players were a bit rusty. There were no goals from open play as RW also was defending very centrally. Both sides scored a penalty each. RW's second came when we failed to clear the ball and it fell into the path of Jatin not once but twice, only to score from his second shot. The third came from a free kick by Satish. Although RW had better possession, both sides had fairly equal opportunities to score. The energy, commitment and fight shown by Rajib and Big Ben throughout the match was very commendable. We hope it rubs onto all our other players. We will definitely put in a better performance in out next game. 
RW REVIEW By Pravin 
A welcome win for RW. :) Thanks to the effort of the RW players who played strategically to the plan. We had some good passing going around which helped gain possession and build the game accordingly. Allen was very good for his first game and played to expectation. Each and everyone played their part and owned responsibility and covered it to maximum. After the loss of Sean, worried RW Fans will now be a little happy as the defense played really well and lived up to the very high expectation against the attacking RH. Two things to pick up from this game was the high count of late challenge which needs to be reduced and utilise the opportunity of corners. We had roughly 10+ corners kicks but couldn't make any of them count. Overall happy about the win and teams performance. Hard luck to RH today but wish them all the best for their future games. Looking to next one on Saturday! 
BE (0) 0 VS BT (0) 0 Friday 31/10/14 KO: 7 am, Time reduced to 40 mins each half. LC count - BE 9 BT 6, 2 Linesmen 
BE - Rajib AVPL for Rakesh, Ajay S BI AVGKL, Amol A AVPL (Emergency loan to replace Ravi) 
BT - Santosh P AA DL for Prashant B, Beeraj RH DL for Jehan  
MO's - RW - Satish GOOD LATE BI - Mukul Adequate, Amol A RH - Sagar EXCELLENT LATE AA - Mayuresh DNC Shivang LATE 
BE Preview - By Prashant 
BEagles are all ready to play their first HOME match. With ground conditions and fan support on our side, I surely fancy chances of winning this match. BT has shown lot of maturity in their first match and will be tough side to play along. BE has it's plan setup for each player coming to ground and I am sure every BE player want to perform better in-front of their home crowd. We will take game to opposition right from word go and will try to maintain enough pressure on them. 
BT may have started the season on a dismal performance, but the lads are eager to prove the naysayers wrong in our upcoming game against BE. BE will definitely gain the advantage of being the home side. It will not just be a test of fitness for the BT players, but also a test of how we approach the game as two back to back losses early in the season can prove to be devastating for the morale of the players. BT will not underestimate their opposition and will have focus on the basics in order to get back to winning ways. 
(Please go to TZLCIMAGES page to see Enlarged View if this image is not magnified on mouse over) 
The unprofessionalism of players who were not even of BE or BT but were LOANED to them marred the entire picture. It was a picture perfect setting this morning. The weather was cool, most of the ground had a layer of grass on it, the ground was marked and both the teams were intent on trying to create moves then forcing them. But then Santosh AA and Amol A BI did not have shin pads. BE were also a little late in setting up the nets. But one can't deny Prashants passion and willingness to the hard work while his team mates meandered to the ground. He was busy putting up the nets on his ownsome lonesome when the ADC arrived. But BT were also lateish to arrive and NO penalties were awarded to any side. Only the duration of the match was reduced. Anyway, of the two loaned players, one of them who used to be a serial offender and the other is currently a serial offender (of course I'm prattling on about the TZLC and nothing else!) will be taken to task. The humanity of the ADC took over when after 10 mins it finally gave both the club captains a rollicking and gave permission for the two unprofessionals to enter the field. SO the match started with BE happily taking to account the pre season video's that were created to help the teams out. In the BE vid it was mentioned that both Groo and Prussia would be ideal in Cm. BE started the same! And did they excel? Indeedy yes they did! They were better by a yard and half than their more illustrious counterparts BT. BT boasted of Parmesh, Meeraj and Do in Cm, although Jehan was missing today. Back to BE, who played a 4:4:2 formation with Amod playing a bit more Right wingish than Rm and Suraj on the left. But one could forgive Amod for placing more emphasis on attack than defence. He was ably supported by Deba at Rb and Prashant at Rcm. Not to mention AVPL Rajib at Rcd. SO the right side of the field was working superbly and on the left it was no different with Groo proving that he is as masterful on the ball as off it. He linked the Lcd Amol A AVPL with Dev Lb and Suraj (with a NON existant left foot) with exceptional ease. Couple that with Groo and Prussias constant communication (well more Prussia than Groo!) it was delectable to watch. Amit who was playing more Cf ish constantly dropped back to try and retrieve the ball deep but it was proving to be more of a nuisance as he was NOT playing first time but tended to hold on to the ball and allow the Thunder to recover. So saying that does not spell the entire truth. On quite a few occasions Amit found Amod with superlative balls that cut between the BT Lb Shal and the Lcd to see Amod galloping through with gay abandon. Amod SHOULD kick himself for not doing that little bit more. I remember one of his crosses, simply beautiful the way it was walloped into the box begging to see a BE player at the end of it. Amit MUST understand that it is this communication of admitting ones mistakes so that everyone can get on with the game that can push BE ahead of their rivals in the 2nd DIv. Prussia is all for communication but for all that he chatters he's also slow on apologizing. Dev I though played better than the norm and even gave a fake once that reminded me of how he used the same fake in practice. With the referee allowing a little argy bargy amongst defenders and attackers, Amol A and Rajib were happy to say the least. For all Niraj S's nippy runs and darting movements and dribbles, he was a no show against the two capable hard men. The only players I'm not happy about were Arun and well maybe Amit for a few minutes of the match. 
Arun is now NOT the (like he always says) The big fish in a small pond (FF) but now he's the same size fish swimming in a pond with other fish of the same ish size if not better. Some may not be as capable as him but he should get the picture with what I'm trying to say. Arun was quite active but being active with nothing to show is not worth it. I must mention the way BE managed to switch flanks and play small triangles all over the pitch. 
The less I say about BT would be a blessing for them as truthfully, I have nothing good to say about them. Except for maybe Omi. Whatever Omi say's about not being a keeper, he still has a Keepers biggest asset and that's bravery. He kept the score tied when he manged to dive at Amod's feet to prevent a sure goal. His distribution may be lacking but I've seen short keepers before and Omi should focus on keeping with confidence to stay on top of my list of shorty makoti keepers. Also one more player and that unsurprisingly is a regular at KITFO sessions, Sherry! Sharad for most. Still a bit slow to play Cd but he did well to at least keep a SORT of shape to BT and support to Omi. Do BT already think that they are one of the greats? From today's performance it seems that they think they are. Parmesh did get injured in the 2nd half but he was NOT on the ball today. Neither were the rest of them. Pam was his usual frantic self but nothing much to add. They admitedly kept chopping and changing positions to try and find the connection but it was just pathetic to watch. It must be mentioned that Niraj missed a sitter that my great great great grandfathers grandfathers panzoba's paternal uncle's mistress with cross eyes, a lame leg and master at Shatranj would have scored her eyes closed. Nuff said about that. 0 - 0 not a fair result, BE pipped it for me. But let m not forget in saying that playing on a bigger ground is a far sight easier than playing on a smaller ground as close ball control is paramount to doing well. Something that BE lack. One more thing, Amit scored a goal that was ruled for offside in the 2nd half. Remember that ANY PLAYER in an OFFSIDE position is LIABLE to be called OFFSIDE in the TZLC. The moment a player makes a MOVEMENT towards the ball even if he's LEANING to go for the ball, WILL be ruled as INTERFERING WITH PLAY and therefore OFFSIDE. In this case, Amit was ONSIDE by over 2 yards BUT AMOD, who was in an OFFSIDE position REACTED by moving towards the ball for a FEW yards and then STOPPING to show he's STOPPED his movement. Ajoo as AVGKL fell asleep! He had nothing better to do and spent his time helping people find the balls in the brush! 
BE REVIEW By Prashant A 
Blazing Eagles would like to thank ADC for allowing bit time at start of match. Also, at the same time, We apologies for delayed start. Formation : 4-2-3-1 [Deba-Rajib-Amol-Dev….. Prashant-Guru…..Suraj-Amit-Amod….Arun, ajoo as GK] This was our first match as team. As BE have all players practicing together, I feel we started passing and keeping ball in our control at start. Every player was putting his all efforts and I am happy to see most of the team mates are participating in team activities like ground marking, nets. Well Played guys.. We have long way to go and need to work on our mistakes. I am expected more involvement from all team mates. BT came back strongly In second half putting extra pressure on us. Sorry for last min confusion .. I should have more clearer in communicating what I want.. Overall Nice start to season. 
BT REVIEW By Sameer P (Squad not set out in the formation it played, FINE) 
BT did not perform up to the expectations at all. Yes, we have a good squad but we need to remember that its a combined effort that yields results! There was too much name calling, the formation was amis, the finishing was terrible. The game time was reduced as well by 10 mins due to late kick- off. This is not what the fans are paying for and travelling to our away games to support us! Sherry had a fantastic outing and was most definitely the better player from BT. We were lucky to salvage a point from what should have been a comfortable 3-points. Credit to BE for playing a hard-fought game. BT players need to organise and learn quickly from their short comings otherwise its going to be a difficult season for them. 
League 1st Div 
RW 3 VS BI 0 Saturday 01/11/14 
Karan BMP 2.5 secs, Toufiq 32.14, Allen 88 
MO's - BE - Amit Guru AA - Arun DNC BT - PAM DNC Shubhankar RH - Beeraj DNTU Akshai 
RW - Amarnath AVGKL 
BI - Mayuresh AA for Anand DL, Sagar P RH for Gaurav N DL, Amiraj BT GKL for Hatkar 
RW Preview by Pravin 
RW’s first home game of the season. RW will look forward to take the home side advantage and would want to take up the initial lead. BI is a stronger side and always plays best to its strategy. 
RW will look forward to plan its own game accordingly. We have a got a strong talent that will use its skills to break the jinx of hard defense of BI. Vikas will make his debut in this game after his unavailability for the first game and will help RW strength. 
I wish good luck to BI team for the game and we look forward for a great football on match day.. 
BI Preview By Ajay S 
BI after starting the season on a winning note by qualifying for the Champions League is feeling confident and will look at continuing playing to the game plan & also playing the first league game will look to start the league also on the same note. BI has been working on the minor faults it made in the previous game at the practice sessions. BI will play the 4:5:1 or the 4:4:2 format. BI is missing some key players for this match. BI will be taking some strong loans as replacements. Being an away game BI will look to defend first and attack on the counter. In this match BI should be able to play the passing game for a longer time hopefully. RW have more or less the same team as last season. BI will take note of this and plan a strategic game plan with each team-mate knowing his role in the game exactly. BI fans will be entertained with a good match. 
RW Review By Pravin N 
First of all - happy about the win! :) RW keep the winning streak on in back to back matches this week. RW played well and to its strategy. BI to us was like a Bus parked in front of goal with a tough defense line. Karan did well on the BMP to give us a good start. We decided to start off with 4:4:2 formation. The only change from the last game we did was swapping Satish & Karan. Everybody did a decent job i felt, but we played better vs RH than BI. Vikas was terrific who replaced Bhushan due to his last min unavailability. Toufiq bazooka helped us grabbed the second followed by Allen's loft in the corner - opening his account today. After second half two changes we made position wise, Pravin initially swapped with Vikas and Amol followed with Lalit later. BI had a few chances tough but Jonty's & Satish super CD gave RW today with a clean sheet. Just felt RW could have scored more - need to work a few areas that will add to its level. Hard Luck BI, Wish you all the best for future matches. Overall good performance by the squad and look forward for our next away game at papal a week after this. 
BI Review By Ajay S 
RW playing home took the BMP and scored our BMP keeper Abhishek almost pulled of a save but then lost the ball and RW - Karan made no mistake. BI started with a 4:5:1. RW were putting pressure right from kick-off forcing the BI midfield to play more defensive than planned due to which our defense line was crowding up which resulted to some confusion and in the midst of this Taufiq-RW got some space and was able to score a rocket shot taking RW 2 goals ahead. Today BI did not have the needed momentum and its first touch of the players was bad. For the entire first half BI was trying to push & force its way through and in the process lost the possession of the ball giving RW many chances. Also this lead to some players getting frustrated. In the second half BI started with the sameFormation with a few changes in the positions of some players BI were able to put more pressure create many chances but the touch disappointed us and we were unable to convert any of our chances. RW - striker Allen managed to beat the BI defense who were trying to catch him off side and thought they had him & stopped hoping for the flag to go up but the linesmen felt it was good through ball and Allen scored the 3rd goal. With about 10 minutes to go BI switched to a 4:4:2 formation this worked better for us we were able to pressurize the RW defense on many occasions but with no fruitful results. Final score was 3-0 to RW. Well played. I would like to mention a special thanks to Amiraj who kept on loan for BI he made some Daring saves and kept the score line as it was.  
Match Report: 
(Please go to TZLCIMAGES page to see Enlarged View if this image is not magnified on mouse over) 
MR: Audio report cancelled as players felt dejected due to absence of MR and the audi did not contain individual assessments. 
So from what I can remember of this match: 
From memory and not helped with J's comments, all Managers are reminded again that Clubs WILL be fined for an INCOMPLETE MR, RW were not great. Although they seem to have taken on the mantle of being the team to beat the this season, they still dont seem to me the complete picture yet. I just feel that the clubs that they have played against so far have been in awe from the KO, so RW haven't been tested yet. The scores so far putting 3 past RH and BI are not reflective of their superiority but in fact the lack of ability in front of goal and in defence regarding the other teams. 
BI had quite a few chances to get even against RW, it was just their lack of finishing that gabve RW a pleasant morning. That too BI were not playing well.  
RW - Vikram lacks awareness regarding tactics and positional play and that why I felt he wasn't much at Lb but his few mins in Cm showed his workrate and ability. Jatin can be the perfect partner in Cd to any player especially players like Karan and Satish. SO RW got it right their by playing the two intermittantly with Jatin. Jatin has a mature head on his shoulders but tends to make the regular goof up or over hit a pass more than occasionally. 
Lalit Zope has so much energy but this excess energy always gets wasted in matches, he's not used enough. I always feel all the players in a team should get a touch regularly to enable everyone to be happy and to play a better game of footer. This doesn't happen when most often than not the ball is played down the middle or in the case of RW an attack is made down one flank and then PERSISTED down the same flank when cool heads should allow the ball to be passed swiftly from one flank to the other. Amol M according to me is on the right track, according to himself he's still unaware of his progress! Satish is the right man for the job of Captain and he should control the rest of the team mates eagerness to jump into attack. JJ's hands have seen more action than his feet but even he's improving. Toufiq is Toufiq! What Bhoonga's he can whack sometimes! But although he's improved his awareness to see that other players are on his side he still make the odd mistake. Manan NEEDS to be PATIENT and not get hyper, reminds me of a bloke called G. Bale...but to create more of a resemblance he needs to focus on making less mistakes, getting more crosses in, getting more shots on target and STOP Bale's habit of cutting inside at EVERY opportunity! I'm very impressed with Allen. A MASSIVE signing and from what I've seen of him, way better than Balotelli......BUT he should just be a little Balotelliesque or should I say Toufiquelike in being a little selfish. Allen's team mates are just NOT used to see players playing lay off's to them form headers or chest downs! There were some occasions where Allen set his team mates up with chances when he could have controlled and taken on the shot himself. I do hope RW use this blokes tremendous ability to it's fullest. 
BI - What to say about BI? Same old same old. Go a goal down and the b****ing starts! Bunch of babies. A player like Vikrant need not keep being a sour puss as he's one of the better BI players. Don't know why someone elses inability in technique and positional sense or bad behaviour gets him down. He should just get on with it. Sometimes Ajoo, well MOST of the time Ajoo hits his crosses for a goal kick. He NEEDS to be able to get his technique sorted out as giving the ball away is just asking the opponents to attack. Tiger is getting better and better as is Nick and Gaurav N....Goony, ahhh thats his nickname sorted out! is impressing me suddenly. He should get his technique worked out too. Work even harder on getting the basics perfect is my advice. Mukul has been a tremendous disappointment and it's NOT all his fault. BI play him in such a position where he gets to do nothing up front. Although he did get a chance wherfe he should have shot instead of passing. Then the bI defence in unision cry out, WHERES the MIDFIELDERS when the opposition attack! I hope he gets back on track soon. Atul should have an app developed for him to STOP him from playing a ball beyond 20 yards and above 5 feet!!!  
Hope RW and BI are happy that wrote the MR. I've decided to keep the MR as constant and also try and include the HIGHLIGHTS show!  
So my sincere request to all the clubs, PLEASE play good footy! 

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