PLEASE NOTE that BE have been given LEEWAY in loaning players. Apart from the 1 + 2 Rule they have been allowed an extra couple of loans from KITFO regulars that do NOT belong to any TZLC club. This ruling has been passed by the ADC. They are still finalizing their loans. 
25/02/15 Wed PAPAL 
BE - 1. Kaushal 2. Zaid 3. Sarfaraj 4. Ashwin All 4 have been given special status to enable BE to come up with the required numbers. They are approved by the ADC and are current KITFO players. Their STATS will not be put up on the website unless they become members of the TZLC. To enable their opponents to have an idea of their capabilities the ADC has categorized the 3 new players (Surf, Raakh and Kaua) as beginners with potential. Zed everyone knows. 
BE - 1: Satish Suttati (38, RW) as per AVGKL 2: Gaurav Ponappa (24, RH) for Guru (25, BE) 3, 4 and 5: Aamer, Zed, Kaushal (KITFO) 
BT - Redsear 190 for Bhanda 230, Ahjoo AVGKL, Hima 230 for Meeraj 250 
MO's - RW - Toufiq Manoj RH - Rajib Amar BI - Ahjoo M-kul AA - Samya Sean 
BE Preview By Robby 
This being an ADC cup qualifier, is a very important match for us. After having 2 back to back losses , BE is looking to come back as a unit and put a good fight againt BT. We will continue with our 4:4:2 formation but because of unavailability of few players we might need to play with 10 players only. This might be a big setback for us as Eagle's Arena is a big ground and playing with one less player, would be tough. So, BE would play bit defensively. We would also try to build our game through the flanks as far as possible. We would keep a compact mid-field and would not give any free space to BT players. 
BT Preview By Pam 
After a disappointing League cup final performance last week, BT come together to ensure their presence in the ADC Cup this time. We are at the point in the league where we cannot afford any more slack performances. We have faced BE only once this season and that game was played out as a draw. This time we face BE as an entirely different side and will be analyzing the conditions well in order to benefit from them. BT are loaning Ajoo in the goals and Sagar Pise to fill in for the absence of Bhanda. The ground at Papal being huge should give the BT players ample space to keep the ball and play a steady game of football. Of course, BE would have the home advantage as they are used to play their passing game on a huge ground like Papal. BT are aware of this and will try to break the moves of their opposition (amti). This is a crucial game for the players and they will be hoping that the fans tuen out in huge numbers to support their team and see them through to the next round of the ADC cup. 
27/02/15 Fri PAPAL 
BE - 1. Kaushal 2. Zaid 3. Sarfaraj 4. Ashwin All 4 have been given special status to enable BE to come up with the required numbers. They are approved by the ADC and are current KITFO players. Their STATS will not be put up on the website unless they become members of the TZLC. To enable their opponents to have an idea of their capabilities the ADC has categorized the 3 new players (Surf, Raakh and Kaua) as beginners with potential. Zed everyone knows. 
BE - 1: Mihir N (34, ADC) as per AVGKL 2: Sagar Pise (19, RH) for Guru (25, BE) 3, 4 and 5: Aamer, Zed, Kaushal (KITFO) 
RW - Mishti 270 for Allen 310 
MO's - BT - Dhananjay R (Tentative) Sharad Y Neeraj S RH - Rajib Sagar BI - Ahjoo M-kul AA - Marcelo Mayur 
BE Preview By Robby 
This is going to be quite a tough match for BE. RW is a very strong side and have technically good players. Our first priority would be to defend well against them and not hurry for the attack. We would try not conceding any goal but it would not be an easy task. We would be playing with a defensive formation of 4:5:1 with 3 central mid-fielders. Our strategy would be not to allow any free shots and clear the ball as early as possible. In this match also we might need to play with only 10 players as many of our players are not available. But, we are hopeful of getting an ADCY player on loan. Otherwise, it would be even tougher for BE to give a good fight to RW. 
RW Preview By JJ 
Qualifier match as it says is an important one! Having won the LC 1st division final, the RW squad are confident and pumped up for this venture of ADC Cup too. The Eagles Arena is different ball game to play. The ground is bigger and RW is not used to playing in those conditions. BE on other hand practice on the same soil and are used to ground conditions - certainly would favorites for the fans. BE have good players that have 100% commitment and show a great amount of hard work in the field. They are a good side and do combine well most of the times. RW will have its plan in place. Will play its traditional 4:4:2 formation. We will work on our shortcomings like not losing possessions, not ALWAYS attack on every move etc.. The players do realize the importance of this game and will play to plan as they did last game. The confidence is high, the talent is there - just time to deliver it right to perfection would be the key match day. RW will assure fans a good game and look forward to have a great match. We wish BE all the best match day! 
28/02/15 Sat ONE Ref, 2 Linesmen, 1 BB If more MO's turn up then the match will be recorded. 
TZAS (1) 1 Vs BI (0) 1 
TZAS - Karan pen 32.10 
BI - Anand Pen 72 
TZAS - 1. 135 2. JJ 3. Shaurav 4. Rafa 5. Arun 6. Himanil 7. Marcelo 8. TC 9. Aditya (confirmation came after deadline of 19th Feb 2015 - 12.00pm)  
10. Monga (confirmation came after deadline of 19th Feb 2015 - 12.00pm) 11. Sean (confirmation came after deadline of 19th Feb 2015 - 12.00pm) 12. Meeraj (21/02/15) (12. Shaurav and 13. Amonk, Both Shaurav abd Amonk had sent their confirmation to Ahjoo but as everyone can note in the email of the list of players sent by Ahjoo to me, they have ALREADY been confirmed...are they drunk ? or just bonkers?) 
Those that have confirmed late will be punished. Please note that extra players will be used as BB's. 
BI - One youth Loan Ringa, Abhi UNA 
MO's - RH - Amu DNTU and Akshai. BE - Sunlight Amti DNTU RW - Vikas Jatin ADCY - Adu Tan Pat AA - DjangoDNTU Amma Sameer (no club shirt) 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
A big game for BI. Playing TZAS is going to be a challenging task for which BI will be well prepared. BI will play to their strength of strong defense and attack on counter we may play the 4:5:1 formation. BI has its full squad but are looking at taking some youth players from the ADCY team. The extra young player will help the BI team-members to get a rest if required in the game and also boost the moral to push harder and keep up with the youth's pace and speed. TZAS team will be a mixed bag filled with good talent if they manage to get things right on the day then BI will have to work harder. Sitting on top of the table the team is looking confident. Fans will be entertained from the very first second. BI is looking forward to their support like always. 
TZAS Preview By Mr. Khare 
I have decided to take the TZAS to make sure they don't start beating each other up! Or quite clearly the big boys will get to play where they want if I don't take them... So saying, as Ahjoo, who usually takes the TZAS squad is able to control his TZ team mates to a great extent. At these times it's more Man management than anything else. If I look after the TZAS then I can also look into the coaching aspect. Looking at the 3 names that have confirmed late it comes as quite a shock. All the 3 are not prone to being late...ohh wait..Amonk is one of the 3..I take my words back!! No doubt I'll be punishing their clubs for the misdemeanour. Who wouldn't want to participate in a bona fide TZLC match? So mayhap these 3 had bona fide reasons for being late? Even so, it's not the done thing is it Mr. Monka? Do we need this Amonka man?  
I will be rotating the entire squad through the GK role every 10 mins....unless someone gets injured or someone WANTS to play there. After seeing the quality of keeping on show in the TZLC I can't see anyone that would like to be tortured in that position. We will start with a simple and basic 4-4-2 or maybe a 4-3-3, not playing to BI strengths and weaknesses as that would be unfair. As I'd be making GK changes every 10 mins (TZAS WILL WEAR BIBS and the GK will wear a RED BIB so that the GK change will take 10 secs at the most!) many of the positions will be rotated too, not that much if I can help it. I will be focusing on improving the players individual errors and while doing so if we manage to give BI a run for their money, it would be a job well done. It's quite obvious from the squad list that most of the players are more attack oriented than defensive. Will definitely play some players in UNFAMILIAR territory. 
BI Review By Ahjoo 
BI played an intense, hard game against the TZAS who were playing under the management of COACH. TZAS were playing the passing ball in contrast to BI strategy who like always had a mix of both styles they usually play(the long ball up and but of the passing game). BI played a 4:4:2 formation---- Hatki (GK); Nikhil (LD), Vikrant(CLD), Atigre(RCD), Atul(RD);Uday (LW), Mukul(CLMF), Kapil(RCMF), Ajoo(RW); Dhruv & Ringa(on loan) upfront. BI had two substations available today which proved beneficial as 20mins into the first half Vikrant got injured and was ruled out. Anand replaced Vikrant in defense. BI captain Ajoo made some positional changes during the game. BI conceded a penalty & the first goal to TZAS due to a hand ball by Atigre (I think) in the box will clearing it. BI through the game was able to defend well and block TZAS attack. Hatki made some great saves in the game. BI kept the intensity and pressure on and won a penalty by a foul by TZAS on Atigre in their box and Anand concerted and leveled the scores. BI almost scored in the last few minutes of an indirect free kick which was cleverly tapped by Atigre to Gaurav on the TZAS goal-line who flicked the ball up but was just collected by TZAS-GK Aditya in the nick of time. BI captain Ajoo lost his cool on Kapil in the game as Kapil was trying to tell Ajoo to make some positions changes. Ajoo apologies for this uncalled behavior and shortly explained & apologized to Kapil also. BI had taken Ringa on loan from the ADCY, the young lad did a great job and performed well. He did exactly what was asked from him. Thank you Ringa & Coach. Overall I think it was a tough game played well by both the side and the draw is justified. 
Refs Review By Amma 
I am thankful to Coach for allowing me to officiate this game. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The game was a very intense affair with both teams trying hard for the win. From a referees point, it was pure joy. Both sets of players at times were not happy with the decisions taken by me. But not one of them complained and at times even managed to crack jokes. This is extremely commendable as the match was extremely close. With about 20 minutes left in the game Ajoo blew his top. Not at the opposition or the refereeing but at Kapils constant nagging. Young Ringa was not only one of the most technical players but more than than held his own physically. A big thanks to all the 4 linesmen too. 
MR by Mr. Khare (Plus Review of TZAS) 
A good competitive match that Amma (Ref) tried to control early on with late challenges but with EVERY second peppered with LC's, Amma just gave up and either gave fouls or ignored them altogether. BI were the culprits on most occasions but the TZAS were naturally late a few times. The Icemen had 13 players while the TZAS had 11, Audi sat in goals as he wanted to show off his talents to Managers so that they could loan him, but mostly because the Coach was fed up with him! He made a few good saves but the superlatives should be reserved for Hamol who saved some sure goals. 
Coach kept switching players around and tinkering here and there, this obviously forced the players to adjust faster and might have been an issue but that shouldn't and wasn't too difficult a task. Hima played wonderfully wherever he played and after him it was JJ and 135 that possibly just faltered in 10 mins of the entire match. TC missed a sitter and came close, Sean perked up on being told to play everything first time. But more so after he was forced into a change of position and then brought back to Lcm, this change of environment was the needed catalyst. Rock once went for a DFK when he was supposed to cross and then went for a cross when he was supposed to shoot! Rafa impressed me at Lb a lot and I guess he was on the same level as Hima. Meeraj surprised me with his dedication by playing while sick, Amonk was happy to play everywhere and played well too. I thought Marcelo played quite a good clean game, probably got whacked more than he whacked people! Pen for TZAS was clear as Tiger blocked a cross with his arm while the pen for BI was also a handball in the box. 
TZAS - 4-4-2 through out. I didn't have to scream and shout. Players still have issues when positioning themselves off the ball. Shouldn't happen now. 
Shaurav did NOT turn up and there were NO BT MO's. Action to be taken... 
BI - Were their usual boisterous selves. But thats BI for you, wear their heart on their sleeve. Was eager to see Ahjoo and Kapka in a sudden punch up but that failed to happen. They crowded the Cm area to such an extent that it looked like pune railway station when the pune Bombay trian was to leave. No passing at all but they got their chances. Could have even edged a win. Ringa's maturity is a lesson to many of the Adults. Goony shoulda scored off a great IFK that looked like a set piece fro a Hockey match!!