17/02/15 Tue 
League Cup 
2nd Div Final 
AA (2) 3 ATB 4 Vs RH (1) 3 ATB 7 
AA - Sameer 16.48 Omi DL 43.01 Audi 63.21 
RH - Anna 2 78.40 87.10 Mishti 4.36 
Tie Breaker See vid 
AA - Tiger AVGKL, Amonk 260 for Marcelo 270 
RH - EMERGENCY LOANS Jatin 240 for Sid B 240, Satsut AVGKL, TC and Beeraj UNA 
MO's - BI - Abhishek & Anand RW - Jatin Pravin Manoj BT - Pam Meeraj BE - Amti 
AA Preview By Django 
After the loss against BT, the AA players are looking to regroup and get their act together. We will continue with our 4:3:3 formation but will make some positional changes. We need to have a rock solid defense and cannot afford to give space to the RH players like we did against BT. We have to overcome our flaws from the last game. This will be a hard fought contest and the team that can play consistent good football and keep the pressure on, will come out on top. We have won all the three encounters against RH so far this season, but this is the one that will count, the Legaue Cup Final. We wish RH good luck for this big game! 
RH Preview By RedSea 
After being handed a second opportunity in the League Cup by our respected ADC, we grabbed at the chance and have managed to enter the next round after a below par performance against BE. However, what was encouraging was that we played as a unit and stuck it out together to register this win. One thing is for sure that in this match we all need to pull up our socks and put in a good performance. We are now pumped up to pip the Astros to the Second Division League Cup title. We may try to tinker a little with the player positions and formation while deviating from our usual 4-4-2 and may either opt for a 4-5-1/4-3-3 based on tactical team discussion prior to the match. The Astros will be very pumped up after their display against BT. We will hope that the result would have dented their confidence a bit and look to take advantage of it. But, it will not be easy with the squad that AA boast. This should be an entertaining match for everyone. We wish AA good luck! 
RH Review By The redsea 
RH had huge setbacks even before kickoff when Rajesh and Belzi informed that they were not fit to play. Amu suggested we play Anna as the lone striker and give Amu a free role. This worked well for us in this match today. RH played their usual formation: Satsut-GK, Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Hima-LB, Amartya-RM, Jatin-RCM, Rajib-LCM, Sagar-LM, Amu-CF, Anna-ST. It would be fair to say that both side had their chances, but RH had more opportunities and more possession. Amu had the best of chances and he may have forgotten his scoring boots today but still he is a beast of a player and made up for it with his workrate and assists for Anna's goals. Since Audi had already scored a few goals against us, we decided to play Rajib alongside him to shunt his threat. This too worked pretty well for us. We went 1-0 up when Sagar pulled the ball back from the left bye-line to Rajib who rocketed the ball into the left top corner. We gave away very soft goals. Two were from set-pieces in the first half. AA scored their first when our defenders stepped up to catch Omi offside but the ball was played to Audi who cut the ball back for the resultant shot to be stopped by Mangesh's hand. AA scored with the IDFK with the shot hitting the crossbar and going in. Their second was sloppy defending when Akshai fouled Shivang on the left flank and Sean, from the resultant IDFK rolled the ball to Omi who's mishit trickled past AVGKL Satish. At half time we did discuss that we were having a good game and can come back if we stick to our strategy. But we found ourselves 1-3 down when a cutback from Shivang on the left just rolled into Audi's feet and he scored off the right post. The fight and courage shown by RH after that was the turning point where we pressed hard for a goal. We thought we may have shot ourselves in the foot when DJ missed a penalty. But we continued to press forward and sensed that AA were panicking. We got one back when Amu provided the perfect assist for Anna to finsh. Anna put in our third pouncing on their weak clearance to get us level. We were confident of penalties with a many experienced penalty takers in our team adding to the fact that we had momentum on our side. We all enjoyed playing this game and it was a hard fought victory. Tough luck AA! 
AA Review By Django 
A started with a 4:3:3 formation Atigre (GK), Saurabh (LD), Arun (LCD),Amma (RCD), Kunal (RD), Sean (LCM), Samya (CM), Aditya RCM), Shivang (LM), Amiraj( CF), Monga (RM). RH scored first but AA did well to come back and take the score to 3:1 thanks to goals from Samya, Amiraj and Audi. Amma was struggling with a groin injury and so we switched his position with Sean and Samya for sometime. The absence of Mayuresh & Amma in central defense was evident in the second half. RH came back very well to level the scores and take the game to a penalty shoot out and eventually winning it. Once again the AA defense fell apart under pressure and we need to work on the same. Congratulations to RH on winning the 2nd Division Legaue Cup. 
MR By The ADC 
A match plagued with changes that happened days before the event so meticulous plans could've gone astray. But for RH it was the reverse. Their positional change of Anna to St started taking fruition from the 1st half, peaked in the 2nd and then culminated in the shootout. 
AA sorely missed Amma and here's where the ADC is soon to bring up a rule. If the Managers can't maintain discipline then the ADC needs to sort things out. The ADC FORBIDS any player to participate in a session or match that Mr. Khare is NOT involved in. If an INJURY occurs in this ILLEGAL session, the the club will NOT be allowed to loan a player in his place and the INJ player WILL be suspended. If the player is found out to be HIDING the cause of his injury and blames it on something else, then the player will be suspended for MORE MATCHES. To continue, Amma got injured in some dodgy game the TZ folk play on sundays at Sindh and that was terrible news for AA. Little do AA realize but Amma's fitness and presence has a lot to do with how AA play. The same is always true of Samya and the Rock but moreso Samya as he is more approachable than the Rock. Mayur, who has been off form lately, was also missed. His aggressive presence on the field in any position also is an advantage for the Astros. AA took a 3 - 1 lead after being down by a goal and then let that slip. Both sides find it DIFFICULT to back back pedal into position once the flanks are switched and this inability to do so, forces the game to go down the central channel. 
AA - AA need to EXPLAIN to their loaned players how they want them to plaiy. Although Omi scored a goal, that Red termed lucky, I myself thought he had the presence of mind to place the ball, the number of times he was sin binned was atrocious, that too for utrla silly offences. That too for the SAME offence he made a couple of matches ago! Omi is a very good player as he showed with his delicate touches and his finish, but if he doesn't CLEAN up his act he'll be finding a PERMANENT Season ticket in the Sin Bin! The Rock needs to accept that sometimes he won't get the ball all the time. He's playing in a side where ALL the players feel that they are capable of doing something with it. Although he has improved on this aspect, he still needs to work on it. We saw Sean go back to Cd due to Amma's injury....can I hear Satsut and JJ laughing in the background? Always solid in CD and his LACK of touch has a place to hide. Audi scores such simple looking goals but in fact they must be tough to score. After all these years he's the ONLY one thats taken when I keep saying and put it into practice. What do I keep harping on about? That goals are scored by placing and NOT thwumping. Rarely goals are scored by thwacking it and Audi proves my point. The Lb and Rb need to sit down and find out whats going wrong. Django easily has a better contribution than Kunaldo though. 
RH - As in my previous statement when covering AA. Goals are scored in a sublime fashion, just like the KFANDRA graduates. Set up on a plate and the final touch placed and not Gwazookofied! Anna's flick ons and his touches were a joy to behold. Although Amu missed a hat trick of chances he still managed to have an impact on the game. Redsea has improved after joining the KITFO sessions but as I said before, tends to stray out of position more time than not. Mishti may be a small bloke but he more than covers it up with grit an determination. I still feel Mangs and DJ in Cd are a decidedly suspect pairing and let me foretel that if this pairing continues there will be lots of sorrow in store. Dj played one of his better games so the pairing did was not troubled. Hima is sensational at LB and he should be happy he got more of the ball. His ideal position is on the flank but I'd rather see him in Lcd until Mangs gets his fangs sharpened. Jatin was supah dupah happy to play with his mates from the KFANDRA days if yore and it showed in the unconscious movement and telepathy when connect with each other during the game. Akshai? What about him? Needs to improve...has quality but very erratic. 
19/02/15 Thu 
League Cup 
1st Div Final 
RW (2) 4 Vs BT (1) 1 
RW - JJ 2.39 Satsut 12.45 54.30 oen Toufiq 86 
BT - Omi 14.14 
RW - Hima 230 for Allen 310. Bushman UNA 
BT - Rajib 260 for Parmesh 270, Atul AVGKL UNA Bhanda Do 
MO's - BI - Uday, Hamol & Anand RH - Rajesh and Akshai AA - Arty Audi BE - Arun Prashant 
BT Preview By Pam 
BT face RW for the second time this season, this time in the League cup final. The memories from our previous encounter are still fresh in our minds as we approach this game, and the players are eager to force a different result this time around. BT as a team have their tails up after our game against AA, and will go into this cup final as a confident unit. Atul will be present in the goals again, ditto for Mishti in defence due to Bhandas absence. Our formation would be 4-4-2 with an intent to move the ball down the flanks and take our chances in front of the goal. In our last game we had a go at every chance that came our way and were successful in converting almost all of them. This approach will be followed this time as well. Although there is an atnosphere of elation within the BT camp, the players are aware of their opponents. RW have real firepower amongst themselves in Satsut, 135, JJ. Also Mantan and Monga could be a constant threat down the flanks, an area where we have witnessed immense vulnerabilities in the last few games. As much as it would be important for BT to score off their chances, it is equally important that the defence holds its form. The fans support in the last game was phenomenal and we are looking forward to their support in this game as well. 
RW Preview By JJ 
First Division Final extravaganza for the League Cup!! Its show time for RW now… Time to pull up the socks and what a game opportunity to gain back what seems to be lost last few games. RW has sit has together sit back and studied what went wrong where. The homework of what’s missing had to be made. This is a league cup and a game of no excuses now! RW has to deliver back its quality and gain the form back. BT on other hand had a fantactic match win last week and have their confidence & momentum set for the finals. That will be an advantage BT. They will look back to continue the same. RW is well aware of this and will plan accordingly. Having said that we will continue to play our traditional style that suits us the most with tiny little tweaks to the plan. We will play 4:4:2 formation to start with. This will a be a competitive game for sure and the fans will be rewarded for their time and money. I wish BT good luck match day! 
BT Review By Pam 
BT started the game with a 4-4-2 formation, with Atul in goals, Meeraj (RB) : Rajib (RCD) : Sherry (LCD) : Dan (LB) - Jehan (RW) : Shubhankar (RCM) : Niraj (LCM) : Pam (LW) - Shaurav (ST) : Omi (ST). After the first five minutes, Niraj was switched with Jehan as things were not working out. Today, BT were barely a shadow of themselves from the last game against AA. The managers were aware of the possibility of a player ref in today's game but RW were better prepared for it, they were almost anticipating it. This was a tactical error on the part of BT managers as they failed to preempt RW's possible gameplay based on this development. RW played a really good, hard game and did not allow our players much space to play the ball in open areas. This worked very well for the Warriors as it frustrated the BT players which affected our game as well. We also missed a penalty which could have been the turning point for us. The BT players had a better second half I would say since they were pumped up after the first half but we left too much for too late in the game. As a unit, BT did not perform well today and we apologize for today's performance to our fans who turned up in great numbers and have constantly backed us in our journey. Congratulations to RW on winning the Divisional League cup, wishing them the best for their game against RH. 
RW Review By JJ 
A better game for us. RW got back into action of what seem lost in the last two matches and what a time to come - in the LC 1st Division Final. In the end good result for us. Congrats RW!! We started with 4:4:2 formation Manoj(GK), Zhope(LB), Karan(LCD), Jatin (RCD), Himanil(RB), Manan(LW), Vikas(LCM), Satish (RCM), Monga(RW) , Pravin Toufiq strikers. The plan was simple – play usual game, distribute to the wings and get the crosses in. The idea was to defend deep & counter attack. Most of the time it worked for us. JJ started the opening for RW with a finish within the first 10 min of the game to give RW lead. Satish was phenomenal as a captain- scored 2 today, one of the outer foot well placed and the other penalty. Toufiq added the fourth from a long range bazooka! Meanwhile BT got their one from the Omi who dribbled & toed the ball into nets. RW worked to the plan. Vikas was the work horse in the middle. His job was to eat up Shubhankar who is the key for BT, did very well!! Himanil gave away his everything with a very high work rate than any RW player today. His addition to the squad replaced Bhushan for us and his addition made difference to the game. Another difference was Manoj as he really improved on his high ball hell today. He surely stopped 2-3 goals along with the penalty which he was there even if it had been on target. Rest all of us played to plan. Not the best of the game as there are things that we need to work on. Things like Forcing the ball to attack ALWAYS!, not holding the possession, too many shouting’s etc.. But the result mattered today, and it went RW’s way!!! Hard luck BT and we wish good luck to you guys for the future matches. 
MR by Mr. Khare 
There's no doubt in my mind that the games over all have become much better, the players have started developing a sort of loyalty towards their respective clubs, passes are played more along the ground, players are dribbling more but one STARK factor looms like a hangmans knot over the TZLC, the lack of good, if not AVERAGE GK's. The goals are being scored no doubt, but the type of goals can be categorized as 90% of the time down to poor keeping, and that being said, is the gist of the situation. No tourney in the world can hold the spectators attention without a keepers contribution. Goals win you matches, but how long will a club be able to score more goals than the opposition? Then the better outfield team will nearly always win by being good enough to keep the ball away from the opposition or by defending strongly, the keeper will never be used. So it can be said this morning. Out of the two pens awarded today BOTH were harsh. They were CORRECT, don't get me wrong, but in the circumstances, they were totally AGAINST the way the match was being reffed. The match was being reffed as how a Player Ref usually refs it, by waving play on to everything other than a broken leg and by ignoring late challenges. Thus, in THIS CONTEXT, those decisions were a bit dodgy. I don't think Jatin had time to move away from the shot taken from barely 5 yards away from him and neither did he move his arm towards the ball. In the other incidence JJ didn't even feel Mishti's foul and wasn't put off at all. I heard no call of Advantage or play on to signal that an infringement had occured also. According to me Mayur did a good job, he was appointed by the Managers and captains of RW and BT prior to the match. The crux of the matter today was that BT are a club side that plays FAIR (Except for Omi and Niraj S!!) So they spent the match looking for fouls where I would have given them as a Ref, BUT I wasn't Ref today! I think RW GRASPED the situation better than BT. Their huddle before the match and the celebrations afterwards bring a whole new dimension to the TZLC and we should thank them for that. 
BT - Apart from 10 mins prior to the pen miss BT were no where near the fluid attacking machine that they were against AA. Snowtop (Niraj S) was reducing the width of the ground too many times. He must understand that BT had the most opportunities when he moved a little towards the flank. How many times hsould I say this? When you play central, you play into the hands of the defending side. Pam on the other hand is finally managing to play down the left, and ENJOYING it as shown with his shibhoboes! After I had quite obviously criticized him for playing on the LM through sacrifice, he has pulled his socks up and adapted. There were good touches all round but good touches don't win matches. Unfortunately Not Good keepers don't either! I have nothing against Atool AVGKL but he can't dive. Period! He's a good strong outfield defender but keeping? I'm not blaming him at all, he was probably the only one AVA to keep so the crux of the matter falls in the Managers lap. Ashubh and Jehan need to be protected otherwise their skill is wasted. Next time, for matches where the Ref is NOT calling for Late Challenges, they should GIVE as well as they were getting. I kept watching them turn and ask Mayur for the foul just like the Rick alsways does. But after the 1st 2 or 3 failures, they should have SWITCHED and changed to a more harder version of themselves. Dan NEEDS to work on his basics again. Coz he now has 25% good to 75% bad ratio. He wasn't like this at the start of the Season. He's always positive and great to have on the squad but to justify playing in the 1st 11 he needs to work harder. Sherry and Mishti, the two KITFO players, did well together. they didn't have much to do but when they did, they did ok...Sherry needs to work on his distribution and I reckon Mishti's to used to his RH role in the CM to come back immediately and play cd! Meeraj at Rb doesn't make runs down the flank and Snowtop is never there so who is?? I like Shaurav, but he needs his team mates to be playing well for him to get into the game. Omi is a GREAT striker, yes he is actually! But his silliness is frustrating. squealing everytime there's contact and diving from the highest board in an olympic sized swimming pool. A request Omi, cut all the NONSENSE OUT! And you will still have half a dozen more goals in your kitty! 
RW - How many goals have come from Mantan gallivanting down the left flank? Many! But, for me, not enough! Lalit being a squad member still played on his WEAKER side at LB...WHY? Is there some deal going on with Hima DL from RH? Why does he get to play at RB? When he himself is playing at LB for RH? Very confusing this all is. For a man that's so fit and fast, sleep (Zope) is just that sleeping. He has improved his awareness or positional sense at all. He should have at least worked on one of the two. 135 looks like a ruffian unshaven! Great look for a menacing Cd, even Jatin had lost his razor today and they looked menacing. 135 needs space to play and should play it from the back and play it wide. Amonk has entered a safe zone and thats scary. He has got out of his regular crappy games and is playing well at Rm. But is playing well GOOD enough? A player needs to keep upping his game to the next level...Amonk has only ONE dribbling skill...now that's sad for a Rm... Satsut has started leading from the front and is yelling at everyone! That's good, you need a player that is calling the shots, albeit the right ones! Toufiq is always good for one goal in a match as he lets fly from anywhere safe in the knowledge that the keepers are not up to the mark. Their own keep John is a good bloke and one of the better GK's except for when a helicopter ball comes down at him then the fans shout "High Ball Hell!!" JJ is on form right now and anything he touches is going in, so be careful with your secretary JJ or maybe theres a kid on the way? The only sign that he MAY be regressing is the number of times he has started getting caught OFFSIDE again!! 
One note - I will talk to all the players about the OFFSIDE R and R again as some of them are getting a little confused. 
Refs Report Mayur 
(Please note that the Ref should lean more towards his views concerning REFEREEING. What was easy, difficult, incidences in the match that he was puzzled about etc) 
Match held between : - BT and RW Toss - Won by BT Date : - 19 / 02 / 2015 Main Ref : - Mayuresh Asst Ref : - Atigre , Mukul , Amol Hatkar , Shivang Joshi Ball Boys - Uday , Rajesh Final score - RW 4 - BT 1 Match report : - A keenly contested match with both teams playing hard football. RW played more of a passing game and spread out their game well. They made particular good use of their 2 wingers Amol Monga and Manan Joshi. Satish and Vikas controlled the game well from the central mid field and fed Monga/Manan or Pravin / Taufique with quality balls. The defense of RW with Karan , Jatin , Hima and Zope as solid. Pravin scored the first , Satish the second and third ( penalty ) and Taufique the 4 th ( a ripper from half line ) On the other hand BT played their game more in the central area. Neeraj Shah for some part of the game played as a right winger. Personally for me he seemed completely out of place as a right winger. He is more comfortable playing as a striker. Shubhankar had an amazing game against AA. He seemed out of touch against RW. As a inexperienced ref I may have erred upon calling a few fouls , late challenges . But in my capacity played it fair.