WEEK 17 
BI (2) 3 Vs BE (0) 2 
BI - Tiger 24.01, Kapka 38.50, Amti og 51.15 
BE - Amti 46.10, Amartya DL Pen 90.10 
BI - DJ 230 for M-Kul 250, JJ 220 for Tiger 280 Prov Loan 
BE - 1: Manoj (25, RW) as per AVGKL 2: Himanil (23, RH) replacement for Arun (23, BE) 3: Amartya (22, RH) replacement for Bijoy (22, BE) 4: Rafa (21,ADCY) (UNDER REVIEW, ADC did NOT accept the 4th loan) 
MO's - 1. BT - Pam & Shubhnakar 2. From AA - Arun & Shivang 3. From RH - Mangesh & Hima 4. From RW - Vikas & Manan 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
This match was postponed from 13/12/2014 to 10/02/2015 due to heavy rains then. BI are high on confidence after winning 3 big matches back to back. Also the same commitment & passion will be shown in this same also as the previous ones so far, by each and every team member. BI will play to a 4:4:2 formation or may also try the 4:3:3 formation. BI playing at home will try and use the home ground advantage in its favour and also the home crowd support will be a major motivational factor for the team. BI will definitely look at making the most of this match in terms of gaining points in the league table and closing the points difference between us & RW. BE have gone through rough time this week with some issues within the team and management but now under new Manager Suraj things will look better and you cannot under-estimate them as they have some talented players and on the smaller ground its very difficult to say which way the game will swing. BI will play to a plan of defending in their half and attacking on the counter. BI may try to play the passing game, hopefully this will also impress the happy BI fans more. 
BE Preview By Robby 
This is going to be a tough match for us. BI is in a very good form and has the advantage of home ground as well. Also, BE is short of few key players. But, we have performed quite well in last couple of matches and are confident of giving a good fight to BI. We will play with a 4:4:2 formation and try to build the game through the flanks. Sindh being a small ground, our focus would be, not to allow any free shots on goal and keep the possesion as far as possible. We are confident of a positive result. 
BE Review By Robby (Not enough..BE WARNED) 
This was a wonderful game. Even though the result is not in our favour, I strongly feel that BE has played quite well. BE played with one player less but still could give a good fight to BI. We played as a good unit. Everyone played as per their duties and responsibility. We were passing the ball around. There were couple of mistakes in the defence which resulted in the loss. But we would discuss this with our Coach and definitely work on it. I would also like to thank match referee Mr. Khare for his efforts in maintaining the fairness in the game. Overall it was a good experince. 
BI Review By Ahjoo 
BI move an inch closer to the top of the table in the league. We are just two points behind and a win in our next game will take us on top of the table. BI played a good game today. The game plan was to play attacking football we started with 4:4:1 formation till Atigre joined in a little late. Then we moved to a 4:4:2 formation - Hatki (GK), Uday(LD), Vicky(CLD), GauravDJ(playing on loan) (RCD), Atul(RD); Abhishek(LW), Atigre(LCMF), Ajoo(RCMF), Dhruv(RW); Kapil & Gaurav (striker). BI had an overall good game and was using the flanks well today, especially the first half was better for BI there was more commitment and movement. Atigre managed to score fast into the first half of a spinning ball which deflected of a BE player, he read the spin well and tapped the ball into the nets to take us in the lead. BI kept the pressure on, Dhruv was able to make some good runs down the right flank, only he needs to get a better control on the ball. Also Abhishek got some balls in down the left flank. The second goal came of a flick from Atigre which Kapil took on the volley and blasted it into the nests giving BI a 2 goal lead. BI when playing an attacking plan need to work on its midfield to fall back quickly to defend and also watch the off-side line, we gave away many off-side free kicks to BE in today's match. Also BI need to control the late challenges. The team has taken note of this in our after match discussion and will try and improve in the next game. BE good some good chances to score but were unable to convert they managed two goals in the game one which rebounded of the crossbar after some attempts on goal and the other was in the last minute off a penalty awarded to them of a foul on a BE player. The third goal for BI came as an own goal scored by Amit (i think) of BE. BI in the second half kind of took it easy and the commitment level was a bit slack. Final score was 3-2 to BI win at home. BI is now focusing on the next game. Hope the team impressed the fans and they are happy with the overall performance of their club and team-members. BI assures not to reapeat the same mistakes done in the next match. 
MR By the ADC 
Two clubs that played the Offside trap like the thought of a Bee disliking honey, UNTHINKABLE and nightmare inducing...for without honey where would the world be (see the BEE Movie!!) and after watching this mornings game, I'd rather retire! I formally DISOWN ANY club that SEEKS to catch OFFSIDE on a FREE KICK and catching offside when a player CLEARLY is trying to dribble through and for my next explanation. Catching offside is a TOOL (Not Atul) a method that is rooted in psychology to get the attacking team irritated plus to keep the defensive area free of pesky strikers. The call of UP usually by one or both of the Cd's is to push the opposition players back towards their own goal thereby being less of a threat to the defending teams goal. Once this is SUCCESSFUL then the defending team will TRACK BACK to an AREA where the opposition CANNOT play a SIMPLE pass to a LATE RUNNER. You can't expect the GK to come charging out ALL the time when the defending side is catching offside near the halfway line. Plus at Sindh, there's NO TIME to come charging out in a good ball. I reckon Tigers ball exposed this fraility to perfection. 
The players were very late in their challenges and a bit tetchy, the match was boring and the better team won . 
BI - WIth players getting carded for silly fouls was just that, silly. Against a STRONGER more composed side that would have been suicide. BI never lack spirit and RH could do well to borrow some of this quality from BI. I can't believe the Route 1, Kick and Rush, hope for the best team that is the Icemen could OUTPASS a team! Usually BI beat out a result. Today, even though they were MUCH bigger than their opponents they tried to play the ball out. Their strength counted many a times and this was one match that they SHOULD have CARRIED on with their DIRECT tactics. I'm positive they'd have been more successful. Especially against a team that DESPERATELY needs some EXTRA coaching in the offside department. Plus BI is full of players that do NOT have positional awareness. Therefore playing a formation that NEEDS positional play and off the ball movement was always going to be a long shot. Kapka needs to keep his cool and after he was sent off he came back much better. Kapka should not expect defenders to sit back and admire him. He should expect them to press and sit close and get him frustrated.  
BE - I keep telling Amti to COOL his game down and not play as if he's one of those Jap bullet trains. He's always at level 10 in intensity. Whether he's dribbling or he's defending. Why do you think he scored an own goal? When will he start listening to his coach's advice? Why do you think he hit the bar from 1 yard out? He needs to hang about with Vikus (RW) who always seems to be on Ganja and Amar (of Amartya fame) who looks like a scientist desperatly looking for the cure to some dodgy disease. Amti needs to play LESS SERIOUSLY and let his game do the talking at level 6! Charlie was absent for BE today and there was therefore NOONE AVA to say CALM DOWN every 3 mins and 5 secs. As usual BE played HOPE for the BEST football WITHOUT a plan! The difference between BI's hope for the best system is that BI are playing to a TACTIC while BE aren't! Suddenly Amti's at Level 10 dribbling in a haphazard fashion, suddenly Dev lets one under his foot when theres no pressure, suddenly Bruce takes a TERRIBLE first touch and a chance goes to potty. Hima DL to me is as wonky as they get, very short tempered and aggressive. But today he seemed as if he was the nicest chap there! Now that is SHOCKING indeed! A collective sigh goes up whenever a High Ball goes in John's direction and john should work on that. NOT the collective sigh, but his collecting of high balls! It's a relief though to see Sunlight doing a good job as Manager with the help of Bruce. I actually HEARD him calling once or twice... so from ZERO calls to once or twice is a REVELATION!! 
BE are playing RH tomorrow and I hope it will be a good match. 
11/02/15 Wed 
League Cup QF 
BE (1) 1 Vs RH (2) 2 
BE - Amti 11 
RH - Amu 23, TC 39 
BE - 1: Manoj (250, RW) as per AVGKL 2: JJ (220, BT) for Bijoy (220, BE) 
RH - GKL Ahjoo for Anna 
MO's - RW - Vikas Manoj BI - Vikrant Mukul BT - Pam AA - Arun Mayur 
BE Preview By Robby 
The match is to be played in BE stadium and this will give us good advantage. We will get lot of free space to pass the ball around. Our first priority would be to defend well and not to concede any goal. We will play with a 4:4:2 formation. In our last match against RH , we had performed quite well . This time we confident of giving even better performance. This being a knock out match, we are also hopeful of a good fans turn out. 
RH Preview By Red Sea 
We are very lucky to get another opportunity in the league cup inspite of a defeat in the previous match. We are thankful to the ADC for this oportunity. After contemplating our performance in the previous match we will try to shuffle the formation and positions a bit. We may try a 4-3-3 and play one of our strikers in mid-field. By large we will try to stick to our passing game to maintain possession and be patient. We will be looking at our midfield to control the pace of the game and spread the ball well. This is our first match on the big field and we have to make sure we do not end up chasing the ball too much. To maintain our performance for the entire 90 minutes will be particularly challenging. BE are a very committed side and always pose a big threat in their own backyard. We wish them good luck. 
RH Review By Sea/Woody 
RH started with a 4-5-1 formation: Ajoo-GK Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Hima-LB Belzi-RM, Rajib-RCM, Rajesh-CM, Amar-LCM, Sagar-LM Amu-ST We discussed before the match that we would make an effort to release the ball early and play predominantly short passes. We implemented that to a good extent. At times our passing might have been a little slow but our aim was to keep possession of the ball. Playing Rajesh in midfield worked well for us and he combined well with the bong duo of Rajib and Amartya. By enlarge most players did what they were asked to do and stuck to the plan except for the final few minutes of the game where the mature thing would have been to keep possession and move the ball around when in lead but we were still pushing lot of players forward who were slow to get back. This could have cost us. We need to learn to control the match when in the lead and not try to play hopeful through balls in such a situation. BE scored first with a solo run from Amit B who picked up the ball in their half and dribbled through atleast 3 players to go one on one with the loanee keeper Ajoo to finish coolly. RH got back one when Sagar won the ball on the left flank and ran into the D to roll the ball for Amu to finish. Rh got the second when a IFK was awarded in the D for a back pass, which Amu layed off for Rajesh to score in the left top corner with a chip. We also missed a penalty in the first half and atleast 5 clear open chances where we hit it right into the keeper's arms. We look forward to playing in the next round. 
BE Review By Robby 
It resulted as a bad game for BE today! We started quite well. We played with the same planned formation of 4:4:2. We could even sneak one goal at the early stage of the match itself. But that was all through individual dribbling skills of Amit. There was no passing involved. We did not go well with the plan as we looked over excited to score than to play a controlled possession game and create chance to capitalize the score board. There were lot of mistakes from our side. There were not much passing involved and we also had very poor communication between players. That’s the reason we could not maintain that lead for long. The flanks were not used to the extent, there were hardly any through ball from the left side. As compared to us , RH looked to be a far better side. They had good control on the ball, they were passing well and also had a very good communication. BE fans would also be very disappointed from our performance. It seems like we need to work a lot to get our momentum back. 
MR By the ADC 
An Unlucky penalty and a goal from an IFK that nobody thought was a back pass. Anyone could tell the Eagles that when things go against you, they will keep going against you. But that wasn't quite true this morning at the Arena. Amti's splendid run from just inside his own half, beating 3 players and then scoring COULD have been called as offside as per the NEW TZLC Rules. Arun R was standing in an offside position when Amti started his run. Arun C The Rock communicated to the Ref that as per the rules, technically he's offside. Then the Ref asked whether the RH defenders were LOOKING to CATCH Arun R offside. On getting the NEGATIVE from Rock, the Ref awarded the goal. Bets on to guess what Amti would've done to Arun if the goal was disallowed!!! Continuing from the sentence prior to this one - it wasn't quite true. This incident, if it had gone in RH's favour would've made the statement correct. PLUS on top of it all, RH had about 70% possession. The penalty was also awarded instead of an IFK as the Ref though Amu would have got the ball if Amti would NOT have handled it. Also the Back pass was by a player that was running in from 10 yards away and was AWARE of where his GK was standing and that there were NO opposition players nearby. THUS the Ref CORRECTLY called it as a PASS to his GK. 
After the match I must state that I wasn't impressed, but after compiling the video, it seems a bit better.  
RH - TC seems to have had a great game after seeing the highlights but for me he held on to the ball FAR TOO long. The central players seem to be enjoying themselves thoroughly as they get most o fthe ball and are RELUCTANT to feed it to the flanks. Hima especially must be fed up of getting barely 6 touches in the whole game. It's a simple thing that the Ratings are based on how you PERFORM THROUGHOUT the game. So if you get only 6 touches in the game and do well those 5 or 6 times, you are bound to get a good rating. For eg, Amu got the ball about an average 15 times + and scored plus set up a number of chances, he did miss a couple. What does this tell you? He's a BLOODY EFFECTIVE striker and is doing his job! But according to me that's his average game and for him to get a 9 or 10 he needs to avoid errors. The Wing mf's cut in too much....so they can't have the excuse what Hima has of nobody giving him a pass. Akshai is just happy playing! 
BE - What to do about BE? This time they were less on the arrogance but were lacking ideas. TOO many errors from some players. They NEED to buckle down and get things sorted. They gave RH way too much space and allowed RH to dominate. They made some good changes in the side during the match that probably resulted because of cards shown. Bruce, who has LOST his touch on the wing and is also not getting passes there, came into a more central role. He SHOULD NOT play in a central role coz he kepps JUMPING into tackle and thats dangerous. Groo pushed back into a CD role and Amti, free of catching offside, the shackles he has taken on himself, was more effective in Cm. But he tends to over dribble, and thats not proper dribbling like his first goal, (hope it came about after listening to my instructions before the match), his dribbling is like a car going at 100 kms and avoiding obstacles with slowing down..Charlie (Prashant) has a strong recovery but is too ungentlemanly in the process. Rob is a nervous wreck and Dev acts so cool he forgets how to play. More match practice required........ 
2nd Div 
BT 1 (3) 7 Vs AA (1) 5 
BT - Shubhankar 4 BMP 6.79 secs, 16.18, 2 Pen 48.40 79.22, Mayur og 40.03 Shaurav 2 50.40 52.26 
AA - Audi 2 8.56 61.50, Samya 3 2 pen 73.57 75.59 89.49 
BT - DJ 230 for Bhanda 230, AVGKL Atul Shah, Mishti 260 for Parmesh 270 Pat FREE LOAN UNA Do 
AA - Tushar P AVGKL Kapka 230 for Marcelo 270 
MO's - BE - Gururaj Devendra BI - Amol Hatkar Dhruv Agarwal Abhishek Shinde Ajay Sanghvi RH - Mangesh Akshai RW - Satish Pravin 
BT Preview By Pam 
"BT get back into footballing action after a long hiatus. The game against AA could be termed as a highly charged up encounter as it brings back memories from our previous meeting with the Astros from the last season, which a lot of BT players felt was a turning point in their outing last season. The managers have been observing AA's recent games and would be well prepared with their homework. BT would be fielding an almost full-squad with a loaned keeper (Hatkinator) and defender (DJ) and play a 4-4-2 formation which has worked well for us in the past. I believe that the key for us would be to capitalize on the home advantage, keep the ball moving over the field and focus on minimizing personal errors. It is true that AA have a superior technical display on the field and have featured tremendous form in recent games (Amma, Mayuresh, Chotu); however the players are unperturbed by this fact and will look to invest their 100% effort in the game. This game comes at a crucial juncture in the season as the league has been thrown wide open owing to recent results. With the BT fans backing us with their love and support that they have shown with their turnout at the Thunder Estadio, we should be able to pull through with a positive result." 
AA Preview By Django 
This is our first match against BT this season and it also comes at an interesting time in the season. BT will desperately try to get a win & some points to stay in the First Division and AA is looking to seal their position in the First Division for next season. AA will continue with their 4:3:3 formation however we plan to shuffle some players around to keep the opponents guessing. Our form in the last game has been great and the fans are loving our style of play and we expect a large group of fans to travel with us to the Thunder Estadio. We will try to keep it simple, pass the ball around and look out for any openings. BT has a very fit squad and we will have to be on top of our game to beat them at home. Good luck to BE for this game! 
AA Review by Django 
AA started with a 4:3:3 formation Tushar (GK), Saurabh (LD), Mayuresh (LCD), Samya (RCD), Kunal (RD), Sean (LCM), Arun (CM), Aditya RCM), Shivang (LM), Kapil( CF), Amma (RM). We started of well, the passing was good and fast at most times during the 20 mins. Aditya equalized for us with a beautiful header off a Arun free kick. BT got back in the lead with a penalty plus a own goal. AA kept the pressure on in the first half and had some great chances with some lovely crosses coming in from Shivang however there was no one in the box to convert at most occasions. The AA defense pretty much crumbled in the second half with BT scoring 3 goals in a span of 10 minutes and were 6-1 up at one point. Amar moved back in the defense in the last 20 mins and took control of thing at the back and AA tried to get back in the game by playing their usual game. We did well by closing the gap to 7-5 at the end of 90 mins and avoiding a humiliating defeat. Great effort by BT today inspite of playing with only 10 players for most of the time and a special mention for young Pat who was brilliant on the right wing and a great loan for BT today. 
BT Review By Pam 
BT started today's game with a 4-4-1 formation with one man down, but not for long as Omi joined the ranks soon after about 10 minutes into the game. The formation was soon updated to 4-4-2 with Atul as GK, Meeraj (RB) : DJ (RCD) : Rajib (LCD) : Dan (LB) - Pat (RW) : Shubhankar (RCM) : Jehan (LCM) : Pam (LW) - Shaurav (ST) : Omi (ST). Shubhankar converted a well taken BMP as BT capitalized on the home advantage but being one man down in the beginning, we lost the lead soon after Audi converted Arun's freekick with a brilliant header from inside the box. Soon after, Shubhankar converted a penalty that he won penalty as he was fouled upon while dribbling through the AA defense. Omi kind of made-up for turning late as he hustled the AA defense and was involved in BT's second goal. At half time the score was 3-1 in favor of BT. The players were happy with the score but not entirely satisfied. The plan for the second half was to stick together, hold the lead and possibly release a pressure a bit by scoring one more goal. It seems that the players took the half time pep-talk too seriously as in a spate of 15 minutes, BT managed to pump in 3 more goals as the fans cheered them on to make the score 6-1 in their favor. As the goals kept coming, so did the yellow cards for some very silly late challenges by the players. At this point BT decided to assume a defensive stature to makeup for the absence of players, and AA made the most of this situation by scoring 2-3 goals. The match finally ended with the score 7-5 to BT. Credit to AA for a great comeback. The game in general was a fast paced one from the start. Players from both teams were constantly involved in this highly-contested game. Pat's presence was phenomenal, crucial contribution by the little man towards BT's cause. Shaurav's acquisition is paying dividends too as he made his presence felt whenever he came within scoring range. Shubhankar and Omi were the other two goal scorers and played their A-game as usual, although Omi could still work on his conduct on the field and late challenges. Honestly, AA gave us a good fight in the second half but fell short of a couple of goals in the end. Great performance today by the boys, we are elated by today's result but our focus is now the next game against BI which in two days. Amazing fan support today, I hope they enjoyed themselves! 
MR By the ADC 
I think the Reviews by the Managers have summed it up very well indeed. One of the best if not THE best matches in all the Seasons so far. Fantastic football, that too most of it along the ground and quick. A joy to ref, 4 major penalty decisions and the match was getting a little bit testy at one point but this was a thriller. I hope everyone likes the highlights! 
AA - I told Amma himself and a few others of what I think about AA's positional change of pushing him up front. He's a great all round player, can play very well in every position you ask of him, but, and this is a very big BUT (Not BUTT as I can hear some of you giggling like little school girls) is there anyone else in the squad that can play as well as him in Rcd? Oh yes no doubt a few names come up, but I'm not asking about a DIRECT switch, I'm asking about Amma's AWARENESS and proactive ability to make sure his side STICKS to the strategy planned, to make sure EVERY player does his duty. Without AMMA, against an ON FORM TOP QUALITY side like BT, AA were bound to fail in terms of scoring more than the opposition. Although Kunal's 1st touch is good, he seems more OFF the ground than on it, that is more involved with rivalries and jawz. His work rate was ZERO today and UNLESS he makes an effort to train and work hard, he's quite clearly the weakest link. Django and Arty patrolling the left is a dream come true for any Coach, but defensively sometimes they are naivety personified.  
BT - This morning their were starts all over the place for BT, Pam, Ashubh, Meeraj to name a few. Super exciting footer even from the young man Pat. But remember people, BT scored from nearly ALL their chances. Can this happen ALL the time? In any match the side have to CREATE at least 6 chances to score a couple. In FREAK events like today, nearly 90% of the chances are put away. 
My advice is to keep playing this way but also pay a little attention to defending. Oh yes, a personal message to Ashubh, stay away from your PSYCHOTIC brother as he'll probably ANALYZE your performances to death! Don't worry M-Kul, I'm only joking...or AM I??? 
League POSTPONED to 31/03/15 on account of 80% BI players UNAVAILABLE to play 
1st Div 
BT - Satish AVGKL 
MO's - ADCY - ADU (AVA to play if needed) 1) BE Gururaj Devendra 2) AA Arun Shivang 3) RH Himanil B Sagar P 4) RW Monga Toufiq Manoj 
BT Preview By Pam 
"BT's rollicking affair with BI continues as the two teams meet once again for the fourth time, this time after a long break. Having faced 2 defeats in the previous 3 encounters, the home team players are eager to settle some scores and even out the past records. BT would be fielding a full squad for this game with Satsut in the goal as AVGKL. As has been in the past we would be adopting our tried and tested 4-4-2, a formation which our players are slowly getting settled into. (however this is subject to modifications based on our performance against AA which is just two days prior to this game). BT's strength has been the passing game but this has also proved to be our nemesis as we tend to constantly pass the ball around in an attempt to create the perfect goal (which in the end is a rarity). Our players should understand that in a match situation, it is okay to take a few wild chances at goal and hope for the best; ultimately the fortunes would always favor the brave! BI have that exact ability to take every possible shot at goal and such an approach has worked for them in the past, hence BT should take a page out of their opponents books and apply it in their own game as well. Obviously the BT fans are supercharged about this game and are looking forward to it. We are also happy to welcome more BI fans to the Thunder Estadio as a result of the upgraded stadium capacity. Surely, it should be an entertaining fixture to witness for all our spectators" 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
The club is very high on confidence. This being their third game in this month, we have good some good match time of playing together as a team and the commitment & passion of the team remains the same by each and every team member. BI will be paying with the full squad expect for Mukul who is out with a shoulder injury, but is there for the teams moral support on the is sideline always. BI will play to a 4:4:2 formation. BT are playing AA on Thu just two day's before this match the outcome of that match may reflect on how they play against us. Anyways BI will always stick to plan and play to the strengths of defending hard and attacking on the counter. The ups for BI is Kapil is showing signs of being in full-form though he needs to push himself a bit, we got great confidence glimpses of Uday and Anand is also back after a long travel break so he will be rearing to go all out for the team. BT will be taking some strong loans and will try to put home ground pressure on us but we will be prepared. A favorable result for BI will put us on top of the table in the league. BI will play to a plan of defending in their half and attacking on the counter. BI may try to play the passing game, hopefully this will also impress the happy BI fans more.