03/02/15 Tue 
1st Div 
BI 1 (1) 3 Vs RW (0) 2 
BI - Kapka BMP 27.40 secs, Amma 7.33 Hruday 85 
RW - Satsut 2 (2 Pens 75.37, 89.55) 
BI - Amar 300 for Anand 310 Goony Travelling M-kul Inj 
RW - Shivang J 260 for Allen 310 
MO's - RH - MangeshDNTUExcuse sent RajeshDNTU Excuse sent Tushar BT - Sameer P, Gaurav S. AA - Audi, Mayur/Samya Rock DNTU BE - Suraj 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
The recent thrilling victory in the ADC Cup vs RW is still fresh in the minds of the BI camp. The confidence of the team is growing with every match and we are adjusting well to the 4:5:1 formation. This being a league match and we having the advantage of the BMP, if BI is able to score it then BI will look to play more defensive and may play 5:4:1 formation and try and block the central RW attacking force. RW will be looking at taking sweet revenge for sure in this game but BI will be well prepared with a counter strategic plan. BI will play with the same passion & commitment it has been playing in the last two games. BI fans we have great news the Blue Freezer has some new parking lots, toilet block, F&B area opened, also the youth system has got some fresh funds to upgrade its facilities. We assure the fans that they will surely get an thriller of a game to watch on their home ground. 
RW Preview by JJ 
Come back time for RW!!!! RW players are upset over the loss and their individual performances on last game vs BI. Luckily we have got second chance in the ADC cup, but the loss against BI in the ADC cup game has played on the minds of the players. RW looks forward to play strategically against the opposition. The mastermind manager of BI always has a plan in place that works for him 90% of the time. However RW will not want to give any chance this time. We will work as a team look forward to play the best to our strengths that will combine efforts and will be result oriented. The traditional game style will continue, but this time we would focus on countering how the opposition will play. Understanding the game plan and work on it will be our focus. I am sure we will give fans a great entertainment on this match. I wish BI good luck for the game and we look forward for a great football match day. 
BI Review By Ahjoo 
BI played today's game with the same passion & commitment like the last game between BI & RW. BI played 4:5:1 formation with Hatki(GK); Abhishek(LD), Vicky(LCD), Atigre(RCD), Atul(RD); Nikhil(LW), Kapil(LCMF), Amar(CMF), Dhruv(RCMF), Ajoo(RW); Uday(upfront). BI were home Kapil took the BMP and in the last two seconds scored and put BI ahead. BI strategy was to play hard and defensive. In playing hard BI gave away many late challenges and landed up getting yellow cards. At one point there were three BI players in the sin-bin. BI need to get the basic concept of tackling right in such a High pressure game it's very important. BI were able to defend very well and restrict space to the RW attacking line-up forcing them to take long shots on goal, which were covered by the Hatkinator for BI. BI managed to score by an assist from Uday to Amarnath (playing on loan) in the box where Amarnath made no mistake and scored.. BI leading 2-0. Even with the lead BI did not ease the pressure and kept defending hard and hassling the RW players. In the course of the match BI landed up giving two penalties letting RW get score line to level terms. In the second half positions were changes as Kapil got injured. Towards the last few minutes Kapil managed to dribble the ball into the RW six yard BOX and cross which was intercepted by Uday who took a cracker of a shot first time and put the ball in the nets for a winner, superb play by Uday. BI won 3-2 and earned 3 much needed points in the 1st Div league. All the team members gave there 100% in today's game which is very inspiring and am sure this level of passion & commitment will continue for the rest of the season. Well played RW was a tough, high pressure and good competitive match today. I am sure the BI fans must have enjoyed the match as much as the players enjoyed playing it. 
RW Review By JJ 
It was a real bad game for RW today! Nothing went well. We started with 4:4:2 formation Manoj(GK), Manu(LB), Jatin(LCD), Satish (RCD), Zhope(RB), Shivang(LW), Karan (LCM), Vikas (RCM), Monga(RW) , Pravin Toufiq strikers. RW’s plan was to attack the defensive BI team after the BMP was scored by Kapil. We did not go well with the plan as we looked over excited to score than to play a controlled possession game and create chance to capitalize the score board. The last defeat to BI played on the mind of the players to come back strong, but the directions was wrong. RW were real upset for the fans to watch today. The supporters must be really disappointed with the team’s performance. The Shots on target were direct to keeper, the first touch was poor, excessive calling, the wings were not used to the extent, and of all the positioning was poor. BI on the other hand played perfect to the plan and it worked as well. They were defensive and attacked on counter. All said and done, RW am sure have realized the mistakes on the field. Sometimes it is important that these losses occur as it sets the realization point for players. The basics, the passion, the commitment gets readjusted to the what is required. RW will come back next game I am sure!!! It is the champion team with a high spirited players and an great quality of players each position. Time to pull up the socks team!!! Let’s get things back in place. 
MR By the ADC 
A match that lived up to expectations and happily for the TZLC, Mr. Khare reffed the match! A match that for sure would have been absolutely hell on earth if there was a player Ref in charge, was kept in control by the experienced official. And finally, a match that pitted up two wildly different philosophies, one a club defending in numbers with bucket loads of committment, passion and hope and the other desperately trying to play the passing game and failing miserably. When two such varied strategies come face to face, coupled with a strict ref, the onus was ALWAYS going to be in the Warriors favour. (Not to forget a little bit of lady luck, that BI player Vik seemed to be calling upon when he constantly screamed like a little girl!) But this is BLUE ICE! A club that has been in existance since the TZLC's inception, a club that is being led by a highly passionate individual called Ajay Sanghvi, a club that flaunts technically weak players as compared to stronger ones, a club that will FOREVER seem to stick their noses up at the bookmakers favourites and challenge them instead, a club that is thinking of erecting a statue of its Manager outside the Blue Freezer! 
While the Royal Warriors are in a mini collapse of sorts. From a crazy start to the Season to the midst of uncertainty. Why does a team like RW get flustered against BI? They seemed to FORCE the game rather than allow chances to be created. MANY occasions for penalties converted into IFK's or just waved away. BI well deserved the victory. 
BI - They are playing the 4-5-1 to perfection, well almost so. There are players in BI that are a big risk when playing this sort of game and up until the time they can come up against a superior side that doesn't panic, BI will keep getting away with it. Not pretty football at all, but SUPER EFFECTIVE. 
That's what the Coach had told them many a match ago, SOMETIMES IT'S BEST to play to your strengths etc! Hruday was more involved this time round if you can put a scale on his excitement levels. For eg if you can imagine Hruday with a straight face? Now imagine this same straight face and use it against a HAPPY, SAD, EXCITED Hruday!! That for me is Hruday, expressionless! But this morning Hruday set up BI's 2nd (1st was the BMP), although it was an accident and then scored BI's 3rd! HE had a couple of good touches and wasn't late in the challenge as he usually is. Kapka was also on another level today and rose to the occasion. I think he realized that Jawz wasn't going anywhere and playing at the moment was more important!  
RW - High Ball Hell was troubled a couple of times with helicopter balls but he survived. Jatin seems to be on a run setting up the opposition with goals. See the first! Probably a bit of miscommunication led to him and Mantan was it? messing up. I thought RW DIDN'T pass the ball around enough. By this I mean when a club sits back and defends in their own half, it's up to the side that has possession to pass the ball about FASTER and play 1-2's and the flanks, CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY. This they didn't do and were playing into the arms of a well drilled machine. 
QF M3 
MO's - RH - Rajib Sagar AA - Arun Mayur BT - Dan Sherry 
RW Preview By Pravin (A word on the FORMATION must be mentioned - The ADC) 
RW will travel again to the Eagles Arena to play to qualify for the ADC cup Semi Finals. Having lost to BI, this match is the one life for us to stay in the ADC cup. 
RW will give out everything to capitalize on this. The players are really pumped after the sudden death loss last game and want to outperform themselves to continue the momentum. 
BE is a very strong squad and very good on their home ground. They practice there and are clearly the favorite for the fans. Its will be difficult in these conditions but RW will understand this. 
The pressure of winning and to stay in this cup will am sure get the best out of us. I wish BE good luck and looking for a great game match day! 
BE Preview has NOT been submitted 
BE decided to appoint Amod Raje as Manager and he promised to contact the ADC on Sunday. He hasn't. 
Even after the 12 am deadline on the 31st Jan 2015, the ADC EXTENDED the deadline to 2.30 pm 01/01/15 and after BE RANDOMLY announced Mr. Raje's name as NEW Manager, NOTHING has happened. Therefore, due to the DISRESPECT shown to the ADC and also to the TZLC as a whole. BE have been BANNED from ALL CUP COMPETITIONS. (BE Vs RW ADC Cup Vs Best Loser match RW AWARDED a win and League CUP BE Vs ADCY, RH have been allowed entry into the LC 1st Div Final, ADCY have been removed as MOST of the ADCY players will be UNA due to school). 
BE have been deducted 2 points in the League, their club has been put into ADMINISTRATION. They will NOT be allowed to loan players. ONLY ADC ADULTS or Youth will be allowed to play for them. They may be allowed to LOAN KITFO players that are NOT on the TZLC7 list of members if the players have been APPROVED by Mr. Khare. If BE accept these decisions then all remaining HOME matches at the Eagles Arena will be played WITHOUT spectators. If BE FAIL to continue their committments then BE WILL be dissolved and NO KITFO Manager will be ALLOWED to participate as MANAGER of a Club whose Home ground is Papal or whose squad representation is 70% from KITFO till TZLC9. 
Will AA and RH please FIX a date for the 2nd Div Final and RW Vs BT 1st Div Final also. See previous MR's and Latest News for more info on the dates AVA for PP's. 
SPECIAL THANKS to the Hatkinator, Ahjoo and Django who went to great lengths to do up the 1/3rd of the ground (Extremely dangerous area) 
and if it works will do the entire ground too!! 
2nd Div 
ADCY 1 Vs AA 4 
ADCY - Zak 7.47 secs 
AA - Rock 9.32 Samya 40, Amma 74, Arty 76 
ADCY - KFANDRA - Brush, Ringa, Bif, Pat, Zak, Adu TBZ - ALL LATE ALL SUSPENDED for AT LEAST 10 mins until they are brought on Anish Vidyut (No APOLOGY received from Vidyut for NOT coming for a match he had confirmed for) ADC ADULTS - Jaidev and Rafa SUSPENDED 10 mins for LATE CONFIRMATION 
AA - Atul AVGKL Uday 170 for Kunal 180 
MO's - BT - Pam Meeraj BE - Amod Prashant RW - Vikas (MO) Manan Pravin Satish Amol Karan (AVA Loan also) RH - Hima Beeraj BI - LATE Kapil Vikrant Also player Ahjoo 
ADCY By the ADC 
6 Youth so far, could Loan a GK or OFP in Mantan as he has made himself AVA, that would make 7 players. Which would be a JOKE against any strong club. Players MUST confirm at least a week before the match and NO ADC ADULT has confirmed. If Mr. Khare plays, that would make it 8, but that would still be a joke with 6 youth and 2 adults of which one is half dead (20% of his capability ie Khare). So will give a call to the feasability of this match by Wednesday. 
UPDATE 04/02/15 Wednesday 
I can't believe that it's the ADCY side (KFANDRA, TBZ and Adults) of which the latter 2 are LATE in confirming. That too this is supposed to be my side. Therefore I request Vikrant to get the TZ Logo POSTER ready as Ajoo has been appointed to look after this match. The KFANDRA poster will be placed alongside the TZ Logo. 
I am thoroughly disappointed and unimpressed with the discipline levels. I will act only as the Chauffeur for the KFANDRA players for this match. Please note that if this indiscipline came from one of the CLUBS, the ADC would have taken stringent action. As it is mostly youth, and the youth ALWAYS have a chance to GROW UP, MATURE and LEARN from their mistakes, the ADC is HOPING that AJOO (TBZ incharge) will take the necessary steps to ensure that the TBZ players do NOT take the TZLC lightly. I have taken strict action on the KFANDRA lads that have abused the philosophy of the TZLC. And the TBZ lads when they are under my care. But as I do NOT coach the TBZ lads I have NO CLUE what they are up to. It is up to Ajoo now to decide the Formation, positions and who will play, (including Club Loaned players). He can take whatsoever help he needs from ANYONE else apart from AA on that day. I will surely be ONLY an observer. 
AA Preview By Django 
This is the third time we will be playing the ADCY this season. Although we have had the results in our favor in the previous two games, this match could be a different ball game because it will depend on which of the TZ players are available to play for the ADCY and most importantly the ADCY have being playing superb football in the last few games. Their performance against BE at the Papal ground was outstanding and so we cannot underestimate their capabilities. AA will continue with their usual formation and will try and build up on their win against RH. AA are eagerly looking forward to this game and encourage our fans to travel with us to the ADC stadium to support us. 
AA Review By Samya 
We played the usual 4:3:3 formation. Atul (GK), Saurabh (LD), Mayuresh (LCD), Sameer (RCD), Uday (RD), Sean (LCM), Arun (CM), Aditya RCM), Shivang (LM), Amar ( CF), Santosh (RM). Last time around Amar had played CF and it worked well for us hence we decided to continue with the same. The good thing about Amar playing as CF is that his positioning is really good which helps us win the second ball and also helps hold the ball to build the game. It took AA some time to wake up as quite a few of us were making some silly mistakes but Aruns brave header which led to the goal motivated the rest to pull up our socks as well. Zac, I believe took the BMP to perfection initially and the score was tied at 1-1. A loose pass from one of the ADCY players led to the second goal scored by Sameer. AA knew this was not a good lead to start the next half as ADCY were playing very well and came close to scoring a couple of goals which the AA players barely cleared from the goal line. 20 mins into the second half AA scored 2 goals in succession again one from a good move where Shivang cut thru and laid Amar for a easy tap in and the other with an individual brilliant solo by Shivang himself. All the AA players had a pretty good game but so did ADCY who made some well co-ordinated moves but did not have anybody upfront to covert into goals along with Ajoo who made some outstanding saves in the goals. All in all it was an exciting match in the end for the fans and AA thanks all their supporters and look forward for the next match with BT. 
ADCY Review By Ahjoo 
Thank you for giving me a chance to manager the ADCY team today. It is a very challenging job I must say because of the mix of player talent. ADCY were playing home and took the BMP. Zak took it and scored. ADCY played the 4:4:2 with Ajoo in goals. ADCY played to a game plan of defending in its half and try and Attack on the counter. It took the ADCY one half to settle in and players to get use to the positions. In the first half a rock solid header from Arun helped AA bring the score levels and then Sameer was given some space which we was quick to capitalize on and score. The second half for the first 25mins the ADCY was able to put a lot of pressure on AA and had three to four very close scoring chances but with AA crowding the box we could not convert. AA had some good moves and scored a couple in the second half to take the match 4-1. Iw oils like to mention that Adu playing in left defense had a tough job of containing Shivang but still managed pretty well. As for Bif on the other side at right back was doing an equally good job. The other ADCY youths played to their potential. I kept rotating the RW players on loan at regular intervals. All in all I think ADCY had a good game. 
Refs Report By Pam 
I am thankful to the ADC for giving me an opportunity to officiate in this game and improve my skills as a referee. It is only when the player refs take the field that one realizes how challenging the job of the main ref is. Today's game between ADCY and AA started off as well contested match between the two sides. The ADC lads were connecting the passes but somehow lacked the finishing touch. AA played a super game in the second half, especially from the flanks. There were a few harsh tackles for which the ref did not penalize the players but gave them a stern warning. Special thanks to the linesman Beeraj, Meeraj, Hima and Vick who dutifully assisted me in my times of indecision. There were a few decisions which went in favor of ADCY which on thinking retrospectively should not have happened. Thankfully, those decisions did not affect the end result so the ref should breathe a sigh of relief and try to avoid similar mistakes in future. 
MR By the ADC 
A good entertaining match where there was end to end action. Both sides played with the sort of freedom to attack not yet seen in the TZLC. With Ahjoo taking over the reins for the ADCY you immediately noticed that the ADCY were not as focused on tactics but on performing well against the classy act that is AA. WIth the ADC Adults and out of the 3 TBZ players (1 that had not confirmed did NOT turn up, 1 that HADN'T confirmed turned up and one confirmation LATE) were suspended by the ADC for the 1st 10 mins. So it was more like 1 BI Gk Ahjoo and RW with KFANDRA against AA! 
Zak did exactly as he was told and the 2nd youngest in the TZLC beat the oldest with consummate ease in the BMP. 
(One thing I must mention here, what I forgot to mention in the last MR, that the CM for the previous match did NOT record the BMP!) I hope Vikus has done a good job in this mornings affair. Back to the match - As I said before, it was old style, good stuff up front but terrible stuff while defending. I mean the defenders did their job as most of the time both sets of defenders did not have the support of their mf and they did their best. For the first time both teams were looking to play the balls to the wings instead of using route 1. Relief swept over AA when Rock eased the pressure with a well taken headed goal to equalize and then the game progressed at quick pace to it's final predicted outcome. 
AA - Adu at Rb was slaughtered by Arty and on the opposite side Marcelo was having a rip roaring time too. Amma was having his usual good game and getting tough with the Loaned Club Cd's. He scored to maintain his great form but that goal was Samya's and Arty's all the way. Amma needs to either work hard or score to maintain his form for otherwise he's not a typical striker that takes on a defender one on one when the time comes. 
Arty would be much better if he asks for the ball on the flank initially other than run to the flank when the ball is played there. Cutting inside against weaker players is nothing spectacular. Marcelo's crosses were sublime whenver he got the ball and he was dribbling and shibhoboing the lb constantly. Many a time Arty didn't dribble but got past defenders through sheer grit and stubborness. Sean and Audi are having great games while going ahead but their positioning is lacking while getting back to defend. Sean needs to work on his first touch as I've been saying for a very long time. ADCY - Ahjoo had his best game ever as GK. Mantan and 135 had great games in Cd, though 135 and Amonk should have been penalties although 135's was unlucky and Sean shot was going over the bar and Pam the Ref made a good decision. As for Amonks, penalty! Amonk and Satsut were disastrous in CD and Satsut was playing the ball more to the opposition then his own team. TBZ's Anish missed two sitters but a lack of practice could be his excuse. Out of all the KFANDRA lads AVA Zak did well whenever he rarely got the ball, Pat was feeling sick, Bif was trying to dribble, Adu was not watching the offside line in his haste to track Arty but was playing well while going up, Brush was...Brush...bristly and no polish, Ringa was his usual...Jai and Rafa got a couple of chances each and squandered them other than that were ok....