WEEK 15 
28/01/15 Wed 
League Papal Seminary 
2nd Div 
BE (2) 4 Vs ADCY (1) 3 
BE - Amti 3 40.11 50.43 60.52 Bruce 56.57 
ADCY - Rafa 14.50 Jai 37.11 Zak 79.30 
BE - 1) Atul S (BI, 22) as per AVGKL 2) Sagar P (RH, 21) as per DL for Debashish (BE, 22) 3) Amartya M (RH, 23) as per DL for Arun (BE, 23) 
ADCY - KFANDRA - Ringa, Zak, Poonj, Pat. Brush, Bif TBZ - George, Sol ADULTS - Jai, Rafa (Audi AVGKL) 
MO's - BT - Dhananjay R Sharad Y RH - A Rajib N (MO + ava for selection for ADCY) Ben  
RW : Manoj, Vikas DNTU BI : Vik DNTU M-KUL AA - (Mayur DNTU with VALID EXCUSE) Saurabh Audi taken on Loan 
BE Preview By Ravi 
ADCY is a completely new side and BE is playing against them for the first time. So, this is going to be a different experience altogether. This being our home match , we will have good advantage of the conditions. We have also performed quite well in our last match and are confident of giving even better performance this time. BE would start with a 4:4:2 formation and might move to other formation as the game goes. Our strategy would be not to hold the ball too long, pass the ball around and use the entire width of the ground. BE would try to implement the learning from recent practice sessions taken by our Coach. 
ADCY By Mr. Khare 
Unfortunately the entire Youth squad is UNA for this match. Especially Tan, who I think is the fastest player now in the TZLC, would have loved playing at the Eagles Arena as the space there allows a player to use his speed. Apart from that NONE of the Club players would be AVA there has to be a MINIMUM of 2 MO's from each club doing MO duties. This would be troubling to RH as I can see they have only ONE rep AVA in the list. 
ADCY will be wearing Bibs so I expect the MO's to be wearing their CLUB SHIRTS. 
This is the one CLEAR OPPORTUNITY where I feel the Eagles can score a bucket load of goals and try and play some good football in the bargain.  
I would have played but that would NOT be FAIR on BE. May try the young and very wet behind the ears Brush in goals as although he's better than SOME OF THE EXTREMELY DODGY GK's in the TZLC, he still LIKES Keeping. 
Absolutely NO shouting from me in this match....Formation? We won't ONLY DEFEND even if we have 9 players so BE will have LOTS of spaces to attack...they will only have themselves to blame if the result is NOT favourable for them.. 
BE Review by Prashant 
Formation : 4-4-1 (Atul : Devendra-Sagar-Prashant-Ravi : Amod–Guru-Amartya-Suraj : Amit ) I am NOT happy the way we played today. We won this match but it doesn’t taste good. My incident with Amit was not required and only team to gain from that would be opposition. Most of the BE players seems to be under pressure. Too many errors by all folks. When we play on big ground like Eagle Arena, We need to play as team and not as individual. Passing is the only key to improve your winning chances. BE were losing ball on many occasions. I thought this match would be a practice match to help us to play against RW next week. Huge task ahead. Everyone needs to think over their performance & come back hard for next match. ADCY played very well. Very much impressed with these kids. Very good understanding & communication. Keep playing guys. 
Refs Report By Rajib 
It was a privilege to get the opportunity to be the main ref for the match. 
Both teams choose to play a short passing game, which made the match pleasing for the spectators. ADCY was clearly more technically superior of the teams and took all the advantage of huge space available in a big ground. BE came back well in the game with few quick goals and slick movements and one twos. At the end BE were the lucky team to come up with a victory considering they were a man down throughout. Ref choose to be liniment in ignoring some of the genuine attempts on ball which were slight late considering the match was played in right kind of spirit. Ref also thought one two handballs were no malicious and benefitted the players considering the circumstance was purely accidental. Ref thought it would have been too harsh to give a penalty in those occasions. Ref had to warn BE captain and another player for being disrespectful to own team mate. In another mood of the ref it would probably been YCs. It was a safe match to ref compared to some of the I'll tempered ones. 
ADCY Review By Mr. Khare 
I'm very proud if the youth squad today and EVEN the ADC Adults Jai and Rafa. They stuck to their instruction and did thier best. Obviously NOT as fit as their young team mates bu they gave it their all. I loaned Audi as GK (Not allowed as AA had only sent 2 MO's including the non-r8) but thought with 8, yes I repeat EIGHT youth team players and two of them being two left overs from the British Era (sic) it was okay for me to take the Audi through a comparable pollution test. He started sputtering early on but got rid of the soot as the match progressed and developed into a good purr as the match progressed! I kept Sol and George as Rb/Lb in a normal 4-4-2 and instructed Poonj (Rcd) and Bif (Lcd) to look after them. Only Audi GK, Ringa at Rcm, Jai LCF and Rafa RCF played consistently in their allotted positions. Brush played at LCM and LM, Zak at LM and LCM, Pat at RM and RCD, Bif at LCD and RM. Dan should be hung and quartered for doing the worst bit of Cameraman work since the earth was frozen over. Zak would be having joyful dreams of personally torturing the BT Jt Manager for NOT CATCHING Zak Goal of the Season candidate. He just about caught the dribble but the GOAL itself was out of picture....So that's TWO ADCY players, Ringa Vs RH and now Zak who have scored goals that have been put up in the GOAL OF THE SEASON category. The ADCY took an easy 2 nil lead through well taken efforts from their 2 frontmen. I'll be surprised if the pair of them don't get picked up by some clubs soon. Amti missed a couple of sitters and then scored hat trick. Bruce got BE's 4 somwhere between Amti's hat trick. 
Very DISAPPOINTED in BE and EMBARRASSED that my youth, who I've been prattling on and on about the HARMONY, HUMILITY and CAMARADERIE that exists in ALL the places I coach had to witness a BE meltdown. There is no doubt in my mind that with competition comes reasons for discord but what enfolded here at the Eagles Arena was beyond understanding. Prussia's manner of communication is like shoving a porcupine up someone's bottom. Very hurtful and harsh. For a player that's ONLY just joined KITFO (3 to 6 years? I'm not sure), he may have been one of the QUICKEST to understand everythig I teach, but he's still got that nasty CRICKETY mentality that I abhor. For ALL his positives his ONE MAJOR NEGATIVE is that he does NOT know how to APPRECIATE or CONGRATULATE someone with his whole heart. This is what leads to MANY a person having a tiff with him. Even me. Although with me he HAS to back down coz I am ME in the end...He MUST learn to be NICE. Even if he's always been there to complete the work or if he's on time, that does not mean he has the RIGHT to behave like a King of a country. He can't only lead by the whip but must lead by the cake as well. BE played with 10 today...could that extra BE player have made a difference? 
All in all Much thanks to Amartya for giving me a call and telling me how much he loved playing against the ADCY today and how much he loved the way they played, especially being so young. Plus for appreciating all my efforts. Thank you Amar, Much Appreciated! 
PS..Please cheack the 3d Panoramic view and inform me if you like it or not. Plus changes will be made as soon as Managers purchase stuff etc. Additions can also be initiated (at TZLC cost in TZR) such as an archway etc. 
31/01/15 Sat 
2nd Div 
AA (3) 5 Vs RH (1) 1 
AA - Sean 2 BMP 7 sec 41.45 Aditya 26.40 Mayuresh 64.34 Tushar og 72.05 
RH - Vikrant DL 18.35 
AA - Satish AVGKL 
RH - Lalit 220 for Sid Ben 240, Vik 260 for Rajib 260 
MO's - BI - Ajay, Atul, Uday. RW - Manan, Pravin BT - Niraj S, Jehan. BE - Ravi 
AA Preview by Django 
Both teams are on a high after having qualified for the ADC cup semi finals. AA has already played RH twice in this season and have won both encounters. All the more reason why we expect RH to really go all out in this game. We will continue with our 4:3:3 formation and this time also try and switch some player positions if things are not working out. Coach had given us some valuable advice before the last game and we will keep that in mind this time around too. We are thankful to our fans too who have Supported us through the highs and lows this season and we look forward to your support for this game too. Good luck to RH! 
RH Preview By Sagar 
This is our third encounter with AA this season. On both occasions we have ended up as the losing side. But the form off-late of both the teams has changed drastically since then. We have built on confidence and registered victories in the last three games whereas AA have dropped a few points on the field as well as off it. They will be eager to do well. We have failed to play to our potential in the last two games although we did win. But against this AA side we cannot afford to do that. Concentrating for the full 90 minutes will be important. We will continue to try and implement a quick passing game to maintain possession while continuing to defend as a team. Having already lost to AA at home we will be looking to make lost ground by going for a win. AA-RH encounters have usually good for spectators to watch. We hope this one will be no different. We wish AA the best of luck! 
AA Review By Django 
We played to our usual 4:3:3 formation. Satish (GK), Saurabh (LD), Mayuresh (LCD), Amar (RCD), Kunal (RD), Sean (LCM), Sameer (CM), Aditya RCM), Shivang (LM), Arun ( CF), Santosh (RM). Coach had mentioned sometime back that we should try and switch some positions so we decided to swap positions between Aditya and Sean and it worked out very well. Both of them had a great game. Amar also had to move to the CF position as he was not keeping well but he ended up playing very well as a striker although could not convert. We were happy with the ball movement today and everyone tried to pass the ball within 1-2 touches. We played to our positions, switched the ball from one flank to the other, decent movement along the flanks. Overall this is the best game we have played so far. Great goals by Aditya, Mayuresh and of course the technical hat-trick by Sean. A coupler of sitters missed by Jango and one occasion when Aruns tap in just rolled of the goal line, could have added to the scoreline. Overall we are happy with todays performance. We were delighted to see the fan support today and look forward to keep this momentum for the next game against the ADCY. 
RH Review By Woody 
We started with 4-5-1: Anna-Gk, Zope-RB, DJ- RCB, Mangs-LCB, Hima-LB; Belzi-RM, Rajesh-RCM, Vicky-CDM, Amartya-LCM, Sagar-LM, Amu-ST Anna was a little unlucky to let in the BMP. But we started well with good composure on the ball and moving it around. We scored the first after the AA loanee GK was off his line and Vicky lobbed the ball in. We missed a couple of very good chances in the first half. We were made to pay dearly for those. Honestly I do not even remember how many AA scored today. We were pathetic today barring a few minutes in the first half. Clearly the team which was more organised and had greater desire to win came on top. After the first couple of goals which were soft we completely lost the plot. Every individual was trying too hard to score and rushing into attack. We played too many long balls. This played into the hands of AA who were more composed and brought the ball around and made us chase it. We also lost shape in the middle and were clearly outnumbered there when we lost possession. We clearly need to learn to not panic the moment we go 1/2 goals down and continue to stick to our strength of passing and maintaining possession. Our sincere apologies to everyone for such a below par performance at this crucial stage in the league. We hope to bounce back in the coming matches. 
MR By the ADC 
This morning around 26 mins after Sean put AA 2 - 1 up, RH disintegrated. It was just embarrassing in the end and I'm sure a few of the players wished for the match to end. The only player that I thought played well THROUGHOUT the match was Hima when he TOTALLY spoilt it by reacting to a Sameer 
obstruction. There was no doubt that he was obstructed albeit accidentally as Samya was trying his best to get out of the way. SO it was an ACCIDENTAL obstruction that I would have given a FK for. But Hima REACTED so strongly and directed his anger towards Samya that A yc for the versatile AA star and a Red for an in form Red player was a given. The entire match was filled with late challenges and players trying to explain to the red what happened when the Ref has NOT asked for an explanation. The Ref has clearly mentioned that he will give what he see's and unless he asks a player a question, he DEFINITELY does NOT want an answer. If he see's the offence as a FOUL then so be it. Accept it and get on with the match. End of story. The Yc card shenanigans started after the Ref got peed off with the DANGEROUS LC's, not light enough to tide over, didn't cause an injury so an advantage could be given, but SEVERE enough that it could have caused grievous injury. And you would think it must have been RH, but surprising it was AA too. 
The match was played at a VERY FAST pace and the Ref RARELY had to blow his whistle. Both clubs tried to pass the ball about but it was AA that succeeded beyond a doubt. They had one FANTASTIC passing move that traversed both flanks and ended up with a Django sitter miss! Now that was a sitter and a half! I thought RH were lucky they didn't let in half a dozen more. 
AA - The change AA made by shifting Amar to ST was genius. Don't forget that I've ALWAYS said Amar can play in ANY position. I have said this before, and I'll say it again, that when I had started coaching TZ MANY years ago, I had told Amar that he would be a perfect striker. His energy and movement is electric. I liked Mayur's nickname for Amar, I think I'll let it stick, AMMA! Hehehe!! So tnow there can only be one Amar and he's from RH! It was Samya and Rock who kept switching the Rcd and CM positions and that also worked. Audi is SLOWLY but surely resembling the kind of player I thought he was when I first saw him play and set his value. His confidence is rising and thats made the difference. Sean keeps getting told by players as to what he should do and that I feel should stop. If the biggest critique of Sean could be named, then it's Sean himself. So when a team mate keeps telling him he should have done this not that etc then his confidence goes down. Sean can never be faulted for his passion and commitment. I thought he did play better today but still needs to find his true form. Marcelo is making that RW position his own and then AA switch positions..why? Just to keep players happy? Marcelo did well at Rb also but with him at Rw, AA would have got more chances. Once again Arty and Django were not as hot compared to the CM and the Rt flank but they did play better than before. Mayur is one hell of a competitive player but needs to understand that the Ref is crazy and does NOT want to be approached for anything. He should just play his committed self and accept whatever decision is taken.  
RH - Where do I start? With a good keeper that lacks the confidence of his 18 yard box? Or a Captain that can't lead from the front because of poor performances? Of players that play their own game and not to their strategy? Or players that keep making simple errors? There is no doubt in my mind that RH missed the services of Mishti and Big Ben this morning. Their replacements, Vik and Lalit were not like for like replacements. Vik could say that he did his job by scoring and I agree that he also had an average game. He wasn't at fault for the loss. Only one player I thought was getting riled with the happenings was Amu, who even screamed once at RH in general about getting it together, but truth be told, even he was off form. A keeper can only be a confident keeper if the players around him believe in him. This is not the case. Yes, Anna is guilty of sticking to his line and not charging out and not being commanding enough. But you see here lies the catch 22 situation. The keep lacks confidence because the the players lack confidences and the players lack confidence because the keeper lak confidence. Whose going to pull their socks up? For me its both, but first should be the keeper to show everyone whose boss.