20/01/15 Tues 
BT (0) 0 Vs RH (0) 1 
RH - Ameya D 79.27 
BT - 1. AVGKL Sean Matthews of AA - 350, Amod 230 for Swapnil Desale 230, Abhishek Shinde of BI - 240 for Parmesh 270 UNA Shal and Bhanda 
RH - Manoj U AVGKL for Tushar, Sid Ben UNA 
MO's - BE - Devendra Gururaj RW - Toufiq Vikas BI - Nikhil Abhishek Hatkar ADCY - Jaidev AA - Saurabh Shivang 
RH Preview By Sagar 
This is our first match against BT and that too in a knock-out match. Lately we have captured some confidence and have put on 6.5 points in our last two matches. We will look to further build on the confidence and show a lot more composure while in possession. We have had a near full squad in the last few matches. This has also helped our cause. Our focus will be to try and implement the game strategy shared by our respected coach. We have been shuffling a few players into different positions in our last couple of matches depending on the opposition we play. However, our game strategy remains unchanged. We will again try to keep it simple and pass the ball around with speed while trying to maintain ball possession and be patient to look for any openings. BT also has made a slow start in the TZLC and will be looking to make up for lost ground. They have a very fit squad containing players with good game sense and pace. We will have to be at the top of our game to beat this string BT side. We wish them luck! 
BT Preview By Pam 
The ADC Cup QF game is a very important game for BT, even more so after we did not secure a place in this years Champions league. This would be BT's first game of the new year, and the players are eager to begin the new year with a win. Although the players would be playing for BT after a gap of almost a month, there are no concerns of fitness issues as most of the players have played for other teams on loan and have been attending practice sessions during this intervening time. BT are missing a few players this time around. Bhanda is unavailable, so is ShaL who would soon be leaving for the US soon. We have loaned strong replacements in place of the players missing out to ensure that their absence does not affect our prospects in this tournament. The formation could be expected to be 4-4-2, with all players playing in their regular positions. The players have been instructed to focus on keeping the ball moving and use the width of the field to their benefit. RH are always a great team to play against, and their form has improved considerably in last month when they rode on back-to-back wins against BI and BE. Our fans should be rest assured as BT have done their homework well and would be well prepared for this game. 
BT Review By Pam 
It was a disappointing result today for the players and fans as well, as this was a winnable game. BT played with a 4-3-3 formation: Dan (RB)-Amod(RCB)-Abhishek(LCB)-Meeraj(LB) : Shourav(RM)-Shubhankar(CM)-Jehan(LM) : Pam(RW)-Omi(ST)-Niraj(LW). (During substitutions, Sherry played in RM and Shourav played as ST; in the second half Amod played as RB). BT maintained decent position through the 90 min period but were not able to make much of it as most of our moves were unidirectional. Also I believe that the players should have taken more shots when they found the ball within scoring range in front of the goal. The passing has improved but as I said earlier, we need to capitalize on our chances as we get them rather than try to create a perfect goal. Defensively we were not very bad but there were a few panicky instances that I can remember. Sean was fantastic in the goal and was simply unlucky to not have kept a clean sheet. RH were a tough opponent to play against and most of their players had a good game as well. Amu's goal was a special one as he adjusted his position quickly to meet Rajib's cross and head it into the net. Sagar too came close to scoring on a few occasions. To summarize, the team which made the most of their chances were on the winning side. Well done RH. 
RH Review By Sagar 
RH started with their usual 4-4-2 formation: Manoj-GK, Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Hima-LB, Belzi-RM, Rajib-RCM, Amartya-LCM, Sagar-LM, Rajesh-CF(Free role), Amu-ST It was a hard fought victory for us. Our third in a row and the second time we beat a team in the first division. Many players from our team lacked the first touch today which made it difficult for us to implement our strategy of passing it around and maintaining possession. Our defense put in a commendable performance and held on to a clean sheet. There were a few clearances off the line and few superb saves by our loanee keeper. We also failed to convert at least 2 open chances where we took too long on the ball and let the opportunities go by. Although we did not have much of the ball, most of BTs possession was in front of our defense and we were forced to soak pressure and counter. The only goal of the match came in the second half when Amu received the ball and release Rajib down the right, where Rajib took on the defender and looped a cross for Amu to head it in. These two have been combining well in recent matches. Although we did win, we were way below our potential today. We fought hard as a unit but need to buckle up for the upcoming matches. 
MR By the ADC 
Both the sides today failed to live up to the expectations of being cultured and technically gifted. There's not a single player that played today that seemed confident apart from barely two or three. There were too many players getting caught in possession and whose 1st touch deserted them. As per the Refs Report, there were many opportunities that would have resulted in Penalties. But he didn't give them. There's one incident in the highlights show that he didn't see but as the commentator said, Omi's history of crying and in turn making late challenges on others probably made the ref ignore the offence although quite clearly it IS DEFINITELY a PENALTY. But there may be many such incidences that get missed and it's the end result that counts. All we can do is try and be fair and hope for the best. An Akshai HB was deemed a IFK when in any other competition OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of Mr. Khare, this WAS a PENALTY. But the TZLC R and R are meant to be fair and thus the IFK was awarded. The NEW OFFSIDE LAW created by the ADC is working picture perfect. The Linesmen are also finding it easier. Now it's up to the player to get ONSIDE...Even one of the chances the Mishti SHOULD have finished (shown in the HL, Sagar WAS INDEED OFFSIDE when Amu played that ball!) Would that have ruffled a few feathers if Mishti would have scored? Sagar clearly had NOT raised his hands to indicate he was NOT interfering in play BUT on the other hand were BT trying to catch Sagar offside? So in the end the decision whether the goal would have been offside or not would have been Kapka the Linesmans call.  
BT - Should have altered their formation after they lost a couple of players in the weeks prior to this match but they stuck to their 4-3-3 formation and thus played a couple of players who were uncomfortable in certain positions in those same positions. To me, Shubh and Pam had good games but I want Shubh to take shots, he keeps laying off passes and sometimes he should be selfish. BT took a risk by playing to Loanees in Amod and Sherry in Cd as I would feel dodgy relying on 3 Loanee players (Sean AVGKL) in the 3 MOST IMP positions while defening in fron of goal. My statement seems contradictory when RH actually scored when Sherry pushed into Cd!  
RH - Even though Sagar mentions that played a 4-4-2 formation I feel that it looked 4-3-3 to me. I even mentioned to the BT Management later that the two clubs played the same formation and cancelled each other out. Well Beeraj played a more Rm role than Sagar as he did indeed fall back more. Which is surprising as Akshai made only ONE overlapping run (crossing the halfway line) and STILL didn't receive a pass! So with Aksahi back ALL the time, where was the need for Beeraj to track back so much? You track back only when the opposition have players overloading the defender in your channel..didn't happen much...Personally I thought Hima had a match and a half this morning. He made loadsa runs down the flank even though a couple were innerlapping runs! Many a time he was overlooked and his team mates played it central. If Hima continues in such a vein there are only positive days ahead for him. Manoj AVGKL redeemed himself with a stellar performance but scared many and RH player when he misjudged another bouncing ball! 
Both the clubs have absolutely ZERO composure in front of their OWN GOAL! Forget composure while scoring but you need composure to be able to play the pass out and NOT panic. This is instrumental for a passing game. There was NO switching of flanks and CREATING of chances by either of the clubs using this method. It was more get the ball up fast and FINISH the attack immediately. Mishti and Amu have a crazy understanding developing... 
BT don't have a combination like this. I'm happy that slowly the clubs are getting a bit more organizational, like defending ion their own half or passing to the Rb and Lb on a Gk. This has at least kept the ball on the ground and not the usual kick and rush game. 
24/01/15 Sat 
RW (1) 2 ATB 3 FINAL SCORE (5) Vs BI (1) 2 4 FINAL SCORE (6) 
RW - Pravin 19.38 Amarnath DL 65 
BI - Manoj (og) 25 Jatin (og) 82.40 
BI - Shivang 250 for Mukul 250 DL, Mayuresh 230 for Anand 310 DL Amol H UNA 
RW - Amar 310 for Karan 320 Meeraj 240 for Vikas 290 
MO's - BE - Debashish DNTU Suraj DNTU Prashant LM Funny guy Avge RH - Ameya D Sid Ben CM goodish Hima Amartya LM good Beeraj SR good AA-Aditya Sameer C BT - Pam Sherry ADCY - Tan Pat Poonj 
RW preview by Pravin 
This would be our 3rd encounter with BI, previous 2 results being in favor of RW. BI as I will state again is very tough team to play against. They are in form currently after their win against AA. I am sure their confidence would be high up and will have a strategic plan against us with the master mind manager who always a different game plan every match. RW would make a note of this. RW will not have Karan this game and would loan Amar(AA) an ideal replacement for any position he plays. Bhushan may play his last game for us. RW will surely miss his services after and knows its technically difficult to find a replacement for him. We will try to play our traditional game style and look forward to clinch this victory to make ourselves register our candidature for holding the ADC Cup trophy. Of course a strategic plan has to be aimed against the strongly parked bus in front of the frame which is difficult to capitalize on. We wish BI good luck for the game and look forward for a great game match day! 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI will be looking at keeping their confidence high after the win over AA in the last game. RW is another tough team this season and are sitting on top of the league table. BI will play a strategy of playing defensive and not conceding goals. BI will try to hold the RW attack and make scoring opportunity only on the counter. BI will mostly play 4:4:2 or 4:5:1. BI is missing some key players for this match but have taken equal key loans as replacements. The ADC CUP is one title that BI wants to have its name on. Its going to be a very tough and entertaining game for sure and all the fans will love it. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW started with their traditional game plan and formation 4:4:2. Manoj(GK), Lalit(LB), Jatin(LCD), Amarnath(RCD), Neeraj(RB), Manan(LW), Satish(LCM), Bhushan(RCM), Monga(RW), Pravin Toufiq(Strikers). The idea was passing the ball around and use the width of the ground as much as possible to move the BI Bus from the frame. BI played very nice defensively & did not allow RW to capitilise much on the chance. Pravin got one through ball from Toufiq to put RW into 1-0 lead. Today RW's game was just ok and not to the expectation. There were mistakes and unforced errors. However, thats what happens on Match day and can happen to anyone on the field. We will work on that. BI got their first from Ajoo's long shot which Manoj missed the collection.Score 1-1. 2nd goal for RW came from loaned Amar who placed in the nets after 2-3 shots on target by the RW players. Jatins OG gave equalizer to BI. In Penalties its anybodys game & BI did well to cut through. RW fortunately are the Best losers and will get another chance to qualify for this cup. We will make that count! I wish BI best luck in their next game. 
BI Review By Ajoo 
BI's passion & commitment once again earns them a victory over one of the giant teams in the TZLC - RW. BI qualify first time for the ADC Cup semi-final. BI played to plan and strategy with a 4:5:1 formation - Atul (GK); Ajoo (RD), Atigre (RCD), Mayuresh(LCD), Vikrant(LD); Uday(LW), Shivang(LCMF), Kapil (CMF), Nikhil(RCMF), Dhruv(RW), Gaurav(ST). BI played the same game plan as per their last match vs AA. Play the long ball in the opponents box and then hope the midfield or stinker to do something of it. There were very few passing moves but the ones made were excellent and almost created a goal. RW put the pressure on early in the first half by beating the central defense and running through - Pravin who is having a great game in every match scored. This ruffled up the BI members a bit and there was a lot of calling and screaming and tempers within the team were rising. Ajoo came to BI's rescue and lobbed one of his classic long balls from beyond the half line towards goal, fortunately for him today this move got converted into a goal by mis-judgment of RW-keeper-Manoj. This helped to bring the teams nerves back to normal and focus on the game. BI through the game managed pretty well to keep under control the RW attack down the flanks and the center. BI were awarded a penalty due to a foul by Pravin, which was taken by Mayuresh for some reason we thought he has good control and power seeing his past history but history did not repet itself today and Mayuresh's penalty shot was saved by Manoj. score tied at 1-1. Both teams kept trying hard to penetrated the defense line up and created equal chances. RW once again managed to take the lead from a move started off a free-kick Amarnath managed to push the ball in after some three or four shots and some hustle-bustle in the BI box. BI managed to keep clam and played to plan and got a equalizer of a deflection of RW-player Jatin who headed the ball for a own goal. BI made a few positional changes also during the game which kind off helped with some passing down the flanks and creating good opportunities. Score remained tied at 2-2 and the game went on to penalty kicks - another tough competition - both the teams missed equal chances and scored equal goals 2-2(i think) game went to sudden death. RW missed and for BI Vikrant scored - he may have over celebrated the goal - for which BI apologies to ADC but in pressure games like this its difficult to control emotions. Today I feel BI played a more committed game and the better team won. RW have another chance to make a come back in the ADC CUP, we wish them all the best and look forward to our next league game again versus them. BI missed the two youngsters of the team Anand & Mukul. Anand was travelling and Mukul is out with a shoulder injury. 
MR By the ADC 
RW were by far the more fluid team in terms of movement. But BI took the cake in terms of concentration and passion. There were many incidences in this mornings match that could have turned in favour of any side. The Ref in his report said that I have to be fair and give what I see, such as in the JJ disallowed goal I saw an infringement (that he commonly makes in practice sessions) just before he scores, that is slashing away at an opponent. The call I'm sure was harsh BUT I would have been guilt ridden if I HADN'T have called what I saw. At that moment I saw something and gave a foul. Similar is the JJ Penalty incident, I saw a push, plus Kapil suddenly jerked AND the ball was within Kapka's reach, thus the Penalty. Even in the penalty I SAW a MOVEMENT FORWARD prior to Mayur DL taking the kick and asked the Linesmen for their opinions. ONLY PAM had SPOTTED the CLEAR MOVEMENT BY THE GOALIE prior to the kick. Prussia said ALL IS GOOD (as he said THROUGHOUT the match!) and even after calling Sameer and Audi (MO's behind the goal) for their opinion, Pam lost 3 - 2 (As me and Pam saw the movement...).  
The match really had a cup feel to it and was enjoyable indeed. 
BI - Played as they always do, to a set strategy. The only thing that confused me was WHY they let a LOANED player play in CD when they have a more than able CD in Vik. Also why Arty DL was played in CM when he clearly would have terrorized the opponents out on the flank. This kind of player needs space and in the midfield today there was ZERO SPACE. Goony needs to improve his heading as he's getting FREE HEADERS EVERY SINGLE MATCH he plays. In BI's tactics if a player has a lack of fitness and technical ability than the game is lost. Hruday was a bit off colour today and Abhi started in place of him late in the proceedings. All in all another AMAZING VICTORY from the JAWZ of defeat....Well done BI, well done Ajoo! 
RW - Very happy to see Mantan Hug the touchline...And Amonk on the far right was a joy too. Out of the two I thought Amonk beat Mantan if they are keeping score. They do both make mistakes but SUDDENLY Amonk is making more of a positive impact than a negative one. Satsut had a bit of a broncho issue so he may not have been up to stead but he was still dangerous. I feel Sorry fo Jatin....I thought he and Amar DL in CD were playing SUPERBLY. They tried to pass the ball about and switch play and were not dilly dallying. So he was having a good game...but as I have mentioned in the Vid, the Manoj factor (High Ball Hell) I'm sure had a resounding effect on his confidence. For his og he was SO FAR BACK he could have been in the canal and that's why he stuck his head in to block a tame ball into the box, a clear ball that had GOALKEEPER written all over it. One thing I MUST mention is the way RW approached this match. I sincerely thought that RW were out for a holiday or summat. They were laughing and joking before the match, after the match and you can even see Lalit Z SMILING into the cam at the end of it....NOPE! If you ask me, I'd wish that any team that showed even an OUNCE more passion should win every match. I mean I'd feel shattered even I lost a game of chess to an Impala with specs. I hate defeat...And I admire those that hate it too...It's how you can GET OVER the defeat and MOVE ON that shows how mature you are. BEFORE a match, DURING a match, and IMMEDIATELY AFTER a match are NOT times to say Don't Worry, Be Happy. SHAME on you RW. I for one am SURE JJ is gutted! And that's what I like about the fellow. There are some others also. I mean Jatin and JJ were after each others blood in the session at TZ the other day. So why couldn't they impart their passion in the rest of the side? At this rate...The Eagles should be clear favourites at the Eagles Arena for the Final QF match, at least in terms of DEDICATION, COMMITTMENT and PASSION.