13/01/15 League POSTPONED to 12/02/14 Thursday 
2nd Div 
17/01/15 ADC CUP Saturday 
AA (3) 7 VS ADCY (0) 1 
AA - Arun 2 15.37 50.52 Sean 23.15 Amar 2 31.20 74.33 Mayur 52.18 Marcelo 58.25 
ADCY - Arun og 68.07 
AA - Manoj (AVGKL) Bhushan (230) for Jango (230) DL EMERGENCY LOAN Dan 170 for Kunal 180 
ADCY - ADULTS - Gaurav S Jaidev K KFANDRA - Zak Pat Tan Poonj Adu Bif Ringa Brush TBZ - Anish George (till 8.00am only) Solomon (till 8.00am only) Pratik Khelkar (TBD) 
MOs - BI: Atul, Dhruv RW: vikas, pravin, karan, monga RH: Mangesh, Akshai BE: BT:Neeraj M, Pam, Jehan Please get back to me on this...... 
MO's + Players - RW - Vikas Pravin Karan Monga BI - Ajoo Atigre Anand BT:Neeraj M, Pam 
AA Preview By Jango 
This is the second match for AA against the ADCY team in this season. The ADCY team has come a long way since our first encounter, under the guidance of Coach as we have seen in their performance against RH. The youth are very quick on their feet and disciplined to sticking to their strategy through the game. And with their coach constantly bombarding them from the sideline, this team can definitely cause an upset. We will be continuing our 4:3:3 formation and try and use this game to improve communication/ passing between players.We will concentrate more on playing the ball on the flanks. Although we cannot afford to take things easy as this is a knock out game and we know that ADCY will also be putting in their best effort to go through to the next round. Good luck to ADCY team for this match! 
ADCY Preview to be completed on FINAL CONFIRMATION OF PLAYERS 
ADCY Preview by Mr. Khare 13/01/15 
Good Grief! Not very many players Available! Maybe I'll just play myself! But at the moment I'd feel more comfortable in a fridge than the early morning temperature. I hope the new AA Manager will get a win. I feel sorry for the youth that I am not concentrating on a win for the ADCY but just that they should LEARN how to play and get comfortable while playing. Jai and Shaurav can get picked up by any club at any time so they can just concentrate on playing well and how I tell them to play and not on the win. Once again, please play well AA so that the ADCY won't feel bad about losing...unlike RW the other day. This is a knock out so even though I think AA won't be the Best Loser logically thinking, just on the safe side, score a few and then try and PRACTICE playing well..... 
My side would start of this way - 4 - 4 - 2  
Rotating keeper; Pat, Karan, Anand, Tan; Anish, Shaurav, Jai, Zak; Sol, George; 1st 20 MINS ONLY!! Prateik DROPPED.... 
Then - I will make the necessary changes.......... 
Madre de Dios!!! FINAL CHANGE Mr. Khare (Hopefully) 14/01/15 
Due to an error on my part and also as some KFANDRA youth players have managed to BUNK their school duties, the ADCY side should be having a FULL youth team apart from the two ADC Adults. As per what I always do in regards to the ADCY having a LOT of youth players AVA, I will use the LOAN ADULTS AVA SPARINGLY or NOT at all. As this is a KNOCK OUT competition and many of the youth have shown sadness at my ruling of NOT going for the win and playing the game, this match I will tackle in a different way. There is NO DOUBT that the only way a young under developed side can compete with a full grown adult team that is also technically gifted is to DEFEND and COUNTER ATTACK. But , and this is a very big but, in a 90 min encounter, defending for 90 mins is a fantasy especially with weaker and unfit players as a lot of committment and rough tackling is involved. Rough tackling of which I don't include in my coaching anymore. Plus it's unfair to ask the AA players to take a lot of rouch tackles when they can't play rough against the youth themselves. So, all I will do is while defending, ensure that they KNOW how to defend and not just COUNTER ATTACK. In the previous matches, even with Adults in the squad a LOT of mistakes have been made. Mistakes in defence that SHOULD NEVER be made. Errors that have led to goals. 
This will be worked on in the practice sessions at KFANDRA leading up to the match. 
The squad (Starting 11) - 4 - 4 - 2 - Anand; Pat, Poonj, Adu/Bif, Tan; Anish, Ringa, Adu/Bif, Zak; Jai, Shaurav. (Positions may be adjusted) 
Jai and Shaurav please note that I have NO QUALMS in taking you both OFF if you fail to play as per my instructions. 
I request Ajoo to inform George and Sol that they may NOT be playing on Sat so if they want to miss the match please inform me. 
Ref Review By Jehan 
Firstly i would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as the referee for the match. This was the first time that i was a referee for a TZLC match. I enjoyed refereeing the match and also realised that it is a job which requires full concentration and attention. I might have missed out on some fouls and a couple of offsides but i tried my best to be fair to both the sides. Overall the players behaved well. There was an incident in the box that could have been awarded a penalty but after thinking hard i decided to award an indirect free kick for 3 reasons: 1. The foul was just inside the box 2. I felt Tiger got the ball first and in his follow through accidentally tripped Sameer C. 3. There was another ADCY player behind Tiger so i did not feel Sameer C had a clear goal scoring opportunity. All in all it was a clean game and a good one to officiate. 
AA Review By Amarnath 
"After 2 consecutive poor results, AA were looking for a quick start. Coach had advised us to wipe out all negativity and concentrate on continue playing the game irrespective of the stage of the match. Sean was instrumental in doing all the behind the scene work. 
We played 4-3-3. Defence - Bhushan, Mayuresh, Amarnath and Dan. Midfield - Aditya, Samya and Sean and Up Front - Shivang, Arun and Pai. 
The first half was all about Arun hastling the ADCY defenders, winning the ball and trying to set up the others. Our aim in this game was to try not force the ball but play the passing game.We were successful in parts but still not upto the the standards we would like to achieve. 
Goals were scored by Arun (3 + 1 own goal), Amarnath (2), Pai and Mayuresh. 
The way the ADCY play the high line , led by Adu ( Ithink thats his name) is both courageous and skillful. Zak is a super talent and if and when he comes up for bidding will have all the teams bidding for him. 
The only reason AA won was due to our bigger size. On the basis of skill and team work there was only one winner." 
ADCY Review by Mr. Khare 
The eagerness to score goals sometimes has a negative impact on a game in general. AA were by far clearly superior in size and strength and although they didn't need to use their strength much they would always be the stronger team. Better? Nope not even AA. AA were allowed too many chances due to age related issues amongst the U15's while defending. Adu who for me is a very strong leader has an absolutely NON-existant head! At one time (you'll see in the highlights) he was clearly praying that a cross won't come straight to him, and then when he saw it coming he was mustering the courage to head it when his courage gave way and he NECKED the ball! Hilarious! Not only once did he fall prey to the Oh shite my heads gonna hurt syndrome but twice or thrice. AA finished quite well when they did score but I wonder if that was only because they were playing against lighties? Against a Men's team and against a club they have rivalries with, I'm not so sure they'll be as composed. Aruns best finish came from his Own Goal! All I can say is Thanks Arun! Scoring none is terrible for the ADCY...but heres a word in your ear..did you notice how many players were ELATED you scored an Own Goal? I surely noticed one on Loan ADCY player exulting in your misery and screaming like a little girl. Vik was doing a bad job with the camera so it can't be him...I think a war should be declared...!!! I thought Seans finish was SUPERB! Another gift though. Santosh Marcelo's was a total fluke! He crossed it and Andy Pandy AVGKL also thought he crossed it and started going to collect the cross when it went in...That's what you call a cross shot eh Marcelo? AA had half a dozen more opportunities but couldn't finish. ADCY had about 3.....I thought the ADCY were SUPERB with their OFFSIDE TRAP and many a time had AA FRUSTRATED! The adults when they came on were clearly off the mark with theirs but succeeded a couple of times. The biggest frustration with the defensive line at ADCY was the INABILITY to catch a DRIBBLER during an offside call. The players just tend to push up PAST the man with the ball and that player goes through. The game AA played today was probably a little better than the games all of the ADCY's opposition have played so far. But still, remember that for 70 mins ADCY played with 8 U-15's. and then for the remaining 20, with 2. You can't blame the kids for losing concentration as they are kids...but the adults don't have that excuse. How many times did the AA players get pressured into making an error? Many! How many times did they make the ADCY run around like crazy people? Zero......I have a lot of coaching to do with the ADULTS at TZ and KITFO. For this match EXPOSED the frailities of defending and of attacking play also. Lot's of intense sessions coming up people....Ajoo took 3 shots in the space of 10 mins, I'm sure he's happy with that but NOT with the accuracy, we need shooting practice...and Shaurav realized the importance of being patient when he was FREE a number of times when the Adults came on as he stuck to the wing...the adults didn't see him free most of the times unfortunately. Jai can here the Coach 'whispering' something to him during the match, see the highlights show! ADCY's movement down both flanks is thrilling indeed!