06/01/15 TuesLeague 
2nd Div 
RH (0) 4 Vs BE (2) 3 
RH - Rajesh 48.38 
MO's - RW - Manan LM He's a joke, Amol M Late CM Good; BI - Ajay Came but sat, Vikrant Late + only 90% of the match, Anand LM Avge Uday Late ABOMINABLE BB work; AA - Shivang DNTU Amar SR Good; BT - Dhananjay Pam 
RH - DJ Tentative He came......... 
BE - Jatin (RW, 310) AVGKL Pravin (RW, 220) for Debashish (BE, 220) DL Sharad (BT, 220) for Bijoy (BE,22) DL 
RH Preview By Sagar 
After a good performance at the Blue Freezer, we will look to build our confidence and put on a good footballing performance on the field. We will again try to follow the valuable expert advice from COACH that worked well for us in the previous game. We will try to stick to basics, maintain possession and be patient. We still have to overcome a flaw from our previous games where we tend to get into a shell. We have a full squad for this match and having a sub on the bench might prove a little tricky to handle. BE will visit the Stadium Tornado after a difficult match against the mighty Astros. BE boasts of a squad of players who regularly practice as part of KITFO and will look to play good football. We will have to be at the top of our game for this match. This will be a hard fought contest and the team that can play good football for the entire 90minutes will come out on top. It should be a good game to watch! We wish BE luck! 
BE Preview By Ravi 
This is our first match against RH. RH is a good side and has very experienced players. So it would not be easy to score against them. We will be playing with 4:4:2 formation. Our strategy would be to keep passing the ball around and keep possession of the ball. We will not be forcing our moves for scoring. We have few of our key players missing for this match. So, we might play a bit defensive in first half and try to not let any goal in. We are confident of giving a good fight to RH. 
BE Review By Prashant 
Formation : 4-5-1 (Jatin….Ravi-Amit-Prashant-Devendra….Suraj-Pravin-Sharad-Guru-Amod….Arun) BE does not deserve to lose this game. We had wonderful start and were leading till first half 2-0. No RH player was looking dangerous & were never in scoring positions.. once again 3 trios Pravin-Sharad-Guru did perfect marking RH strikers. Pravin scored all 3 goals for BE today. Every player from BE was up & alert right from start. RH had no idea what was in store for them .. BUT suddenly there was flurry of YELLOW cards shown to BE players.. No comments on this .. It disturbed whole momentum .. BE end up switching players to new position continuously .. RH took this opportunity & bounced back strongly to win game they seemed to be lost. Well done RH.. BE players should start playing their passing game all time .. I believe every BE has hidden potential & if we stick to given plan, nothing is far .. I worry a lot when players start implementing their own agenda and disturbs others .. We will look at this area in upcoming matches .. 
RH Review By Sagar 
Honestly, although we won today we did not play well today. The game plan and strategy went for a toss and we were not calm in possession and gave the ball away too easily. Finally what got us over the line was our desire to win, which was more than our opponents who played very well. RH started with a 4-4-2:Anna(GK), Akshai(RB), Mangesh(CD), Hima(CD), Benny(LB), Belzi(RM), Rajib(CM), Amartya(CM), Sagar(LM), Rajesh(CF)-Free Role, Amu(ST). DJ was late to show up may be because he was celebrating his anniversary early morning! :) BE were very well organized, marking all our mid-fielders tightly not allowing them any space and winning back possession easily. Pravin scored off a ver good cross from Amod who was giving us lot of problems on the right flank with his pace and direct running. After the goal we got on DJ on the right wing, Akshai was subbed off and Belzi moved to RB. The motive behind this was to zip in crosses from the right towards Amu. This experiment did not go as planned. We ended up conceding another goal, JJ the scorer again! We started the second half determined to come back into the game. We manager to pull one back when Rajesh picked up the ball after a poor clearance by Amit B and his shot trickled past Jatin into the bottom corner. Pravin then came up with another goal in the top corner where Anna was a mere spectator. RH then shuffled the formation to play a 3-5-2. Amu scored our second after a failed clearance from the GK fell to him. With less than 5 minutes to play, Sagar scored our third from a Belzi cross. Our fourth came immediately from BE's kickoff, where Amu's shot was blocked by the GK only for Hima to put it in. This was a narrow escape. We need to pull our socks up and put in much better performances in the following matches. 
MR By the ADC 
I would say this match turned in RH's favour when Amu could NOT take the Refs Lenient look at things and retaliated. (See Vid) Amit's Challenge on him was a typical defenders challenge but he had made contact with Amu's foot before the ball. The Refs fault in this case was NOT loudly calling an ADVANTAGE to RH or vocally informing Amu that he had noted the foul. The Ref later explained that he had informed the captains that he would let a lot of things go but on this occasion he admits that he failed to show Amu that he had seen the offence. Although when Amu went on a LONG RUN to seek REVENGE the Ref said he tried to CALM Amu down during his 10 km run towards Amti but to no avail. Amu was LUCKY not to see a RED and Amti a Yc. As this was the 2nd or 3rd of Amti's Late challenges on Amu the Ref asked them to shake hands and he'll let things go. They shook on it. It was at this moment that the Ref said ENOUGH is ENOUGH and if you want to continue playing AGAINST FAIR PLAY and WITHOUT CONTROLLED AGRESSION than so be it. Barely a few minutes later Amit gets a Yc for a similar offence and Prussia who has been warned from the PREVIOUS match about TOUCHING an opponent (SEE IMAGE again) was sent off too. Then BE continued getting YC's for SILLY CHALLENGES that  
were UNNECESSARY. UNFORTUNATELY Sagar's equalizer was adjudged to be a GOAL when in fact it WASN'T. As you will see in the ACTION REPLAY (SEE BELOW), IT WAS OFFSIDE. This is why I ALWAYS ask the LINESMEN to be AWARE that the NEXT TIME you play, how will you feel if the same thing happened to you? Manan one of the LM was more intent on being a Cheerleader for His ON LOAN Manager JJ. I was SURPRISED that Mantan hadn't brought along a Pom Pom or two. Dan should also hold his head in shame. Because BE continue to WORK on WHAT they have practiced in the Sessions held at KITFO. The offside traps and etc. SO it's even harder when the OFFSIDE TRAP worked NOT only THROUGHOUT the match but also for the goal. It was the LM's that weren't working. That's why you can see the Ref approach the LM repeatedly after that incident having lost confidence in their ability.  
BE were walking away with a victory in this match also thanks to a PATHETIC RH side that did NOT DESERVE this victory.  
RH - RH were total and utter KAKKA playing as a team. Individually they were alright, excepting for Mangs who had a nightmare. But as a team all of them were better off playing in a doll house with Ken and Barbie. I suspect RH continued with 4 at the back and Beeraj to me was a star MOST of the time. DJ doesn't have a CLUE about the players positioned around him and ALWAYS looks for a LONG BALL or a ball infront of him. He will very RARELY look to his side. In the 1st half Mangs was Rcd and Hima Lcd and Ben Lb and this was comical indeed. Mangs did not know where he was, Hima kept moving into Mangses area and Ben into Lcd. So the Left flank was free. Lucky they changed that soon enough. The wise thing they did, was it wise or was it obvious? was switch to 3:5:2 in the 2nd half. Wise because they were 2 goals down and BECAUSE all their defenders (except Beeraj) can do was play centrally. They rarely used the LM and RM when they made the switch. Many a times RH faced a WALL in front of them. RH rarely let their superiour technical ability do the talking and continued to FORCE the chances. If it wasn't for Jatin BE AVGKL handing Hima the winner and the OFFSIDE GOAL then RH would have suffered a worse fate than AA the other day. Rajesh, Amar and Mishti played as they should but in all that confusion even their game was lost. 
BE - I absolutely LOVED Robby! This bloody bloke has only JUST STARTED PLAYING FOOTER! And some of the balls he played down the line, some of the overlapping runs he made and the COMPOSURE he showed were worthy of any accomplished player. When you have HAT TRICK HERO JJ screaming at the defenders to CLEAR the ball everytime they got the ball then ALL of the defenders Prussia, Dev, Sherry and Robby need pats on their backs! Not the ADCY player Pat..but a SHABASHKI! There were times when the RH players were BREATHING down their necks but BE CALMLY passed the ball about and made some wonderous one touch moves. For me it was BE that seemed to be playing together for YEARS and consisting of technically gifted players. Bruce on the RW? or Rt mf? nearly got ALL his crosses perfect. He was walloped by Big Ben on a few occasions but recovered. Sunlight is still a bit wary of his positioning but even he excelled today and went close with a header also. Groo is also cool on the ball and is VERY lucky that the Ref did NOT give a penalty on one corner when he shoved Rajesh in the back. The Ref still wonders why he didn't blow his whistle. Maybe it's the power of the UNDERDOG? But are BE underdogs now after two very good performances? I guess we have to wait and watch. Amti has blossomed since his transfer to BE as have all the others. Prussia NEEDS to AS FAST AS POSSIBLE look at himself in the mirror and SEE that for ALL his confidence and knowledge he is still technically weak and he should LISTEN to the REF and play to his strengths. The Ref has on many occasions turned a blind eye to Prussia's shenanigans but the moment the Ref starts disliking him, then Prussia's game will collapse as his game is centred around IN YOUR FACE DEFENDING. 
Leading up to Sagar's goal...OFFSIDE!!! 
IMPORTANT - Prashant's NO COMMENT COMMENT in his REVIEW is being looked into. 
Prashant has responded and the ADC has ACCEPTED his reply. But has given him a WARNING and others also to THINK CAREFULLY before sending any material whether public or private. 
08/01/15 Thurs League 
1st Div 
AA 0 (0) 0 Vs BI (0) 1 
BI - Anand Pen 64.24 
AA - Jatin (240) for Amarnath (310) DL Manoj U AVGKL 
MOs - RW: JJ LM Avge, Bhushan; BT: Neeraj More CM okay, Prashant B DNTU Pam LM Avge; RH - Mangesh LM Crap, Rajesh; BE - Suraj Lm Avge Arun ADC - Jaidev SR Zak youth 
BI - Amol H Tentative Satish AVGKL Emergency Loan 
AA Preview By Saurabh 
AA have been eagerly looking forward to this encounter with BI since the beginning of the season. BI are high on confidence after their victory over ADCY. Amarnath is out for this game, who has done a great job in the defense so far this season and his absence will be definitely felt for this important game. AA will continue with their 4:3:3 formation with only change being Jatin coming in place of Amar. We will look to capitalize on the BMP and put some pressure on BI. If we stick to our plan of passing the ball first time and movement on the flanks, I am confident the result will be in our favor. The fans can look forward to an intensely fought match as both teams will go all out to win this game. Good luck to BI. 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
AA is one of the toughest team to face in this season. BI will have to play to a very well planned strategy and playing away its an uphill task. BI is ready for this and will play a 5:4:1 or 4:5:1 formation. BI will look to defend more and not concede goals. BI will be playing with more or less its entire squad. BI will have to play a cool and composed game for sure for which the players are already training. BI performance has not been very great for the past few matches but with the comfortable win over ADCY its has eased some pressure off the players mind and now they are focused on this match. BI will play its best game and gain in confidence back with its fan's and management. A good game in this match irrespective of the outcome will be a great confidence builder for the team. 
AA's Review has NOT been received till now (2.20 pm) 
AA Review By Saurabh LATE 4 pm (Mistakes - LW and RW Not Lm and Rm) 
We played to our usual 4:3:3 formation. Manoj (GK), Saurabh (LB), Jatin (LCD), DJ (RCD), Kunal (RB), Aditya (LCM), Sameer (CM), Sean RCM), Shivang (LM), Arun ( CF), Santosh (RM). It was a disappointing day for AA.It started off with Samya missing out on the BMP, although all credit to Satish who did a good job keeping the ball out. AA managed to keep the possession for most part of the game but were just not able to penetrate through the BI midfield and defense. There was minimal movement along the flanks which could have worked better for us. The goal came through a penalty which could have been avoided I thought. AA tried aggressively to get the equalizer but were just not able to get the momentum. The indirect free kick taken by Arun in stoppage time was AA best chance to equalize but again Satish did well to block it. Congratulations to BI and we look forward to travelling to the Blue Freezer in the second half of the season for another action packed encounter. 
BI Review by Ajoo 
Today BI played as an organized unit and all players were charged for this match. Each players role & position was defined and each and every player delivered in today's game till the end. BI had planned to play defensive & play the ball up into the opponents half and then hope to get a move. For today it worked but I know thats not what the fans will like to see always. BI will try and get the build-up to an attack from the flanks and central area. Today's Formation was to play 4:5:1 - Satish-AVGKL(last minute team decision during our team meeting On Tuesday)- he played a good game and prevented the BMP and stopped 2-3 good free kicks taken by AA. The rest of the Formation was Ajoo(RD), Atigre(RCD), Vikrant(LCD), Abhishek(LD); Dhruv(RW), Kapil(RCMF), Anand(CMF), Mukul(LCMF), Nikhil(LW); Gaurav - striker Uday replaced Dhruv in second half. BI today was playing for a draw and the win was a Bonus. Manoj fouled Gaurav in the box and BI was awarded a penalty which Anand put in straight down the middle in goal. The game was played hard & tough by both teams and BI managed to keep clam and not lose focus. The BI central midfield line up Anand, Kapil & Mukul did a good job to block a lot of AA's run and the defense line also managed very well to cut the attack. Overall a great team performance which paid of well for BI. This win has raised the confidence of the team and we will get better from here in the coming matches. BI fans keep the support going on and yes your team's performance will only get better I assure you that. Last but not the least BI would like to thank Coach/Mr. Khare for his always valuable advice for this game. BI played to the game plan and would dedicate this victory to him. Thank you. I would like to also add to my match report a special thank you to the REFREE for today's match. The refereeing has always been top notch for every game. But for today's game which was a derby match between two of the oldest teams of the TZLC and was a hard & tough game played today the referring was spot on and made the match more competitive & enjoyable also. 
MR By the ADC 
A match that was DESTINED to be decided by the odd goal. The star studded Astro's missed their regular Cd's in Amar and Mayur as their Loanees who actually played well were NOT as PASSIONATE as the rest of the team. The match was a high tempo affair from the whistle and was on the verge of boiling over on many an occasion. But as per the Captains decision that the Ref should 'LET THINGS GO' was applied the game continued at this frenetic aggressive pace. The Ref merely said that he has no issue IF the players can HANDLE the LETTING things go part of the deal which meant OVERLOOKING a few LATE CHALLENGES and rough play. No doubt this would lead to injuries as the players are not a 100% fit and are also getting on in age. (As the Ref clearly mentioned in the Vid rec at HT) This exactly happened as Marcelo (Santosh) let a few Late Tackles get under his skin and was subsequently shown a Yc and a Rc not so much for the challenge but for the Back Chat. he even approached the Ref after the game and the ADC will discuss the situation with the Ref later. Many of the players were going in hard and many were getting rough challenges but as both teams had decided that the Ref would be LENIENT then some of these incidences were going to be swept under the carpet. What gets me miffed is that even though BOTH the clubs had DECIDED on this method, the players were still unhappy. Or lets just say, AA were. Do I need to say it? Sore losers? When the clubs ask the Ref to be LENIENT then the players are inexplicably going to try and pull the wool over everyones eyes in trying to be top man in on field battles. This goes with the territory. Not a single player can put his hand on his heart and say I didn't foul anyone one intentionally. When playing in stressful situations the conditions are tantamount to dare I say it, CHEATING. If you are caught, well woe betide you. If not then in these circumstances, cheers! So invariably Samya was targetted by his great friend Vik and the Ref missed this instance of purposeful bending of the rules by Vik. Well, what can the Ref do? Listen to Samya (was it sly or good Samya?) and punish Vik or just honestly say I didn't see it? And let play go on? It was the latter. This match and the reaction from AA and the last match and the reaction from BE have left a sour taste in my mouth and as is usual, maybe the time has come once again for players to EXPERIENCE PLAYER REFS so that they will understand how it is to be reffed by someone that ALWAYS has their health on top of the list, FOLLOWED by the allowing the game to be played FAIRLY. 
AA - RW will be fined as their ON loan player Manoj AVGKL was LATE. This forced AA to play Santosh in goals for some 10 mins and I thought he excelled in the Gk role than outfield this morning. According to me AA missed the services of Amar greatly. Unbeknown to the rest of the AA side, Amar tries to ensure the tactics and strategy are followed by the playing 11. With him gone he rest of the players are busy looking after their own welfare and a minority can see whats going wrong but I suppose they feel it'sbelow their STATUS in the AA team to say anything. Reminds me of the now extinct XV. The two loanees today Cd's DJ and Jatin played like how they are supposed to for their own squad! You could see on Dj's face that he was totally unised to playing the ball at the back. While Jatin felt more comfortable but his first touch is on more times than not, super weak. Saurabh at Lb rarely overlapped and Arty (Shivang) kept cutting in just like a certain G. Bale. and A. Townsend. The central area was too packed for a shot so the only reason to cut in was to allow Jango to make an overlap and did that happen? Nope! Kunal at Rb the less talked of the better. Never on the flank and even though he's an ok player it always looks like he's out to have a joke and not always serious. See his reaction at the end of the match..not even a BIT saddened at the loss. Apart from that as I said before, too much is expected INSTANTLY from AA. Go a goal down and then ATTACK!! SCORE!! Play crazy footer! ATTACK!! Change the formation! Something should work!! I rest my case... 
BI - I think they player to a set plan and it worked. They did win didn't they? All of them put in 110% effort and nothing more can be asked. Special mention for Nick who got clobbered many a time and didn't say a word! There's not much more I can say about a team setting out to defend and doing it well. Satsut AVGKL was phenomenal. Hruday was probably the only guy who felt left out of the elation as once he came on he was carded and then kept off. A good win for BI! As Amarnath would say, the BRAGGING RIGHTS rest with BI till next they meet AA! 
Oh yes another moving images gif showing why the IFK was given against Tiger for AA... 
See action to the left of the image..... 
Just read Ajoo's Review! Let me explain to everyone again that I advise clubs on how I would play them if I was Coach. I can't advise them on how to play against a certain team. But they can request me to offer advice on selecting a squad IF they feel the opposition is weak, average or strong. It's then up to the players to implement it or not. Thank you for dedicating the victory to me but the credit goes to you blokes who understand and implement it! 
The Ref has thanked the BI Manager for his statement........ 
10/01/15 Sat League  
ADCY (0) 1 Vs RW (1) 5 
ADCY - Vick 78.10 
RW - JJ 2 7.23 62.03 Satish 2 (73.44 Pen) 88.18 Bhushan 67.06 
MO's - BE - Arun Prashant AA - Sean Aditya Santosh Amarnath BT - Shal Bhanda Pam Only MO Meeraj BI - Vik Tiger Andy Ajoo Only MO - M-kul Atool RH - Amu Sagar RH LATE SUBMISSION 
If MORE players confirm BY Tues then I WILL consider them. BUT their club WILL be FINED. 
ADCY - ADC ADULTS - Shaurav Youth - Ringa Pat Zak Bif (Poonj Brush LATE CONFIRMATION) TBZ - LATE CONFIRMATION Vidyut George and Sol till 8 am 
RW - Allen UNA 
ADCY By Mr. Khare 
The ADC will be taking quite a few players on Loan for this match as many youth team players are UNA. Due to the KIT manufacturer of the TZLC going AWOL, the ADCY will mostly play this game wearing Bibs. As of yet the Clubs have NOT got back to me with the MO AVA so I can't finalize a squad. 
I will update the Preview tomorrow after the AA Vs BE encounter. 
I can ONLY use EXTRA players from a club that have sent MORE MO's. Therefore BE and RH will have PERMANENT MO's on DUTY. 
I will also be ROTATING the Youth as I am DISAPPOINTED with them for NOT attending matches as MO's during their Holiday's. Also, the ADC ADULTS who have NOT completed MO duties BEFORE the MIDPOINT date will be suspended and NOT get a chance to play UNTIL their MO duties are completed. 
To give RW some sort of COMPETITION as they are RUNNING away with the League, I will be playing this match at a MORE competitive level by using various strategies and tactics. So at any given time I may have only TWO youth on the field. Hopefully this match will NOT see me SCREAMING from the sidelines as MOST of the ADULTS will be playing and they are probably MATURE enough NOT to be GUIDED every second. Plus my screaming has affected my health! RW's ADVANTAGE will be that I have NOT CHOSEN the CLUB PLAYERS but it's as per their AVA that I can select them. One more thing, I will NOT play the squad that I have in direct relation to RW's tactics or individual capability as it goes DIRECTLY AGAINST the TZLC R and R. I will just Coach the ADCY squad to a CERTAIN formation while attacking or defending and NOT ADJUSTING to RW's formation. 
STARTING Squad for match - 4-3-3 - ROTATING GK; Santosh (Ajoo, Pam, Pat) RW (Rt WING, If I was playing 4-4-2 he would have been Rmf so all those Managers that keep sending their formation with a Rmf as a Rw it is WRONG so please stop!) Shaurav (Ajoo, Bhanda, Sean), Vik (Pam, Shal, Zak) LW; Ringa Rcm, Tiger Cm, Zak Lcm (For ALL CM positions - Sean, Aditya, Vik, Andy); Ajoo Rb (Bif, Bhanda, Andy, Tiger, Aditya, Sean, Santosh, Vik), Bhanda Rcd (Sean, Aditya, Vik, Andy, Ajoo), Andy Lcd (As Rcd), Lb Pat (Shal, Bif, Pam, Vik); 
Latest UPDATE 08/01/15 - Match squad may change........Last update TOMORROW 
REVIEW UPDATE 09/01/15 Friday 
All YOUTH PLAYERS will be given an OPPORTUNITY from the KO. Youth players have 20 mins to perform afterwhich they will be slowly TAKEN OFF and rotated. Thereby the ADCY team will consist of mainly ADULT PLAYERS. 
Squad will WARM UP at 6.15 am. Those ADULTS that are NOT present for the warm up WILL NOT be played. All players MUST be present for the team talk. 
PLEASE NOTE as ALL STARTING 11 players (Except the GK and Shaurav) are YOUTH, RW must TRY and gain a CLEAR ADVANTAGE from the KO. 
Starting 11 - 4 - 3 - 3 - Sean; Pat, Bif, Poonj, Zak; Vidyut, Ringa, Brush; Sol, Shaurav, George; 
This 4 - 3 - 3 formation will be a slightly different set up then the one that I have explained to everyone. This is so that the Youth may be able to compete with RW for a few mins at least. It is RW's call whether to PUMP in as many goals as they can in 20 mins or try and play good football and score. PLEASE remember that at the END of the SEASON only I will remember whether you tried to play the beautiful game and win. The REST OF THE TZLC will surely REMEMBER ONLY if you WIN, so will the MAJORITY of the clubs fans. 
All the Adults WANTING to play and having confirmed to play will play in whatever position I ask you to play in whatever formation. If you are unhappy then you will NOT be played. 
All AVA players to act as MO's if not playing. NOONE will be allowed to sit in the dug out unless injured. 
Can someone tell Shaurav to get the glucose bikkies and Glucon D? 
RW Preview By Pravin 
First Game against ADCY. This is going to be a joy to play. The Youth are great at their basics and quick in their movements on the field. RW feels this is not going to be an easy game at all. Primarily because ADC will be managing & coaching the youths which definitely makes things challenging for RW. Secondly, the youths have a great talent with composure. On a match day when this combines, no team is difficult to beat. RW will continue its 4:4:2 formation and will look at playing its traditional game style. With all due respect to the youths we definitely will not play hard at all, but we would ensure we don’t let ourselves down at any point. Of course plan has to be setup against these youths. It’s a pressure game we know, one to keep the table points count tickling up, second to hang around in the ground 90 min with the youths abilities to move up and down with their immense stamina that will take breath out of us and last but the most important is the fear of losing to them. J Fans, media, well-wishers and everyone will be watching us on how we take this game on…. I can assure those eyes will see RW’s respectable game towards the youths plus will be happy to understand how RW is passionate to win! 
I thank our Coach for giving me the opportunity to arbitrate in this match and also for explaining to me the rules. I also thank the 4 linesmen and the ball boys who helped me a lot during this game. Finally, I also thank both managers and their teams for their orderly conduct on the pitch for the most part of today’s game. CONDUCT OF THE PLAYERS - For first 20 minutes or so, ADCY played with mostly youth players and this part of the game was relatively easier to adjudicate, thanks mostly to exemplary behavior of the youth. At no point during the match they challenged or moaned about any decision made by me. This was my first time as Referee and as such, I made a few rookie errors but none of them affected the end result in a major way. While dealing with adults from both teams I had decided that I would only respond to both captains. This strategy worked well for me. And thankfully, the adults understood it and never made a big issue about small decisions going against them. Both teams had some amazing talent on display and I let the game flow as far as I can, ignoring small late challenges and soft tackles here and there. I stopped the game only when the offending player got the unfair advantage. CONTENTIOUS DECISIONS – One goal by ADCY was disallowed due to off side. For that decision, only one of the two linesmen had waved the flag. But I had to give it off side because the linesman who gave the off side call was in the right position to judge it whereas the other linesman wasn’t in the line with the last man. Later in the game, I had to give one penalty against ADCY when one of the ADCY players stopped the shot with his hand. As per FIFA rules he could have been sent off for that but I decided to be generous because he had very little time to react to that shot. During the same incident some of the RW players were appealing excessively for the penalty as if it were a cricket match but I ignored it because I could understand their excitement after seeing a clear hand ball inside the D. All in all, it was a great experience. Thanks again everyone. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW started with its default combination Manoj GK Bhushan lalit RB and LB respectively. Satish and Jatin CD. Monga and Manu were wingers with Karan Vikas CM. Pravin n Toufiq were strikers. The first goal came within first 10 min from Manu's cross and JJ making no mistake. ADCY youth played exceptionally well to hold the first Half score to 0-1. RW had decided not to play hard at all today. The focus was just on possession game. The youths really were super cool and played to coach's direction to perfection. It wasn't easy at all. Second half JJ scored 1-1 with keeper after he took on Vicky. Score 0-2. Bhushan placed very well for the third one. JJ cudnt score his Hattrick of manus super cross which he headed outside. Satish then switched with Karan to cm and scored 2 goals one of the penalty and other ball frm JJ.. ADCY meanwhile had scored one goal by Vicky to make the final look 1-5. Overall it was great game to play. RW enjoyed playing with the youth as wel as the mixed team.. RW also played well sticked to the plan , had respect to the youth. Happy with the performance overall. I wish ADCY good luck for future matches. 
ADCY Review By Mr. Khare 
I won't speak much on this match as I was disappointed with the result. Sometimes it's just not enough to play good football and expect a favourable outcome. Immediately after the match I thought RW were crap and the ADCY played superbly (apart from when they made mistakes and ALLOWED RW to take advantage) so I decided to ask JJ his opinion. I asked his if he and the rest of the team mates ENJOYED the game and he said OF COURSE he did! He thought RW TRIED to play the BEAUTIFUL game and it worked! The rest of his mates felt the same way. At this moment I wondered if I was at the same match as RW...I truly thought that I must actually be mad coz after talking to M-Kul and Audi yesterday, which must have driven me bonkers, my entire Footy knowledge must have evaporated or gone down some stinky poo drain. M-kul the philosopher had tried to persuade me to CHANGE his rating of 10 that I gave to him when BI played AA. So I tool about half an hour explaining to him WHY I did so and he scratched he flea playground of a beard, hummed and hawed and said 'Its'ok!' Good BLOODY Grief!!! The Audi decided to exonerate the virtues of Cricket to me JUST after he asked if he could join in with the KFANDRA lads! Now is he just testing my patience or is he still unclear about my thinking? Being the nice guy that I am, I just said listen here Audi R8, just keep schtum and never again! SO back to the RW match and I was not EAGER to see the evidence in the Video recording of my evident lack of Football knowledge and coaching ability. Hesitatingly I set up the camcorder and started my video editing. My heart beat furiously as I got ready to scan the scene of my destruction....and....wait for it....I'TS NOT TIME FOR ME TO VISIT CUCKOO LAND YET!! RW were shite and I rest my case! The highlights are evidence enough and I IMPLORE the RW players to WATCH what they felt was GOOD FOOTER and REALIZE that that was just plain and simple CRAP!!! 
I thought the entire Youth played great in the 1st 20 mins and limited RW to one goal. That too because the players on the Rt Flank could not get the ball out of danger even though they had many opportunities. Manan just sprinted through and crossed for JJ. JJ scored 2 today and the 2nd one he needs to thank Vikky. Satish should be embarrassed at the way he bullied M-Kul to give the penalty. See here - Did Amar move his hand towards the ball? Was Amar arm outstretched? Did he have time to use any other part of his body to block Satsuts shot 8 yards away from him? 
Before that RW made it 0 - 3 through Bhushan when Amar failed to judge a ball..(in fact was Amar paid to play this way in the 2nd half?) ADC inquiry is under way and suffice to say that him and RW and whoever the ADC finds guilty will be punished! Vik got a consolation, Satsut scored the 5th and Aditya who sent me a message to me and took the blame for ALL the goals, the dodgy way RW played and the pollution in the country hit the pole before the end. 
The KFANDRA kids did NOT play up to their potential but still managed to CREATE more moves than RW. The TBZ kids of which Vidyut FAILED to show up played gallantly, namely Sol and George. I kept interchanging the ON LOAN CLUB players and I hope they enjoyed themselves. I must thank them for allowing me the freedom to scream amd yell at them but also of course in away encourage them to improve and play better. 
Next weeks Cup match I was planning to sadly take a break as I was demoralized but now I seem a bit more energized. 
NO info has come in yet from the home team AA regarding MO's or Players AVA for that encounter (AA Vs ADCY Cup match). (He has JUST submitted his Preview 1 pm) 
Following is ANOTHER SUPER CATCH for OFFSIDE by the two central Defenders Poonj and Zak. Just NOTE the way Poonj moves up to catch 
offside. I HAVE ALWAYS said it's TANTAMOUNT to being crazy to play the offside trap if the LM's are not focused. That's why clubs TRAIN HOURS and HOURS if not days and weeks to PERFECT the OFFSIDE TRAP. SEE BELOW. Just note that the frames have been advanced a bit near the end as the camera had not covered Toufiq the moment the ball was played. See in the first frame how ALL the defenders are lined up and POONJ is just in the process of CATCHING OFFSIDE by moving up.