WEEK 11 
League Combined 

WEEK 11 
LEAGUE MATCH 30/12/14  
ADCY (0) 0 Vs BI (1) 8 
BI - Nick 2 16.16 68 Kapil 5 52.14 64.35 85 88 89 Mangesh 74.10 Anand 75 
Watch the last frame (Paused and then it restarts) Kapil is offside by 1 yard...)  
Just emphasizing this as these things happen sometimes and nobody's blaming anyone..Just live with it!! 
BI - Mangesh 220 for Gaurav N 220 DL Emergency Loan 
MO's - BE - Amit RW - Manan JJ RH - Amu Anna AA (LATE SUBMISSION) Amar Arun Santosh Sameer BT LATE SUBMISSION Meeraj Niraj  
Jehan MO only 
ADCY - Adults - Jai, Shaurav, Sundeep KFANDRA youth - Ringa, Adu, Tan, Zak, Pat, Bif, Poonj, Brush TBZ - Vidyut, Anish, Prateik, George, Soloman 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare 
BI are doing their job thoroughly by sending scouts (spy's) (A spy) over to the KFANDRA training sessions to see the youth train. M-Kul who was unable to disguise himself was welcomed into the session with open arms.."We have nothing to fear except fear itself", said Khare. "And of course Ringa suddenly exiting because of a runny poo poo etc etc". M-Kul was also allowed to PLAY WITH the youth a couple of days ago taking the job of being a SPY to the extreme! But sending a spy is extreme for the ADCY's tactics are well known. They will ALWAYS follow the BASIC coaching philosophy regardless of the SCORE at a certain time as the YOUTH need to PRACTICE and RESULTS are NOT important. A favourable result will ALWAYS be a BONUS at this stage. With 3 Adults in the squad looking to play ALL 90 mins I will only loan ONE player from another club and that will be a GK Loan. For the first time ever the ADCY will comprise of only 4 ADULTS at the start of the match. Which means i will play at least one youth in CD. 
There is no doubt in my mind that my presence in the dugout and constant verbal communication (Bombardment) is a plus point for the ADCY and I can't promise to keep quiet as I'm sure I'll break that promise within a second although I will try and curtail it. The modus operandi will be as always. Attack using the flanks and knock crosses in but at the same time be aware if a cross is not on and pull the ball back to switch flanks or go for a top of the box shot. The Flankers will be asked to cut in if they beat the Wing back or Wing mf. The ball is in BI's court if they are looking for a High score win or just a win or they are worried about the ADCY. This match may be the only time I'll have the entire youth at my disposal. I am looking forward though to a match where I can Coach most of the Adults if possible when the Youth are UNA. But thats for later. BI's squad and plans may change depending on their match on Saturday against RH but that will never be a factor in the tactics for the ADCY. It's up to the Professional 1st Div BI and CL holders to show what they are made of. I will finish off by saying that BI should beat us. If they don't then they have only themselves to blame. 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI have got first hand information that for this game ADCY team will be managed by Mr. Khare / Coach. This makes the game a very challenging one for BI. BI will have to come up with a plan to counter the quick youths in the team and their movement on field. BI will play a more defensive game and have their quicker & experienced players in the defense line-up. BI will be patient and try and score only on the counter attacks. BI will mainly play a 4:4:2 or may also play 5:4:1 formation. BI has its full squad for this game the first time in this season, so the two substitutions will help BI keep fresh and rested legs on constantly through the game which should be helpful to keep pace with the young lads of the ADCY. The ADCY has showed that they are no child's play and one cannot underestimate them at all this was done by them in the match against RH, where the played some amazing football. Though the last game vs BT they had a terrible game but that was as they did not have the experienced guidance of COACH. BI is excited for this game and looking forward and the team wants to sign off the year and welcome the new year with a great game of football. If BI pull of a victory in this game it will be the perfect mix for the New Year celebrations for the team. 
BI Review By Ajoo 
Before I start BI would like to applaud the performance of the ADCY lads and at at same time apologies for some of the hard tackles on them. BI players are big built and sometimes it becomes hard to control oneself when you are committed to an attack. BI managed to score 9 goals and keep a clean sheet. This has helped BI reduce their goal difference and earn an extra point. The score would have been at least 13or15 nil BI players missed some sitters especially Ajoo who had the whole 20feetx8feet goal to score in but some how he managed to put the ball above the crossbar. Shameful lack of touch and technical ability, we got news that Ajoo is still hiding in the BI locker rooms waiting for the press and fans to go away. He has honestly apologized to the team and fans for this. BI had to make some last minute changes in the line up as Gaurav- had to travel last minute & Hatkar had a work meeting in the morning. BI started with a 4:4:2 formation - Ajoo-GK; Mukul(RB), Atigre(RCD), Vicky(LCD), Abhishek(LB); Mangesh(LW), Nikhil(LCMF), Uday(RCMF), Kapil(RW); Atul & Dhruv- upfront The strategy was to play long ball up to the middle and flanks and then make a move towards goal which I feel through the game BI followed pretty well and it kind off worked. The game was not that good to watch from but well BI needed points on board and against the ADCY thought this was the best game plan. Anand was asked to sit on the bench for 15-20 mins first half as punishment for missing the last game vs RH even after confirming. ADCY in the first half managed to hold BI to score only 1 goal, the remaining 8 goals came in the second half. ADCY were playing high defense line and catching the BI players off-side which they did successfully on many occasions I am guess the correct strategy to counter our plan of playing the ball up. BI changed some positions in the second half and got Anand Nik to play CMF Ajoo went up from goals putting Atul in goals. The central defenders Atigre & Vicky also pressed up well to put pressure on the ADCY defense and Kapil, Anand, Nik & Ajoo managed to get many thru balls and score of most of them. Vicky made his trademark dribbling runs down the center but he needs to keep better control and not make so many runs as then it becomes predictable. Mukul stuck to his position of RD and did a good job today. The other players of the team also played today to positions this was a positive for the team today. BI will be satisfied with today's result to sign off the year. Next two games in the new year are games with two major teams AA & RW, after the new year celebration the team will get down to serious practice for the big games. 
REFS Report By Arun C 
ADCY was playing with a full squad of youngsters plus 3-4 non-regular older players. BI also had a full squad. 
In the first half, ADCY started well and moved the ball around fluently. BI had a poor first half, with little coordination between players. ADCY was at a distinct disadvantage, not having anyone upfront who could pose a real danger to the BI goal. ADCY was therefore able to move the ball up, but had no real chance of scoring. 
BI came to life in the second half, and the difference in size really began telling on the game. ADCY tried playing a high defence, but BI was able to beat the offside trap quite easily. On a couple of goals, BI may actually have been offside, but the two linesmen disagreed, and the ref let play go on. Once BI had scored 3-4 goals in rapid succession, the ADCY lads became disheartened and their game collapsed. More goals for BI came in rapid succession. 
The ADCY boys have great talent, but must be ready physically and mentally for a tougher and more physical game. Their passes also need to be crispier.BI largely played with restraint and did not get too physical, and must be acknowledged for it. 
Thanks for letting me ref. Reminded me of what a tough job you have every game! 
ADCY Review By Mr. Khare 
Firstly let me just apologize for how loud I am...I appreciate the leeway everyone gives their Coach in this respect. Unfortunately for me, the players haven't reached the stage where I can sit back and watch the boys play and only talk when necessary. At the moment apart from some occasions it's IMPOSSIBLE to take a back seat. Not only the Youth players but I'm sure when I'm coaching the Adults the same may occur....albeit infrequently as the Adults are more experienced I suppose (sic). Congratulations to BI for beating ADCY by 2 goals to nil for I though there were only TWO goals that BI could have been proud of this morning. All in all I thought the ADCY showed better composure on the ball while moving from defence through midfield into attack than BI. With the score 0 - 1 at Half time I asked the ADCY to play a more pressing game and catch the BI goal poachers offside. We had practiced the same for half an hour the previous day and I guess I was living in a dream world to think we could implement it today. As it was only the youth practicing while the 3 Adults don't practice and thus are unaware. I was of the belief that the Refs KNOW about the TZLC offside rule ABOUT what is meant as interfering with play and what is not. I myself have DISALLOWED a couple of goals this season because the players who the defenders were catching offside were NOT TRYING TO GET ONSIDE when the ball was played to another player who was NOT offside or when a player dribbled through. In the TZLC, when a player is STANDING IN AN OFFSIDE POSITION and is near where the ACTION is taking place AND IS NOT trying to MOVE AWAY from the ACTION then the OFFSIDE MUST be awarded. Anyway I didn't try 3 of the TBZ players today as they don't seem passionate enough. Plus they did not have the kit. Anish got lot's of game time as he managed to come to KFANDRA for a few days and apart from his lack of awareness regarding positioning and off the ball movement I thought he played well. I thought the ADCY players tried to play the game WITHOUT LOANING a single ADULT player apart from JJ who we all know is NOT a GK!! But he did what he was supposed to do (after 15 mins!) and that is DISTRIBUTE the ball FAST. I kept Shaurav in Cd as I KNEW the lack of size and experience of my youth players could prove costly. Now you will understand why I LOANED Sean and Andy to play in Cd against RH. Then you will remember how RH missed at least half a dozen open goals when I took them off and played with the youth. So when the lads came out for the 2nd Half I sort of knew what might be in store. BI are the CL HOLDERS and came 2nd in the 1st Div last season so the ADCY shouldn't be too sad. Plus over all I thought the ADCY showed more gumption. After going 5 goals down though, shoulders drooped and then we were going through the paces it seemed. BI I'm glad played tough n rough with the lads but I wished they'd be tough and rough with the ADULTS and not the kids..you'll see a few SLOW MOTION REPLAYS that I'm planning to add in the Highlights! Plus the AJOO special exhibition! BI should have got 15 and the score should have been 4 - 15 or summat. I tried Zak in Lcm and sacrificed Adu to play in Lcd. Pat was alo sacrificed along with Bif and Tan to play out of position. Tan was LOST without Zak. I thought the SWITCHING of flanks was nearly non existant in ADCY's game today but the PLAYS down either flanks if you look at them separately was a JOY TO WATCH. With BI's lack of midfield play and the ADCY playing VERY HIGH UP the field and trying to catch offside WITHOUT FAST defenders and with the FIFA offside there was only going to be one result. (even so ONE GOAL WAS CLEARLY OFFSIDE (FIFA ALSO) as I will show soon) Oh yes Poonj showed some exemplary technique with his crosses and dead ball situations. Dhruv heading off the line on a Poonj DFK.  
All in all I'm not that upset although it's the first time I've lost ANY match whether in SHORT GAME or a 50 min match or anything by EIGHT GOALS. I always say, there's a first time for everything! 
LEAGUE MATCH 03/01/15 
AA - Shivang 41.15 Sean 70.13 
BE - Gourav P 2 68.10 85.27 Pen 
AA - Ajay AVGKL 
BE - Tushar P AVGKL 320 , Gaurav P 230 AVPL Bhushan DL 
Both Clubs have been asked to EXPLAIN their role in the misunderstanding regarding 1st decision NOT to LOAN players and then changing it to LOAN players. If explanation is UNSATISFACTORY, Both clubs will be fined. 
MO's - BI: Uday SR Gaurav Anand Late Abhishek Late BT: Dhananjay LM Avge, Pam Late LM Avge Meeraj Late Avge RH: Himanil CM Beeraj DNTU; RW: Karan Late JJ LM Avge ADCY - Adu 
AA Preview By Saurabh FINED LATE 
This will be AA's first major home game after a long break. We welcome all our fans to support us to continue on our unbeaten run! Both BE and AA have one player short and have decided to play with 10 players only. We will be changing our strategy from 4:3:3 to 4:3:2. We will be playing one of our regular outfield players as a goal keeper for this game. After having won our first 4 games we will try and focus on our shortcomings in this game. Each player will have to stick to his position and deliver as per the responsibilities assigned. A win in this game will get us one step closer to moving to the first division next season, hence we will be giving it our best. I wish BE good luck for this game. 
BE Preview By Ravi  
This being our first match of the season against AA, we are quite excited about the match. We are confident of giving a fight to AA. AA is a strong side and have few fast players. Our strategy would be not to give them any free space on the ball. BE would be starting with a 4:4:2 formation or depending upon the situation might shift to 4:5:1 formation. Our first priority would be to defend well and not concede any goal. BE would play patiently and try to score on the counter attack. We are prepared for a good result. 
AA Review By Saurabh 
AA played a 4:3:3 formation - Ajoo (GK), Saurabh (LB), Mayuresh (LCD), Amarnath (RCD), Kunal (RB), Aditya (LCM), Sameer (CM), Sean RCM), Shivang (LM), Arun ( CF), Santosh (RM). Almost all the players stuck to their postions through the game however the coordination and flow was missing. We started off well and had few good chances but could not convert. The BE goal keeper Tushar did a good job blocking some really solid shots by Pai and Shivang. The first goal was a signature Chotu goal - run down the left flank and straight in the back of the nets. BE equalized in the second half but AA did well on putting one back immediately through Sean. I thought our game plan went for a toss after that. We were forcing the ball through the center. Pai on the right flank was hardly utilized. BE defense were spot on in terms of catching the offsides and i thought our players did not learn and change the game plan and kept putting the through balls only to find the player offside. Since their defense was almost up to the half way line at all times there was a crowd of 10 -12 players in the midfield at all times. AA should have really spread the game to the flanks. There is a lot to learn form todays game and AA must really get their act together before taking on BI next week. 
BE Review By Prashant 
Good Result today. Away draw against AA will certainly increase BE's fan following. BE decided to play with 4-4-2 formation but had to take bhushan as emergency loam for deba. So, today morning we decided to use bhushan as marking man. Formation played : 4-5-1 Tushar Ravi-Prashant-Gaurav-Devendra Suraj-Rakesh-Bhushan-Guru-amit Arun BE took time to settle down & was looking under pressure in first half may be because of mighty AA. but slowly 3 trios Rakesh, bhushan & Guru started marking Arun and Sameer and AA's center game was not working. Ravi & devendra started bit down but picked their game up later on. Arun, Suraj & Amit were hassling AA players in their half. Second half, BE started playing their passing game (learned in practice) & suddenly AA were looking bit shattered. BE's midfield and striker were finding gaps in AA's defence line. We missed couple of good chances. Loanee Gaurav gave us both goals. At same time Tushar saved some bazooka's. Great work in goals. This game has increased BE's moral & we hope to play similar game against RH. Many thanks to all fans who travelled all way to watch this match. 
MR By Mr. Khare 
At times it was a ten at the back for BE but their 4:5:1 formation that I think their Coach had advised them to play some time ago (That Prussia will surely NOT accept and he will unwaveringly say that it was his idea) worked well. AA were only atiny memory of themselves when they played so well in their most recent matches. AA had the more chances but it seemed BE needed it more this morning. I leave you to have an idea of the goals through the Managers Reviews and the Highlights. 
AA - Atrocious! Some areas in Slow MO have been highlighted in the Highlights show as to where AA were going wrong. In short the positional awareness was lacking, there was too much of a rush to SCORE as I felt AA thought they should thrash the weaker BE side. Well that proved their undoing today and deservedly so. I prefer sides that KNOW they are better than the other but are RESPECTABLE about it. From most of the AA players today there was a haughtiness in my books is not needed. there is no doubt that on a scale of 1 to 10 in talent alone AA are in the upper half while BE in the lower but that does not mean a team is easy meat. AA did have the better chances but I will NOT spend time describing how each AA player played as they were rubbish. 
BE - BE set out with a plan in mind and performed creditably. I'm very impressed with Prussia as in Cd he was the cooler of his partner Loan DJ and himself. Even though the two are poles apart technically I thought Prussia was Da Man this morn! If ONLY he'd tell his mouth to keep quiet during practice sessions..plus his insanely neurotic habit of getting touchy feely with his direct opponent is yucky! You'll see that here! 
He kept on doing it UNTIL he finally stopped! I guess he knew the Ref was getting a bit miffed at him. Sometimes I find these NEW players MORE calm than the players with a lot more talent. You see they UNDERSTAND what they are capable of doing and play accordingly. But those with a lot of talent, simply put, don't! The one up front, Arun R was a star today. he flourished in the Free Role and hassled and was everywhere. I wonder if this was because of his impending marriage? Maybe the knowledge that now he can do EVERYTHING LEGALLY has made him carefree and therefore his game has improved? Ravi and Dev at Lb and Rb had to cope up with opposition wingers that were not in their League. But they should be proud today for they did well, considering that they are still learning the basics. I still don't think DJ played well. His lack of confidence in playing using the space AVA to him and also in playing his team mates is always going to bother me. He did score what looked like a BHAZONKA but the vid will show that it was merely a bhazonka and it was more a GK error than a WOHAY moment. He should watch the ENTIRE video to see what I'm trying to say if he still isn't on the same page as me. Amit was here there and everwhere but MUST be careful when he goes charging in to tackle. But he was better than usual as he was PASSING the ball around AND dribbling well. Rakesh is a very like player to Amit but is a 100 times calmer and he also performed well. In that way everyone in BE did their bit as their tactics did not ask for more. AA allowed BE to get back into the game on many occasions as they were rushing into attack and BE were countering. Tushar in goals FINALLY used the TEE and his kicking IMPROVED. His kicking was NEEDED as BE were trying to play the ball into the AA half on goal kicks. This TEE rule has been introduced from the start of the Season and only Anna was Clever enough to use the TEE. Players must understand that using the tee is NOT embarrassing. While pro's play on turf, the ball sits ON the turf at a height of 2 inches and thereby manage to clear the ball long distances. There is no doubt that there are players out there who can make do with the extra height but if you are ALLOWED to, WHY NOT? The other Loanee was Bhushan and he did SUPERBLY as well playing in a Cm role. Groo also performed. Now I wonder, exactly who was playing where? I thought all of these guys Bushman, Groo, Amit and Rakesh where playing Cm. Only Sunlight was playing usually at Rm but sometimes I saw him up front. Only Arun was playing as a St. Hmmmnnn.. anyway I'll leave it at that!