WEEK 10 
League combined 
League 1st Div 

23/12/14 League 
ADCY Vs BT (BT and ADCY agreed NOT to take BMP's)  
BT - Omi 3 7.28 14.07 37.29 Niraj S 2 5.28 18.03 Jehan 29.25 
MO's - BE - Dev Good RH - Akshai DNTU BI - Dhruv Ajoo Gaurav ALL PLAYED Tiger BB AA - Santosh Arun Sameer ALL PLAYED Aditya Ref RW - Lalit PLAYED JJ LM Satish PLAYED  
FINED - RH NO MO AT ALL considering deduction of POINTS after looking through the R and R 
ALL ADULT PLAYERS THAT PLAYED FOR THE ADCY have NOT been rated for this match nor have their ratings been announced. 
ADCY FROM - ADULTS - Jaidev Shaurav Harshad S Youth TBZ - Pratik Aman Anish Vidyut KFANDRA - Bif Pat 
BT - Gaurav P DL 230 for Pam 270, Bruce DL 220 for Parmesh 270, Amarnath AVGKL Meeraj TENTATIVE 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare 
I'll be able to try out the TBZ lads for this match as most of the KFANDRA kids are UNA. After the incredible performance on Sat against RH it may possibly be of a lower intensity as the number of youth have decreased. Couple that with the much younger BT side and ADCY will have their work cut out for them. I have embarrassingly realized that I am super loud and my voice is more suitable for a stadium or where a sound can dissipate. At Sindh, I'm positive that in a couple of weeks Ajoo will get complaints regarding a certain crazy person yelling and screaming (Not abusing!) at children and Adults early in the morning. Also I am not very thrilled at ALL about the Camera work. The reason I asked Sean to get 2 NEW BATTERIES all the way from the States is so that the Cameraman can ENJOY Zooming in and out etc and make the video's clearer and more interesting to watch again. Clearer as the MP level in this camcorder is low. So especially early in the morning the image is poor. So I would love to do the Camera work and commentate at the same time which would save me time adding in the audio later. With that in mind I may just ask one either Ajoo or the other blokes to take charge of the ADCY squad for this match. The person in charge can be a player also. There can be a number of persons in charge. Also, if my effect as a Coach is scary for the adults then I saw what happens to the kids. Many of the kids on Sat were quaking in their boots before and during the match and especially on hearing the crazy man yell. I would also like to see how the youth play WITHOUT me hollering from the touchline. 
I feel ADCY will have a chance if the Ref is lenient. If not then BT should take this match at a canter. 
BT Preview By Dan 
BT has improved their performance. BT is aware that players made minor errors but it costed them too much against RW. So we will try to avoid such mistakes in this game. As per regular formation BT will play that is 4-4-2. BT will try to improve their game but with no mistakes and without thinking that against whom BT is. BT will definitely miss Prashant and Sameer the two key players but try to keep the game up as BT has that potential. BT will not make their fans afraid because of their game. 
Refs Review By Aditya 
I would like to thank ADC for appointing me as the ref for this match. It was a good experience and a honest realization to how difficult the job is and how easily coach manages to do it. I tried to ensure that there were minimum stoppages during the match as none of the teams were throwing in hard tackles. I agree that there were a few instances where during the game, fouls should have been given but i decided to be lenient and let the play go on. I doled only one yellow card to Omi for a rash challenge which he accepted. There were a few instances when ADCY players kept requesting the ref for handballs and free kicks even before the ref had decided in whose favor the decision was supposed to go but after a quick chat with the captain the same was stopped. Overall the players seemed to enjoy the game by playing within the rules scripted by ADC and that is what is important. Thank you. 
ADCY Review By Ajoo 
The ADCY today was managed by Arun & Me. We decided to start with a 4:4:2 formations - Dhruv Agarwal - GK; - Harshad S(LD), Lalit Zope(LCD), Santosh Pai(RCD), AyushKhole(RD); Ajoo(LW), Pratik Khlekar(LCM), Satish Suttati(RCM), Patty(RW); Jaidev & Gaurav Shah - strikers. Arun & me were in charge of ADCY & we thought that this formation was good and would work as in the midfield each ADCY lad had the support of an Adult player but unfortunately everything went wrong and ADCY never got a chance to settle in nor was there clear role defined as players were all over the place and BT were breathing down the ADCY necks and pressuring with their complete midfield line up moving in and they managed to score 3-4 very quick goals and ruffle up ADCY to start making changes in players and formation. I take full responsibility for the collapse of ADCY I should have been more assertive and seen that players play their positions and should have informed each player in detail of what is required from them in that position. today ADCY had no game at all. BT landed up scoring 7 goals in the whole match. According to me 4 goals were gifted to them by ADCY due to non-positional play. In the second half ADCY managed to settle down and started getting some movement and created some chances. The ADCY lads all played well Anish from TBZ had a good game according to me and Patty & Bif did what was asked out of them. Vidyut & Pratik the other two lads from TBZ need to improve which I am sure they will with more discipline and practice. The ADCY because they are a team that compromises of mixed player from the TZLC it needs a strong leader to guide during the game for sure , this is my strong opinion. 
BT Review By Dan (BT have NOT included FORMATION with players and thus have been fined) 
As per the strategy BT started with 4-4-2 formation. Gaurav and Prashant did fantastic job of defense. Omi was fabulous and scored hattrick. Jehan, Shubhankar and Niraj supported well to him and finally the score was 6-0 in first half. In second half BT tried something different with 4-5-1 strategy. Gave a chance to Prashant to score but nothing worked well after so much tries. Amarnath in goals also did fantastic calls and saves. Everything was working as per strategy and as mentioned in preview everyone trying hard not to make mistakes. Sameer and Arun from ADCY tried to make few moves but Shubhankar, Prashant and Gaurav did well to stop these. Finally after getting card omi went out and came in that time BT came to their original strategy and scored one goal from Niraj. Amod also tried on flank but nothing he could do. There were few misses from BT in first half and second half. Overall game was little rough specially in second half but in next match BT will take care of this and will play fair with same potential. 
FUNNY INCIDENCES - Bif playing at Rb looks to his left to check where the Rcf is and lo and behold he's not there! Pat asks Vidyut what position is he playing in and Vidyut answers "I don't know! I'm just playing and copying what the others are doing"! 
More fun in the Higlights Show to be Updated by 4.30 or at night or early morning tomorrow! Keep checking the Ratings Plus More page! 
2712/14 League 
BI - Ajoo 59.20 Kapil 88.18 
RH - Amu 10.29 Rajib 65.20 Sagar 84.20 
MO's - 1. Debashish SR - BE 2. Aditya DNTU Sean Good LM- AA 3. Karan CM - RW 4. Pam DNTU Shubhankar Avge LM - BT 
BI - Uday UNA 
RH - Manoj U GKL 260 for Anna P 320, Pravin 220 DL PROV LOAN for Akshai 230, Himanil UNA 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI will play mostly in a 4:4;2 or 4:3:3 formation. BI will take the BMP and try and put early pressure on RH. RH from their last game have started showing signs of improvement in their game and are looking very confident. BI players have been practicing well and have planned a good strategy and game plan to follow which it will stick to and play. BI needs to put points on the league table so will look to be playing a little more attacking game than usual but will keep a strong defense line-up. A win will be a very good confidence booster to the team after their last win vs KITFO in the champions league game. the BI Fans will be presented with a good team performance from the last game for sure. 
RH Preview By Sagar 
RH come up against a very tricky opposition in the form of BI. This season it is difficult to predict which mentality will BI turn up with? Pass the ball or play long balls. One thing is for sure that, they will put in a lot of hard work both on the pitch as well as off it and have a crystal clear game plan and well defined roles for each player. We ourselves will try to take a leaf out of their books and formulate a clear strategy ourselves, with the expert advice from coach. We will definitely try to pass the ball around and maintain possession. Patience will be key against a team like BI who defend very resolutely. At the same time we will have to make sure that we do not get caught on the counter attacks. We are starting to build some confidence and a win against a first division team will give us a huge boost. 
BI Review by Ajoo 
A disappointing game for BI, we gave away three points. BI started the game with a 4:3:3 formation with - Hatki (GK); Atul(LD), Atigre(CRD), Vikcy(LCD), Abhishek(RD); Nikhil(LCMF), Mukul(CMF), Dhruv(RCMF); Gaurav (LW), Kapil (stiker-upfront) Ajoo(RW). The BMP which was supposed to be taken by Anand as planned had to be taken by Mukul as Anand did not show up for the game even after confirming. Absolutely irresponsible behavior and some Action will be taken Against him for the Next match vs ADCY. Mukul got caught in two minds will dribbling Manoj (RH- loaned keeper) and hit the ball straight in his feet and could not score of BMP. The game started well with both team playing hard and the passing football but then one defensive error from BI and RH managed to score. This I feel ruffled the game up for BI and the players started playing out of position, tried too many times to force the ball down the middle and lost possession very easily. RH players were playing and equal hard game and were quicker on the ball & had a better touch than us and this made the difference in todays match and they won 4-2. Second half BI changes formation to 4:4:2 and managed to get two goals back one was a freekick taken by Vikrant, flicked in the box by a low header from Ajoo and Pushed in by Dhruv and the other was of a good cross in headed by Kapil. Vikrant made 3-4runs dribbling upto the RH box but did not find a team-mate as BI off the ball movement was weak today. RH their second again of a defensive error scored of a good one two between Amu &Rajid the third was off a penalty & fourth was scores of Sagar. Apologies to BI fans. Your team will work out a better strategy & plan for the next game and come up with a much better performance. 
RH review by Sagar 
RH finally have their first points on the board. We started 4-4 for the first few minutes before DJ and JJ came on. Once we were 11 on the field we deployed a 4-4-2 formation: Manoj(GK), Beeraj(RB), Mangesh(RCB), DJ(LCB), Benny(LB), JJ(RW), Rajib(RCM), Amartya(LCM), Sagar(LW), Rajesh(CF-free role), Amu(ST). We tried to follow all instructions and guidance given to us by coach. This helped us a lot today. Keep it simple, play short passes and keep possession. We managed to do that in major parts of the game. There were a few occasions where we became too defensive like in previous games. Manoj did very well to keep out the BMP. Amu then scored a fantastic solo goal while we were playing a man down. He controlled a difficult pass, turned the defender to find some space and smack it in the bottom corner. We created a few half chances in the first half but failed to convert any. In the second half, BI pulled one back. We scored our second after a beautiful move when Rajesh passed it to Amu, with his back to the goal Amu flicked it in the path of Rajib who finished calmly. Rajesh scored our third with a very well taken penalty after BI were penalized on a corner for a challenge in the box. Sagar scored the fourth after a inch-perfect through ball from Rajesh. In the final few moments, BI managed to score from a trademark Ajoo cross. It ended 2-4! A good performance, but we all know we can still do better and need to learn to control the pace and kill-off games better. 
MR By the ADC 
Goal descriptions through the Managers Review and the Highlights Show. 
BI - Giving M-Kul the super important playmakers role was in my view maybe the wrong choice as the Philosophical man gets his knickers in a twist when things upset him. So when your playmaker is upset it doesn't bode well. He had already gone a notch or two down in the confidence Stats when he totally screwed up the BMP. There were two occasions where I thought he should have put it away but he kept allowing AVGKL Manoj back into it. Honestly, I thought the Icemen played quite well in the first 20 or so mins of the match. But so did their opponents and this sort of dampened BI's spirits more. According to me I thought BI played an attacking 4-4-3 formation. Vik in Cd made a milllion runs down through the Central part of the field but to no avail. A bit too many and he should gauge when are the best possible times then going every time as this does put unneccessary pressure on the rest of team. I thought Tiger at Rcd and Vik infringed in each others zones constantly. I liked their calls of UP for catching offsides and keeping the RH attack on their toes but I thought it was implemented too few times. With Atul at Lb you didn't expect many runs down the left flank and his penchant for whacking long balls is legendary. Abhishek at Rb was a good move but he failed to support Ajoo at Rw. This was a good decision. Ajoo on top crossing form is good for the St and the lads bombing the box from Mf. But who were they? Whenever a cross came in I only saw the lone Kapka challenging. Only on Fk's they had more players in the box. Except for the goal!! Ajoo at Rw was very poor defensively though. He was NOT defending goal side and trying to cut the Lb's pass to the Lcd thus allowing the Lb or Lw of RH to take the ball past him with ease and thus putting pressure on Abhi who was defending deeper. So there was no coordination here also. Whether to defend in your own half or higher in the opponents half. Goony at LW would always be difficult. A Lwinger has to own the flank. He has to make the opposition Rb rue the decision he made to get up in the morning to play the match! Goon was cutting inside far too many times and losing control also. He's lucky that the Ref was being lenient as there were many late challenges that were left uncalled. I thought Kapil at Lw and Goony at St would have been wiser. Seeing that Kapka has a fantastic touch and loves dribbling. Plus Goony is a natural goal scorer. I've seen this ex-pro Tennis player score in practice sessions goals that a player of a weak technical ability shouldn't score, therefore he has a knack for scoring. With Kapka up front in ST then automatically all the balls were directed towards him. At Rcm was Dhruv who was a bit out of place. Here's a chap who needs to be told what his job is and he'll do it. But if he's told to play in Rcm and nothing else then he'll suffer. The same goes for the Lcm Nick. BI I thought were poor in this regard. The players did not know what they were supposed to do in certain situations. This MUST change before they meet up with the ADCY. A much fitter, faster and aware side. Amol H kicked the ball too many times and I'm always against that but I'm guessing that BI had changed their tactics so his kicks were probably the plan. Hamol has had better days though although I don't think any of the goals were his fault. 
RH - I'm proud of RH! It's taken them maybe a match or two to digest all the tactical info I have given them but in this match you could see it start coming together. No doubt there were issues here and there but nothing compared to the previous matches. Everyone tried to do their duties and noone got frustrated. Frustration and immaturity were the key issues with RH combined with not knowing exactly what their duties and responsibilities were while attacking defending. Just like I mentioned in the BI para. But what makes the RH win even more delightful were the goals they scored. Superb one touch movement, calling and passing were to the point and boom! Goal! It seemed that RH stuck to a 4-4-2 formation but if you ask me it looked more like a 4-2-4. That too a 4-2-4 WITHOUT a kick and rush/route 1 method. They passed the ball around with ease and aplomb. I say a 4-2-4 because both the Rm JJ Loan and Sagar Lm were more inclined to attack than defend. JJ was his usual Haurat (Stingy) offsidy self but he did manage to pump in a few good crosses and one mind boggling dribbling run stuck to my mind where he took on at least 5 players and LOST the ball! Sagar did well too but needs to cross more. And dribble more and um...ask for the ball more and ok that's enough! Amartya at Lcm is always worried that he wont do the right thing. He's a great player that has a great touch and pass but I bet you he'll agree with my next statment when I say that many a time he's mis passed or screwed up because he was in 2 minds as to whom he should pass to or how he should pass. Amar should understand that HE has the ball and it's HIS decision to do whatver HE want's to do. Once he realizes this his game will go up a level. Rajib the sweet Dahi is just the opposite. He KNOWS what he wants to do! ALWAYS! And that's why Mishti and Amar go well together, like yin and yang black and white, Ginger and garlic. After a long time the Disc Jockey had a good game, still gave a random long ball but his performance was better. He was also trying to guide Mangs as Mangesh was drifting hither and thither. Mangs is a hard man and was lucky on occasions not to give away a foul. If he gets his positioning worked out he may indeed push for a place as a Cd. Beeraj impressed me today too. Stuck to the flank and didn't hold on to the ball for too long. He didn't panic under pressure too. Rajesh used to drop deep at times and he is allowed to, the thing is he dropped back 80% of the time at the opportune moments. I just thought he should acknowledge his team mates more and keep pumping his lads more to get that little bit more out of them. Big Ben was embarrassingly proud of SUDDENLY doing the splits when jumping to challenge the opposition Rm but that's all he should be embarrassed about. He should be proud of his 'clean' performance. There is no doubt that at Lb his positioning is a bit awkward but what the hey when his Cd's are also a bit awkward? So I would suggest if at Lb he should get WIDE more often (no pun intended!) and use his pace. Pace exclaim the shocked readers of this match report! Yes, pace. If I remember correctly, pace and size are a great combination and that's what Ben had. To me, he's an IDEAL Cd! And I would play him there. In a side that had BIGGER Cd's than Ben, then I would play him at Lb and USE him!!! Manoj AVGKL was great in that he was quick off his line and played the ball to his Lb and Rb (Are you reading ths Anna?) Not a bad jon Manoj! Well done RH...But understand that you are only halfway up the ladder of playing to your capabilities. More hard work and dedication required!