Pre-Season Friendly 
Pre-Season Friendly 

09/10/14 Thursday 
Venue - Police Ground, Shivajinagar 
Grass ground 
90 mins 
BT (0) 2 Vs AVA TZ (0) 1 
BT - Parmesh 2 
AVATZ - Natekar? 
Match Report: 
BT started with a 4-3-3 formation in the 1st half. With a few players missing they loaned Amarnath to play in Rcd and Mayuresh GK. 
They performed quite well if you note that this was their first time playing together as a team for up to 4 months. Shubhankar was played on the RW but could not come to grips essaying the role. So was wasted in large. Pam on the other hand at LW was impressive. Niraj at St was ineffective as he was not involved or did not involve himself so much in the build ups. He was also unable to ask for the ball in space so that he could run on to it. 
Jehan, Parmesh and Meeraj were obviously leaps and bounds head of their counterparts in Cm for TZ.Only because their understanding seemed on a different level. They were passing the ball about crisply and rarely rushing into attacking moves. Although they need to master the art of passing the ball between opposition players. The Rb for BT was Sherry and he did not do badly. I would like to see BT shifting to a 4:4:2 on occasions where the support to the wingers is not up to standard. On the left Shal also fared the same as Sherry and in fact ran up to support Pam a fewer number of times. 
Although there were quite a few gaps the TZ could not penetrate. This was more to their inability then the BT CDefensive partnership of DO and Amar. 
Do, happily had a solid game at the back but should watch his tendency to foul. Omi came later to play as GK and did quite well excepting when he collected Pam's sliding back pass that led to the IFK that led to it being taken quickly that led to the goal. 
The goals I can't remember but they were well deserved. The 2nd one I do, it was a placed shot from the top of the D into the bottom corner. 
Both sides had chances. The clearest of all falling in the later stages of the 2nd half when Ajoo had pushed up and he skied it from 3 yards out. 
BT switched to 4-4-2 in the second half. It was not that this formation worked better for them. They have to remember that TZ were having to make forced rotating subs every 10 mins thereby affecting their rhythm. 4-4-2 worked because the TZ players were tiring and most of the BT players felt a little more comfortable with their duties. 
For TZ the players worth mentioning were Shal, Mangesh (This fellow has impressed me with his accurate passing and positioning. His awareness is also at a high level. Well done Mangesh!) and for me it was Vikky who would impressed me the most, excellent reading of the game in Lcd and therefore his interceptions were perfect. For the lot that had to defend most of the time, it's always impressive when you keep the likes of Pam, Shubh and Niraj at bay. 3 of the fastest players helped by 3 of the most aware Cm's. 
REVIEW BT By Sameer Patil 
Match review: BT vs Available TZ Players 
BT's kick-started their season with a friendly game against Available TZ players. The game was organized at Police grounds with the help of Parmesh N. I would like to thank Coach for allowing the game to be played at the said venue, we really enjoyed ourselves!  
BT began the game with a formation of 4-3-3. Amarnath was filling in for the missing defender while Mayuresh was covering for Omi in the goal. The players played a holding game at the start, passed the ball around well and changed flanks many times. The combo of Parmesh, Jehan and Niraj clicked well and between themselves they created multiple chances. Shubhankar was caught slightly offside at times and needs to work on timing his runs. But I think with due course of time, he will gel well with the front combo that BT has. Parmesh had a dream game, and scored both goals for BT that were a result of some nice passing in the oppositions final quarter. Captain Sharad Y, Swapnil D (Du) and Amarnath's constant guidance ensured that the back four were in line and thwarted any incoming attacks from the opposition. I remember Mayuresh's diving effort to fend off Arun's attempt at the goal. A good defensive display overall, with lots of scope to improve!There were a few missed chances from both sides. Pam missed a sitter in front of the goal that sailed over the cross bar. Ditto for Ajoo (although this chance was a tougher one). Niraj lobbed the keeper but hit the woodwork. Both teams could work on their finishing skills :)  
BT changed their formation for the second half to 4-4-2, after consulting with Coach. Coach joined the Ava TZ players in the second half while Mayuresh held the whistle (Omi turned up!). I believe BT also needs to work on their on-the-field communication with each other. Lack of communication could have played a major role when BT conceeded as a result of a quickly (and intelligently) taken FK inside the box after Omi gobbled up the ball after Pam panicked and cleared it from the path of the incoming striker Arun.  
I believe all the opposition players had a really good game too! Sean and Arun worked well in sync during the first half but were a bit unlucky in the final quarter. Mukul, Coach and Aditya engaged in some brilliant one touch passing in the second half which exposed the gaps in BT's midfield. Aditya's control over the ball was wonderful and at times successfully penetrated the BT defence, but maybe he held the ball for a tad bit longer. An increased attempts at goal could well have changed the scoreline!

SATURDAY 18/10/14 
BI (1) 3 Vs (0) 1 
BI - Swapnil 33 (og) Kapil 60.17 Mukul 77.35 
BT - Niraj 74.05 
(Match would have gone to a TIE BREAKER if clubs were tied after REGULATION time) 
BI -  
BT -  
POSSIBLE FULL SQUAD, 1 Prov. Loan - Amol M. for Prashant B (Depending on last minute fitness test, Same Value Loan) 
MO's - RH - Sid B SR (Beeraj NA) BE - Prashant A, (Guru, Devendra SR) AA - Amarnath, RW - Jatin, Karan, Satish (TBverified) 
After winning their first friendly of the season, BT is all pumped up and looking forward to their opening game of the season, which is against BI. This is a CL qualifier match which makes it an even more crucial game for BT if they want to play substantial amount of football and increase the count of trophies in their cabinet.  
BT would prefer to stick to their 4-3-3 formation, with the flexibility of changing to 4-4-2 as per the situation during the match. With one extra player in the squad, every player will strive hard to give their best performance and avoid being used as a rotational sub. The focus will be on keeping possession as much as possible by passing the ball around and changing flanks as much as possible. Controlling the pace of the game will be the key as the fitness levels of the players would be put to test.  
BI have a commendable squad, with the new signings increasing their attacking potential manyfold. BT will be aware of this and will look for chances to capitalize and exploit their opponents' errors as much as possible. As this will be BT's first game of the season, the lads will look towards securing a win and carrying on the winning momentum for their future games. 
Finally the TZLC-7 season opener is here. BI has been looking forward like all other teams for this day. 
BI is looking & feeling very confident and will definitely look to defend its last season champions league title. 
BI will look at playing the simple game pass the ball around keep possession and keep looking for the opportunity to attack the opponents defense line and score. 
BI is looking up to is new young debutant signee to shine and rise to the occasion on match-day. 
BT has signed some strong players for this season and are looking a strong & focused team. BI is aware and will take good advice from its coach to tackle the opponent. 
The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualifier is going to be a cracker of a game as the season opener & the fans are going to love every second of the match. 
(Please note that some details will be looked upon after the Managers send in their reviews) 
(The match Reports should be taken as if they were articles in some newspaper and the reporter was only allowed a certain number of words per column so every detail may NOT be mentioned) 
Both the clubs seemed intent on starting off trying to play the beautiful game. The passing was accurate and the switching of play was quite a treat to watch. It looked as if the off Season training was working handsomely. But as legs got tired, players stopped running off the ball and the fitter players ended up covering the weaker players. Or safer to say some of the players STOPPED making off the ball runs altogether thereby forcing the game to slow down. 
Plus with BI settling in to their rhythm of defending and counter attacking, BT found it tough to break through the BI citadel. 
BI took the lead through an unfortunate own goal that I must say, COULD have been avoided. A shot or cross was pumped into the box and with at least three players looking face on at the ball, DO stuck his head in while running into the box and nodded the ball past an astounded but diving Parmesh who was keeping as Omi had failed to turn up. More headache for BT as their so called Goalkeeper Omi, who kept in the 2nd half, confessed to a reporter after the match that he wasn't a keeper. That he started keeping just because he was injured! And now BT think he's a keeper! This reporter understands his view as being a 5 FT 6 keeper must have it's draw backs! 0-0 at half time. Kapil made it 2 nil with a thunderous volley from just inside the halfway line. If you think about it this goal should not have happened. The volley was well struck and the control was impeccable but the accuracy not up to the mark. It was only a very POORLY positioned Omi that made the score look spectacular. The ball was thumped straight and hard and the back peddaling Omi flapped at the ball more in shock and desperation at Kapils sudden strike. BT thought they could get back into the match when Nick (Nikhil) was adjudged to have obstructed Shubhankar, that too he had already been carded for 3 obstructions before this incident! Niraj S made taking penalties look easy after slotting it past the hero of the match Amol H. BI made sure of the result when Mukul scored of a rebound from his own penalty after Sherry had deliberately handled the ball. Omi actually dived superbly at Mukul's 1st attempt but could only parry it back into play.  
Many players struck the frame. One scintillating outer foot strike from Pamesh and one tricky outer foot strike from Ajoo. a couple more that I can't remember right now. Amol H. made 2 or 3 fantabulous saves that kept BT at bay.  
BI - Their players were short of discipline and they had to tend with a player being sin binned most of the time. But their more experienced players shouldered the responsibility well. Vikky, Ajoo, Atul and Amol A performed to expectations. Mukul had a steady debut. Tought to break down BI when they are focused and playing as a unit. Abhishek in Rcm made a few off the ball runs and was quite active but needs to work on his touch and fitness. Mukul who was partnering him was given the eyebrows but on the few incidences I saw he wasn't wrong. BI may need to educate their players on positioning. I am still NOT backing the CATCHING OFFSIDE at Free Kicks. Any team that catches offside at a FK MUST get punished. They were lucky BT was immature in this aspect on how to attack at team that tries to catch offside on a FK. 
BT - They had so many set pieces and wasted them all. Many Fk's went miles off target. Corners were wasted in a number of ways. Worst is the habit of crossing into the box randomly. They MUST target a players run or at least an area to knock the ball into but not just the ENTIRE D! I thought Sherry played well in Lcd along with Amol M. They weren't troubled at all by Gaurav or Kapil. I thought Jehan had a really poor day at the office. And it showed when he kept passing, that too inaccurate passes, when the old Jehan that was brimmiomg with confidence would have let fly. Shal had a reasonable game as did Dan. Dan unleased a wondrous shot that was saved. Unbelievable from a player that has only recently started playing. But he's very erratic, something fantastic and then suddenly let's the ball go under his legs! 
All in all I thought the level of play was better than last season. 
See TZLC Images page for TEAM GROUPS!!! 
The Men on the Line - Sameer, Prashant, Groo and Karan were as their ratings suggest! Ben and Dev screwed up the Stats Report and it will NOT be reproduced here. 
Congrats BI! Just shows you HOW MUCH experience counts! 
BT's campaign of TZLC7 did not begin with a flying start as they suffered a 3-1 loss against BI. I would not say that BT played a bad game. The first half saw a lot of passing around of the ball and pressure being put on BI's defense. While we may have been successful in getting the ball into the final quarter, we were left lacking in our finishing skills-this is definitely an area of improvement. Shubhankar had a great debut, and was also successful in putting in a couple of crosses. Also, BT could not capitalize on the numerous set-pieces and corners that came our way-another area where we need to work upon.Credit to BI for their defensive play and not allowing our strikers any space. Hatki was phenomenal in the goal, his presence surely had an impact on the final scoreline. Congratulations to BI on this win and securing entry into the Champions League. Hard luck to BT, but its a long season. The players will take some learnings from todays game and will look to get back to winning ways. 
The TZLC-7 season was kicked off on schedule with the opening game BI vs BT Champions League Qualifier. We would first like to thank the ADC for this and also take this opportunity in thanking Amiraj(Omi) for the wonderful job done on the sublimation printed team kits. This season there is a complete professional look to each club. Now getting to the game BI pulled off a good victory 3-1 and this has boosted the teams confidence levels. Winning the first game and registering a place in the Champions League ready to defend the title. BI played a 4:5:1 strategy which worked well through the game. BI tried its best at playing the passing game and succeed in managing to keep the ball moving almost through the first half and mid-point of second half after which BI was more like its old self put long balls in and hope for something to happen. BI took the lead in the first half from free-kick close to the BT box the ball was deflected in the nets by a BT player. The second was off a fantastic control and volley shoot from Kapil from close to the half line his shoot went straight down the middle beating the BT keeper and the third came off a penalty taken by Mukul from Bi which was saved but on the re-bound Mukul put the ball in the nets. BI played a good game but have to iron out certain issues like excessive calling, giving away unnecessary free-kick, losing quick possession of the ball and players getting cards this disturbs the team and game plan. BT on the other hand played an attacking game plan and almost succeed by hitting the top cross bar twice and the BI Hatkinator made some brilliant saves to keep the ball out. BI landed by giving away a penalty to BT which they capitalized on. Both teams played hard and it was a good game and fans also enjoyed the opening game of the season. BI will work hard at the practice sessions to iron out the issues faced its first match and the fans will see a better game next match onward.  
RA Report By Prashant 
Good start to TZLC7. Both teams played with equal passion and hardwork. Overall game was good in first half and slow in second half. Not many off sides caught by both teams. Alert main ref made life easier for me.